Here are 20 Of The Weirdest Items Pawn Shop Employees Have Ever Seen

The pawn shop is a magical place. It’s a store filled with treasures and each of them has a story to tell. Sure, most of them are really sad, but it is a story nonetheless.

Of course, there are some items that never make it to the pawn shop. These items are way too weird and the kind of thing only their current owner would ever want. While you might think their story would never get told, these items are still really easy to learn about. All you have to do is ask the pawn shop employee.

1. He ended up trading that brick for a million dollars.
2. I’m sure there is a market for that.
3. Going to another building to poop? Sign me up!
4. Cookie Monster is the OG.
5. Totally from Elvis and definitely not something I made this morning.
6. Can’t believe Burger King isn’t just giving away gold like that.
7. What do you mean my nickel isn’t worth a billion dollars?
8. He just meant you’ll die of starvation.
9. Sharing is caring.
10. That was the right choice.
11. The perfect gift for… someone.
12. Yeah but those cans must have been worth something, right?
13. I’m sure this has no good answer.
14. Which is weirder?
15. That explains a lot of what happens in pawn shops.
16. I really hope this is true.
17. Ew. Ew. Ew. Ew. Ew.
18. It was real high quality stuff.
19. Wow. What a shocker.
20. Well, which one?
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