Ah, Wikipedia. It’s the greatest repository of knowledge the world has ever seen — made possible through its crowdsourcing feature, which, as you surely know, allows just about anyone to become a Wiki-master. But as we learned from Spider-Man (or, as the Wikipedia page tells us, Winston Churchill), with great power comes great responsibility, so for every inaccurate, inappropriate, or opinionated wiki-page edit, there must be an equal and opposite revision to keep the Internet’s Encyclopedia focused on the facts.


The Observer ran an insightful search on the platform itself to discover exactly which pages have endured the most edits as of September 8th, 2015. Unsurprisingly, after wading through the internal site administrative pages, the most active entries are some of the most controversial topics on the Internet. (You’ll notice that several entries are for a subject’s Talk Page. These are essentially comment boards for editors to “provide space for editors to discuss changes to its associated article or project page.” If you deviate from the factual accuracy of the page, you’re booted — that’s right, even Wikipedia comment sections have issues with trolls.)

1. George W. Bush (45,777 edits)
2. Talk: Barack Obama (44,173 edits)

3. List of WWE Personnel (42,102 edits)
4. United States (35,283 edits)
5. Talk: Global Warming (34,150 edits)
6. Wikipedia (33,849 edits)

7. Talk: Intelligent Design (30,246)
8. Talk: Sarah Palin (28,358 edits)
9. Michael Jackson (28,042 edits)
10. Jesus (27,732 edits)
11. Talk: United States (26,328 edits)

12. Catholic Church (25,948 edits)
13. Talk: Jesus (25,885 edits)
14. List of Programs Broadcasted By ABS-CBN (24,995 edits)
15. Talk: Gaza War (24,677 edits)
16. Barack Obama (24,564 edits)

17. Adolf Hitler (24,501 edits)
18. Talk: Homeopathy (24,482 edits)
19. Britney Spears (23,739 edits)
20. World War II (23,628 edits)

Unsurprisingly, the past two US Presidents — who are also two of the most polarizing figures of the 21st Century — top the list. The one real wild card? “List of WWE Personnel” at number three. Say what you might about wrestling fans, but they are, if nothing else, extremely diligent chroniclers of their passion’s history.



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