20 of the World’s Craziest Drug-Induced Freakouts


For whatever the reason, some people have zero chill. Instead of coming home from work and seeing what’s in their Netflix queue, they track down whatever new synthetic drug is making its way up from Florida, and throw giant drug tantrums. In the last few years, the news has become clogged with stories of people taking everything from spice, flakka, meow meow, and freezer burn and having a drug-induced freakout. Since every person is different, every drug freakout different. Some users try to eat their loved ones, some people try to chop their arms off, and some people just take part in some good ol’ fashioned streaking. Like Forrest Gump once said, “K2 is like a box of chocolate – you never know what you’re going to get.”

People throwing tantrums when they use drugs isn’t new. A quick YouTube search of teens trying molly, or any other synthetic substance can dissuade most people from ever trying drugs at all. But not everyone worries about acting like a crazy person. That’s why there are so many recent news reports about people freaking out after they take a new, random street drug.

Some of the items on this list of people who really need to chill right now are funny, but most of them are horrifying in one way or another, so be cautious as you read these stories of drug users who should maybe take a chill pill instead of more bath salts. Vote up the most alarming activities executed by people on drugs, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comment section.


Houston Rapper Takes PCP And Eats His Girlfriend

In 2002, Houston rapper Big Lurch took phencyclidine with his girlfriend when he slipped into psychosis and went after her. He ripped open her chest and began eating her lungs and other internal organs. A medical examination conducted shortly after his apprehension confirmed that he had her remains in his stomach. 

Man Takes PCP And Attempts To Eat His Son’s Eyeballs

On April 28, 2009, a 4-year-old boy was found naked on the ground outside his house. He later told police: “Daddy ate my eyes.” His father, Angel, was high on phencyclidine when this happened. After attempting to eat his one of his son’s eyeballs, he wheeled himself into his front yard, chained himself to a vacant home, and tried to cut his own legs off.

Florida Man High On Bath Salts Eats A Homeless Man’s Face

If you need a reason not to do bath salts, then please remember the 2012 story of Rudy Eugene, who took bath salts and ate the face of Ronald Poppo, a homeless man, before he was chased down and incapacitated by the police. 

Man Takes Shrooms And Rips Off His Genitalia At A Local Middle School

In 2013, a 41-year-old man from Columbus, OH, was allegedly tripping on magic mushrooms when he went to Ypsilanti Middle School in Michigan and ripped off his genitals with his bare hands. Six officers had to restrain him and send him to the hospital.

On the way there, it was revealed that he had also tried to saw off his scrotum, but failed.

Student High On Miaow Miaow Harms His Mom And Cuts Off His Own Member

21-year-old Charles Mann took a devastating combination of alcohol and a synthetic club drug called miaow miaow before stabbing his mother 11 times. His mother, Emma Mann, survived, but she required extensive surgery. Mann then cut off his own member, screaming: “I love you, but this is the prophecy!”

During his trial, the court determined that he was so severely intoxicated that he could not feel pain.

Rapper Cuts Off Member And Tries To Jump Off Balcony

In April 2014, a rapper tangentially associated with Wu-Tang Clan named Andre Johnson had a major episode. He cut off his own member and jumped from the second story window of his North Hollywood apartment.

According to Johnson, he suffered from a combination of self-medication with street drugs and mental illness.

Idaho Mom Takes Bath Salts And Tries To ‘Baptize’ Her Child

In August 2015, a mother from Idaho was charged after police said they found her trying to “baptize” her baby in a ditch. Regina Dilworth, 22, was reportedly high on bath salts and prescription pain meds when she submerged her 9-month-old son in a drainage ditch.

Luckily, a bystander saw what happened and was able to save the baby and turn him over to child protective services.

Man Terminates Girlfriend After Getting High On Meth

Jonathan Folks went into a methamphetamine-induced psychosis in November 2014 and strangled his girlfriend in a motel room, believing that he was “choking a demon.”

Florida Man High On Flakka Says He’s ‘Thor’ And Has Relations with Tree

In Florida, a 41-year-old man got high on alpha-PVP and decided to go streaking through a neighborhood. He began screaming that he was “God” and committed a sexual act on a nearby tree. When police showed up, they tried to tase him, but he ripped out the probes and kept fighting.

He then tried to harm one of the officers, claiming that he was “Thor.”

Man Snorts Bath Salts, Eats Feces, And Fights A Cop

In 2012, Matthew Hammond’s mother called the cops on him because he was acting erratic and “schizophrenic.” He was apparently walking around the house with a knife and shouting various threats at her. When cops responded to the call, Hammond was already outside and aggressively approached the cruiser with feces in his mouth.

Hammond then proceeded to challenge the police officer to a fight.

Man Watches Himself OD On Bath Salts

In 2012, Freddy Sharp, a man from Tennessee who has allegedly been addicted to drugs since he was 13, took bath salts and had to be detained by multiple paramedics. Sharp survived the OD, and later did an interview with CNN describing his psychotic episode.

He believed that he was in a mental institution and that he was possessed by Jason Voorhees, the hockey mask-laden serial perp from Friday the 13th. 

Ohio Man High On Bath Salts Dispatches Both His Mom And GF

Travis Bonham took bath salts in September 2015, went to his girlfriend’s home, and terminated both his girlfriend and her mother. He was charged with grand theft in addition to the two capital counts.

Police Tase Guy High On PCP To No Avail

Marcus Anthony Moratelli was high on phencyclidine when he strolled into a McDonald’s and began taking off his clothes and arguing with himself in front of a bunch of dining families. This went on for a while before police finally showed up and began to target him with their tasers. The tasers had absolutely no effect, so they tried to spray him with pepper spray. 

Moratelli still refused to go down. He was eventually led outside the restaurant and subdued by police.

Man High On Flakka Impales Himself On A Fence

In Fort Lauderdale, a man smoked so much alpha-PVP that he tried to scale the fence in front of a police department and impaled himself on a foot long spike. Lucky for him, a Fort Lauderdale fire truck was in the area and helped him get off the fence. 

Naked Woman Destroys A Subway Franchise In Alaska

In mid-October 2015, 35-year-old Nikki Abrell from East Anchorage, AK, got high on spice and trashed a Subway restaurant. Abrell took off all her clothes and began breaking furniture, knocking over computers, spraying a fire extinguisher, and even locking herself in the bathroom.

Police managed to get her in handcuffs, but she wiggled free. The eventually got her safely to the hospital.

Man High On Flakka Breaks Down A Woman’s Door

A man named Daniel Thomas from West Palm Beach, FL, broke into a woman’s house, high on alpha-PVP, after pounding on her door and screaming for a while. The woman and her dog hid in the bathroom while the police were on their way, but Thomas continued to wreak havoc in her home before cops arrived on scene.  

Woman Locks Herself In UFC Fighter’s Bathroom

When UFC fighter Urijah Faber opened his door one night in October 2015, the last thing he expected was for an intoxicated woman to barge in and lock herself in his bathroom. Adding insult to B&E, she vomited and pooped all over the place.

It’s unclear what substances the woman had partaken in, but she demonstrated erratic behavior.

Streaker High On Flakka Says He’d Rather Be Dispatched Than Be Caught

Matthew Kenney, a man from Fort Lauderdale, was apprehended after he got high on alpha-PVP and allegedly ran down the street wearing nothing but his sneakers. He later told the police that he was trying to get hit by a car, because if he got hit by a car, “they” would stop chasing him. 

According to authorities, Kenney was delusional, as no one was in pursuit of him.

Scott Stapp From Creed Goes On A Drug-Fueled Rampage

Scott Stapp, the singer of the early 2000s Christian rock band Creed, went on a drug-fueled rampage in late November 2014. The binge reportedly included the combination of over half a dozen substances. He was found on the side of the road raving about how ISIS was after him and his kids.

The authorities apprehended him and placed Stapp on a 72-hour psych hold. 

Man Takes Flakka, Gets Naked, And Climbs On A Roof

In January 2015, a man high on alpha-PVP stripped off his clothing and began waving a gun while screaming: “I feel delusional, and I’m hallucinating!” Leroy Strothers tried to get bystanders to help him call his sister Leanne – but to no avail. He claimed that his baby mama had cheated on him, but that she wouldn’t come clean about it, and that he wanted to die.

Strothers then tried to harm himself, but the SWAT team was able to talk him down off the roof.

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