20 Weirdly Interesting Things That Can Happen When It Snows

1. How these lights make it look like cake

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2. How the snow around these footprints melted

via StephenTMNT


3. The snow on this Ram looks like two rams

via AKledhead


4. This backwards ‘STOP’ on the opposite side of this stop sign

via TheSaucerBoy

5. How the snow slipped off this license plate in one piece

via sudzy40


6. How it peeled off this Bobcat wheel

via thatshortguy2


7. The perfect circle this leaf made in the wind

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via SirRealist

9. These Christmas lights showing through the snow

via txweathergirl


10. This smiley face melted into a manhole cover

via jarawd


11. These curls made by the wind

via Noremac921


12. How this snow just stuck to the road

via TheMagnelephant

13. This car’s snow mustache

via shellderp


14. How the snow slid off this shed

via ffxpwns


15. How it spiraled on this windshield

via dutchapprentice


16. How it melted through this table’s pattern

via Cheesengrapes

17. The way the snow peeled off this brick wall

via p0utine


18. How the snow melted only in the shadows

via banana-nou


19. The reverse wave coming off this roof

via XXIX29


20. How the snow slid to the bottom of these fenceposts

via Bookfox


20 Weirdly Interesting Things That Can Happen When It Snows

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