20 Upcoming Stephen King Adaptations To Get You Ready For Halloween

20 Upcoming Stephen King Adaptations To Get You Ready For Halloween –

Warner Bros.

There’s a very good reason why Stephen King is the most adapted horror writer out there; his stories walk the line between outright horror, heartfelt moments, suspense, and pure insanity. Writing since 1974, he’s got hundreds of novels, poems and stories that a director can dive into, and bring to life.So, while we wait for It Chapter Two to hit theatres later this week, we can entertain ourselves with the stories that are coming down the pipeline, to further soil our underwear and make us afraid of the dark.Bring on the spooky.


Warner Bros.

It Chapter Two

Sept 6, 2019

The concluding portion of this super creepy clown film is going to show the final showdown between The Losers Club and Pennywise. Early reviews say that it’s a fantastic conclusion to the story, and is both horrific and funny.Just the way I like my Stephen King stories.



Creepshow TV Series

Sept 26, 2019

Shudder, the horror channel owned by AMC, has commissioned a new anthology series based off of the George Romero/Stephen King film Creepshow.The cast includes horror stalwarts like Adrienne Barbeau, Tobin Bell, David Arquette and Jeffrey Combs, with some new stories written by King and his son Joe Hill.


Warner Bros.

Doctor Sleep

Nov 8, 2019

This sequel to The Shining will be a sequel to both the novel and the Kubrick adaptation. Taking place years after the events at the Overlook, we find a damaged Danny Torrance taking on a group that’s killing kids with the ‘shining.’



In the Tall Grass

TBD 2019

This short story was co-authored by King and his son Joe Hill, and will be premiering on Netflix, directed by Vincenzo Natali.You can’t go wrong with the tale of a road trip that takes a turn into the macabre, in a field of tall, Kansas grass.



The Stand – Limited TV Series


Helmed by Josh Boone, this limited series on CBS All Access will re-adapt the epic novel, with a new conclusion written by Stephen King.Casting is still underway, but we know for sure that Westworld’s James Marsden will play the lead role of Stu Redman.



The Outsider – HBO Series


This novel is a mind-blowing and twisted look at a traditional murder mystery, with evil duplicates and a millennia-old supernatural creature.I recently finished this novel and I’m so pumped to see it on screen.



The Bone Church

In development

This television series is going to be based on a narrative poem that King wrote in the ’60’s, and revised/published in a 2009 issue of Playboy and in 2015’s The Bazaar of Bad Dreams.It’s the story of a disheveled survivor of a trek into the jungle to find a forbidden bone church, and the horrors he and his compatriots encountered.



The Dark Tower TV Series

In Development

In development at Amazon, this was supposed to tie into the recent film, but after that flopped, it’s going to be a brand new take on the story. It’ll be a reboot that’ll look at Roland’s early adventures, as told in Wizard and Glass.The show’s going to be helmed/produced by some The Walking Dead alum, as well as Ron Howard and the team behind the film.



Drunken Fireworks

In Development

Fresh off of his work in King’s 11/22/63 on Hulu, James Franco’s got another adaption in mind.The original short story is a darkly comic tale of accidentally rich mechanic and his mother getting into a fireworks competition with a mob boss across the lake.Having read this short story several times, I can see this being a fucking hilarious movie.



Eyes of the Dragon

In Development

This epic fantasy novel is less of a horror story and more of a violent and magical fantasy novel. It has some ties to the Dark Tower series and involves his most infamous villain; Flagg.Written by Seth Grahame-Smith and premiering on Hulu, it’s going to be look like Game of Thrones through a Stephen King lens.



From a Buick 8

In Development

Similar to John Carpenter’s take on Christine, this horror novel involves a supernatural car, alternate dimensions and strange disappearances.The writer/director, William Brent Bell, has got some fantastic horror chops, so this ought to be a decently horrific film.



The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon

In Development

Not only is Stephen King known for his horror stories, but also a few uplifting, coming-of-age ones. This story is about a 9-year-old girl who’s lost in the woods and has to survive.She finds inspiration from her hero Tom Gordon, and faces off against the God of the Lost, an evil entity.



The Jaunt

In Development

This one has been rumoured to be in progress since 2015, and originally Andy Muschietti was going to tackle it. But now that he’s got a monster on his hands with IT and the sequel, someone else might direct.Taking place in the 24th century, where teleportation between planets is possible, you need to be sedated to survive the trip. A curious person decides to stay awake and he sees some things.The story’s already pretty chilling, so the film will probably be even better, if it happens.


Hard case Crime


In Development

This adaptation is heading over to Freeform to become a limited TV series. The novella is a combination of whodunit murder mystery and ghost story, and is a fantastic read.Something about amusement parks and ghosts, make my spine tingle.


20th Century Fox

Lisey’s Story

In Development

This Apple TV exclusive is being co-written/produced by J.J. Abrams and Stephen King. Starring Julianne Moore, it’s a romantic horror thriller about a woman who begins to realize startling truths about her husband, who died 2 years prior.




In Development

This is set to become a TV series from the same studio that brought us Hemlock Grove & Hannibal. One of King’s more mental tales, it’s about a OCD-diagnosed man who’s obsessed with a series of stone pillars in a field in Maine.One one hand, they could be nothing. On the other, they could be a dimensional portal to a place of monsters and eldritch horrors.



Rest Stop

In Development

This short story adaptation is about a chance encounter between a meek author and a battered woman, and the dark secret they keep.The story itself is pretty brutal, and odds are this’ll be more of a short film than a feature length, but the premise of a cat-and-mouse thriller is pretty promising.




In Development

This project is also going to be developed/directed by Josh Boone. This 2014 novel about a preacher who becomes a faith healer, but opens a dimension to a dark void where we go after death.If the live-action version can bring to life the graphic words on the page, this is going to be a terrifying film.


Can’t wait for these!

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