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20 Things Everyone With A Cellphone Knows To Be True

Phones are our constant companions — no one knows us better than our phones! They wake us up in the morning, they tell us the weather so we know to bring a coat, and they connect us to the outside world. WE OWE OUR PHONES OUR LIVES. They are pretty much like a mom, a personal assistant, and a best friend rolled up in one. #ThanksSteveJobs

Since all of us use cell phones, we all share some common experiences. Here are a few things you’ll totally get if you have a cell phone (and I know you do)!

Texting is an Art Form

laughing at own text before sending

People always get offended if you forget to respond

texting forget to respond

Keeping Your Phone Charged is Difficult

live for moment cell phone uncharged

A low battery percentage can send you into a panic


A dead phone = giving up on life

cell phone funny going home

Seriously why doesn’t the battery last longer?!

cell phone disney movie

It’s so frustrating when people don’t answer their phones at pivotal moments

friend is late not answering

Looking for your phone can sometimes be an impossible feat

phone ringing don’t know where is

Especially when it’s on silent

lose cellphone silent can’t find

Finding your phone in your bed like:

phone funny where is

There is a weird competition between users of different cell phone brands

cell phone weird competition

Your contacts are filled with random people

somebody that I sued to know cell phone

Figuring out the identity of unknown numbers can be tricky

delete someone number cell phone

Phones are small but they can pack a punch

cell phone funny drop face

Cell Phones and water do not mix

cell phone water do not mix

A lack of texts can be depressing

cell phone no friends texts

Talking on the phone is often the worst

answer phone funny twitter

Your phone has lots of private information on it!

when someone asks to use your phone

You need to be close to your phone at all times

favorite position bed cell phone


put phone away stop breathing


Which one can yo most relate to, cell phone-user?



One reply on “20 Things Everyone With A Cellphone Knows To Be True”

I relate to NONE of this. My phone is almost always off and in the car. It’s an OLD Nokia flip-phone. I dread the day when it fails permanently and I have to get some piece of crap “smart” phone. Of course, when that awful day comes, I still plan to keep it turned off and in my car.

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