20 Things That Just Disappeared Without People Noticing

Fads come and go with the times and it’s not unusual for certain trends to discreetly fall out of fashion when we’re not paying attention. And, of course, with the all the advancements in technology certain things become completely obsolete right under our nose.

But, it’s always sort of strange when you remember something that used to be incredibly popular and wonder, where and when the hell did these things just seemingly vanish into thin air? Is there an empty factory somewhere filled with all those toys we used to get in cereal boxes as kids? What happened to all those old-school online forums we used to excitedly log into as soon as we burst through the door after school?

They may have all have slipped away for one reason or another, but man oh man, /r/AskReddit just dug up some memory relics that make us miss the good ol’ days.


1. noodlemen2:

The voice over movie trailers. The original “movie voice guy” died and so did that style of movie trailer.

2. ElDiario:

Someone else posted this and they were totally right:

Briefcases in business environments.Now almost everybody just uses knapsacks. I work in finance and the only time I ever see a “briefcase” is when lawyers show up with those massive box-like ones on luggage-like wheelies.

Edit: Shoutout to /u/anticitizenprime for the original comment.

3. Living_Granger:

Cool toys in kids’ cereal.

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4. Merry_Dankmas:

Google Glass. It was super hyped up and everyone was talking about it for a long time then it just kind of…disappeared. Where you been GG?


Mapquest printouts

6. SeeYouOn16:

That one year when every other commercial on TV was Draft Kings

7. IcanthearChris:

Those in home intercom systems.

8. Gigadweeb:

Old-school forums. There’s a few still up and running that are popular (eg. Serebii and Pokécommunity for the Pokémon fanbase), but they very rarely get new members.

9. agatheg:

CD slots in computers… I only noticed a couple months back that my current computer doesn’t have one. Of course, I only needed it once in two years, if not longer.

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10. dirtbum:

Door-to-Door sales, owned a house for 7 years in a respectable neighborhood, and not one visit (which i’m fine with) As a kid people were always coming around trying to sell stuff: books/magazines, vacuums, knives, encyclopedias, religion even kids selling candy and popcorn.

11. Pilebsa:

Being able to remember the phone numbers of all your friends and family.

12. x817:

Any talk about the Panama Papers.

13. EZBreeze26:

Silly bandz

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14. loempiasauss:

Blackberry phones

15. karmaportrait:

Hotel keys that weren’t a plastic credit card

16. Arvamaka:

KONY 2012

17. GuiltyLawyer:

3D Doritos

18. livinlife18780:

Yik Yak

19. Nategg:

txt speak (on old cell phones).


r u goin 2 b l8 2nite?

I remember reading a news article in the mid 2000s that concerned parents thought their children wouldn’t be able to spell because of it

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20. terrificshitdotcom:


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