All Of The 2017 Super Bowl Ads Worth Watching

Superbowl LI is upon us and even though advertisers are spending an astronomical amount of money to leave their mark, that doesn’t mean there aren’t going to be some duds. So, instead of trying to catch every commercial break or trawling YouTube the next day, we’ve got you covered. Here’s an updating list of the ads people are going to be talking about.

The Funny Ones

Mr. Clean Is Now CGI And Disconcertingly Sexy

If you thought to yourself last year, “Boy, I wish Super Bowl ads featured more dudes with massive pecs and glutes in skin-tight white clothing,” well, here you go.

 Mr. Clean 

Skittles Spoils A Teen’s Late Night Romantic Gesture 

What light from yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Skittles is the sun.


There Can Only Be One John Malkovich, Except On Squarespace

To our chagrin, no longer belongs to a humble fisherman.

Square Space 

Cam Newton And Miranda Kerr Crash A Little League Game 

The only thing more magical than scoring the game-winning touchdown in your little league game is winning your little league game with a pass from Cam Newton strong enough to knock you 30 yards into the end zone.


Melissa McCarthy Attempts To Single-Handedly Save The World In A Kia

If anyone can save the planet from flying off its axis, it’s probably Melissa McCarthy.


The Epic Ones

A Gang Of Bikers Gets In A Bar Fight, As Directed By The Coen Brothers

There is no greater affront to bikers than blocking their hogs, except if the person doing the blocking is Peter Fonda in a Mercedes.

 Mercedes-Benz USA

Jason Statham And Gal Gadot Battle Some Baddies 

Some poor putz in the kitchen is too busy managing his Wix profile to realize the world is falling down all around him. 

The Controversial Ones

Audi Drives Home That Women Deserve Equal Pay 

We’re not sure what’s so divisive about saying “equal pay for equal work” but, boy, does the internet rage machine disagree with us.


Budweiser Tells Their Brand’s Origin Story From The Perspective Of An Immigrant

Even though the timing seems uncanny, Budweiser VP Ricardo Marques claims there is no correlation between the content of the ad and recent political events.


You Will Eat Avocados From Mexico And You Will Like Them

People are mad that “Avocados from Mexico” is trying to hawk its mushy goodness during the ultimate American sporting event. We still think they put together one killer ad campaign.

In their Super Bowl teaser, they take a hypnotizing page from the Mugatu playbook …

Avocados From Mexico 

… and feature a secret society that just can’t seem to get it’s act together in the full-length commercial.

 Avocados From Mexico
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