1. “What is this spiral thing in my unopened bottle of sauce?” Pepper seeds.

2. “Found this in the Israeli desert, anybody know what kind of rock it is? It glows when charged with any type of light.” Green calcite.

3. “No idea what this is. It’s powdery and reappears quickly (within a couple days) after being vacuumed up.” Termites damaging the house.

4. “My mother and girlfriend found this on the beach today. Any idea what it is?” Sea anemone.

5. “Where do these veins on the egg come from?” The chicken may have a viral disease causing the veins in the eggs.

6. “This weird sealed pouch inside a baggie filled with some sort of gel and a metal oval with raised lines on it randomly appeared inside someone’s backpack in New Zealand.” Reusable hand warmer.

7. “Found on the beach in Zihuatanejo, Mexico, it looks like some kind of seed.” Sea bean.

8. “This was found in a storage room at a nearby castle from the 17th century. Any suggestions?” Generator to produce static electricity.

9. “I found this kayaking in the Mississippi River yesterday. I think it’s some kind of fungus, but I’ve never seen this in my life.” Colony of bryozoans

10. “My dad found this washed up on the shore by our lakeside house. What is it?” Rosin.

11. “What’s this coded ‘manhole’ disc behind the Netflix headquarters in Los Gatos, CA?” This is one of a series of coded discs. They were created for entertainment purposes.

12. “I found this thing in my food. It was just stuck to a piece of meat, it wasn’t lodged into it or anything. Anyone know what it is?” Cattle microchip.

13. “Took this weird bean home, now it’s opening up and has me more puzzled.” Magnolia seed pod.

14. “What’s this beige plastic thing that’s mounted to the side of the door handle?” Door knob protector.

15. “This creature was found on the beach. What is it?” Helmet urchin.

16. “Found in a tree North Carolina. It’s about the size of a fist.” A fungus.

17. “Asking for my Grandma: Here’s a piece of silverware found in her Grandma’s house! Anyone knows what this might have been used for?” Sardine server.

18. “Found this brassy item at a thrift shop in Victoria, Australia. It sat on top of a steel base frame. What is this thing?” Pasta maker.

19. “Someone found this substance growing on top of homemade cider vinegar. What is this?” Kamh yeast.

20. “There were thousands of these things along the Hudson River in Peekskill, New York. They had a very hard texture, but felt hollow.” Seed of a water caltrop.


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