2001: A Space Odyssey Rotating Hallway Shot Stabilized

2001: A Space Odyssey Rotating Hallway Shot Stabilized

When I was a little kid my dad showed me 2001 because he was trying to teach me about the great movies of the past. There was one shot that I couldn’t figure out how they did, I was obsessed with it. I asked my dad—he said no one knew.

I revisited the film recently, and now that I work in the film industry and among other things do visual fx, I was able to pretty quickly figure out how the shot was done–but I wanted to see what it would have looked like on set. And so the idea to stabilize the shot came to me.

It’s an amazing movie, so you should see it if you haven’t and see it again if you have.

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In case it’s not obvious, the actors were always on earth, with gravity acting downwards. At the beginning of the shot, the end room (space station hub) is rotating and the moment the actors step in, the hub stops moving and the camera starts rotating, making the actors look like they are going round and round in the washing machine.

Knowing how they did it is even more mindblowing than the original footage. How did they transition the camera movement without jerking?

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