The 20 Worst Roommate Horror Stories Of All Time

The 20 Worst Roommate Horror Stories Of All Time


We’ve all had our share of bad roommates, but the ones on this list will make you feel grateful for even your worst cohabitants… unless you have a similar story. If that’s the case, we are so so so unbelievably sorry for you.

For starters, chances are you’ve either had a messy roommate or been the messy roommate. But arguments over who should clean the dishes are child’s play compared to these crazy roommate stories. We all know it’s important to pay your rent and leave your roomie’s food alone, but some people just can’t seem to learn the basic rules of roommate etiquette. Maybe living alone is just the way to go…

Our list ranges from silly, harmless pranks to the stuff of nightmares and murder trials, literally. You may even learn a thing or two from the world’s worst roommates. For instance, it’s always a good idea to sign a rental agreement… unless it requires that you don’t eat a certain food. Seriously, that happened. Also, it’s probably not cool to pee on your roommate’s clothes, EVER!

Some of the crazies on this list are bad roommates and some are just plain old bad people. Before you go perusing an online roommate finder, you may want to read through these roommate horror stories to make sure you’ll catch the early warning signs.

Who are the worst roommates of all time? We’ll let you decide.


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