20 Things That Need to Be Invented Already

Inventors, it’s time to step up your game. It’s 2015 after all — aren’t we were supposed to be commuting with hoverboards or flying cars by now?! Sure, we have phones that can be used as TVs, personal health consultants, and remote controls, but this is no time to sit back on our laurels. The world needs you to make our easy lives even easier! Take notes, inventors, because the following things need to be created, like, yesterday.

Reverse Microwave

why not invented reverse microwave

Different Types of Car Horns

why not invented car honks

Computer Screens with Vitamin D

computer screens with vitamin d invent

A Solar-Powered AC for your Car

someone invent this solar powered ac

Shazam for Car Problems

someone invent this shazam car problems

An “Oops” Button on the Elevator

someone should invent this elevator

Prom Dresses with Matching Ties

someone invent this prom dresses

A Treadmill-Activated Internet Stream

someone needs to invent treadmill internet

Spray-On Wrapping Paper

spray on wrapping paper

Waterproof Books

waterproof books invented yet

A Clear Toaster

someone invent clear toaster

A Vending Machine of Self Control

someone please invent personal vending machine

A Toilet seat with a Pedal

someone invent this toilet seat

A Washer and Dryer with Text Notifications

washing machine why not invented yet

A Mirror with Screen-Grab

mirror that saves reflections should invent

A Text Un-Send Button

please invent unsigned my text

A Pizza Truck

why not invented yet pizza delivery

A Movie-Rating System Based on Awkwardness

why not invented yet movie ratings

A Breakup Facebook App

why not invented Facebook breakup

An Easier Way to Text Sarcastically

someone invent this sarcasm font


Which one do you most want to be invented? Which one was the dumbest idea?



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