Inside The 10 Biggest And Nastiest Rap Vs. Rock Beefs Ever




Beefs in music go back practically as far as the first note was ever played. Even classical composers took a few digs at their fellow artists, with Beethoven once remarking "[Gioachino] Rossini would have been a great composer if his teacher had spanked him enough on the backside."

Maybe that's not the type of razor-sharp dis you're going to find on Eminem's Kamikaze album but when today's artists go for each other's throats, a quick dis can snowball into a massive feud that ends up going for years. That's can be especially true when a feud crosses musical genres.

These days, we have the "luxury" of social media to watch these spectacles unfold, resulting in some feuds rising to legendary status. Click through for some of the biggest beefs in recent history.



15 Horrifying Facts About The Founding Fathers They Purposely Cut Out Of History Books

15 Horrifying Facts About The Founding Fathers They Purposely Cut Out Of History Books

Everyone grows up learning about George Washington's apple tree and Benjamin Franklin's kite-and-the-key experiment. It turns out that a lot of the things "everyone knows" about our Founding Fathers are either slightly or completely wrong, and the things most people don't know are actually terrifying. There are a lot of strange and shocking details about the Founding Fathers that were probably left out of your history textbooks on purpose.

Who were the Founding Fathers? They were some of most influential people in American history, and almost all of them were way more drunk and morally questionable than most people can remember. And while we often look back at our American Revolution with rose colored glasses, the truth is these men weren't always so noble. It's not easy creating a nation from scratch, and nothing proves it quite like the dark American history surrounding these Founding Fathers.




The Best Movies Of 2018 Ranked

The Best Movies Of 2018 Ranked

With so many highly anticipated films coming out, it's hard to decide on the best movies of 2018. From blockbusters to the smaller movies, these are the best 2018 movies. What is the best film of 2018?

Featuring foreign films, superhero movies, indie films, romcoms, and Netflix original movies, this list of 2018 movies ranks the best movies released in the year. Some new 2018 movies that have been well-received by both audiences and critics include Avengers: Infinity WarBlack PantherAnnihilationIsle of DogsReady Player One, and Love, Simon.

Vote up the movies of 2018 you feel were the highest quality films of the year. If you feel any of the best films of 2018 are left out, feel free to add them to the list.










Police Offer Free Service To Test Meth For Zika

Police Offer Free Service To Test Meth For Zika

Police in Louisiana are encouraging anyone with crystal meth to bring it to them to be tested for the Zika virus.

The Harahan Police Department recently posted to Facebook that meth bought in any area of Louisiana has been contaminated with Zika.

“Please bring all of it to your local Police Department and they will test it for free,” the department said on Facebook. “If you’re not comfortable coming to us, an officer will be glad to come to you and test your Meth in the privacy of your home.”

Zika virus disease is mainly spread by mosquitoes. The symptoms, when developed, are generally mild and include fever, rash, conjunctivitis, muscle and joint pain, malaise or headache, according to the World Health Organization.

The infection during pregnancy can cause infants to be born with microcephaly and other congenital malformations.

Police have not said how much meth is contaminated or if anyone has taken them up on the offer.

They should have offered a free 65" TV to everyone that brings their drugs in to be tested, they would have a line out the door!






21 People Share Their “Point Of No Return” Moments

21 People Share Their “Point Of No Return” Moments



The night a guy I dated for years ran through the front door of our apartment sideways, yelling, “Honey I know you don’t approve of hard drugs, but I just smoked crack and it was AWESOME.”

Went to a friend’s birthday party as his favorite club. Found out he’d not only invited my abusive ex, but also paid for her train ticket to come up and see him. One of my good friends let me know that she was there, and the friend I rode with was like “Nope, fuck this. We’re out”, and we went back home.

Had been telling my boss that there was an error on the website that I cannot fix because I don’t have the permissions. I mention this several times to him. It would take him one phone call to get it straightened out, btw. The owner notices this error. Not only calls me out in front of the whole department about not caring about my job and taking advantage of his kindness, but also makes it a point to tell me I should thank my boss for having my back. It was the last straw placed on a huge pile of awfulness. I quit the next day.

Montgomery , AL, two years ago driving down south with my girlfriend. 3 am gas stop while she’s asleep, walk in to prepay. As I walk out, see a huddle of crackwhores taking hits and handing their money to their pimp who’s dressed in the whole 70s era pimp suit, feathered hat and cane and all.

Friend (24F) asked for my (23F) help to move to a new flat and promised a nice dinner as payment. I drove the car she had borrowed, lifted all the heavy stuff, helped her until way after dark. She made dinner, which turned out to be $1 canned tomato soup. When time came to return the car, she left me to drive alone for 40 minutes, return the car to people I didn’t know and with no return transport in the middle of the night. My dad picked me up, and I never talked to my friend again.

My ex wife. She was a drunk, and away at training to be a flight attendant. Spent ridiculous amounts of money on getting wasted as often as possible. One night we’re on the phone, argument ensues (because she’s drunk), and she says, “I’m tired of you. You don’t do shit for me”. So I hung up, called AT&T, cancelled her cell phone, called State Farm and cancelled the insurance on her car, took all her shit out of my house and stuffed it in her car, called her parents to come get her car and told them I was done. The guy who never did shit for her, except pay for literally everything, actually stopped doing shit.

In the end, like 3 months later she got fired for failing to show up to work because… well, she was drunk.

I worked EMS in Dallas for ten years. Dallas is pretty safe during the day. But, holy shit. That place turns into Detroit after dark…

I was on a 3am food run at Walmart in North Richland Hills. Some lady stopped us and asked us if we document the spirits from our dying patients….

Cutco. A friend and I went to go interview for a summer “job” that some random guy invited us to on our college campus. Five minutes in we realized something about this interview was off (who does group interviews anyways)? But we were too nonconfrontational to do anything about it. Ten minutes after that, after the “we’re not a pyramid scheme, we’re just, uh…vertical marketing!” spiel, someone got up and left, and we followed. Fuck MLMs.

Fight broke out in front of me in a restaurant. Was still hungry.

A group of friends and I were invited to an off-campus house party and walked into a completely silent house with a bunch of dudes (all of us minorities) sitting in the living room, using the floor since the couches had been packed. The host and the rest of his frat buddies started handing out paperwork and applications so we could join their fraternity.

No, sir. We bailed.

A couple of months ago I was at oak point park in Dallas Texas late evening and I thought I heard a kitty mewing in the woods so I went into the woods to find it just in case it was someone’s pet. I got pretty close to where the sound was originating from and it stopped. I waited a couple of minutes and didn’t hear anything and then I took a piss and was about to head back. While I was draining the lizard, I got a really horrible feeling and I noticed out of my peripheral vision some figure watching me from about twenty feet away in a clearing of dead fallen trees. I turned towards him and in the dim light I noticed he was at least half naked and very discheveled. He then meowed at me and I took off still pissing the opposite direction.

When a co-worker violently punched a dent into a freezer when I told him to shut up, after months of him harassing me…

And I was reprimanded!

The director got a nice report after that, and he was fired two weeks later.

I scuba dive a lot in Key Largo where reef sharks are common (reef sharks are small for sharks and mostly scavengers – not aggressive.) One day I lucked into a naturally occurring baited shark dive.

There were 7 sharks in a holding pattern waiting for a snapper which was bitten and hiding. I was excitedly in the middle, getting some nice pictures.

I noticed a couple of them acting a bit squirrely, but wasn’t too fussed about it.

As one of the larger ones took its patterned route past me, it suddenly did a 180 and charged me.

Man, it’s easy to forget how fast and powerful they are when they want to be! I held up my camera rig to fend it off, but it made a hard turn at the last moment. Only its pectoral fin actually touched.

I was very much “Fuck this, I’m out” at that point and went to watch from the top of the reef with other divers.

I learned a couple of things though: How to better distinguish between reef sharks and small bull sharks and that just being present around potential food source is considered provoking them.

Lived in the upper Midwest for a while, one winter it didn’t get above -20F for 3-4 weeks. After my car broke down 4 miles from home in 30mph winds I said that was it, I’m out.

I had a scary interaction with a panhandler that was really aggressive and trying to get into my car. I had to go into a store and ask for help. So a few weeks later another was panhandler staggering toward me trying to get my attention a few weeks later saying, “Excuse me sir.” I sorta panicked and said it out loud and walked away as fast as I could.

He cursed at me a little bit, but fuck that.

My 36 year old brother verbally abusing me on Christmas Eve. Again. I’m 31.

We’re too old for this shit!

My friends and I were hiking in a secluded area in Maine one summer, just messing around and making a lot of noise. We stumbled upon what looked like an abandoned campsite, trash everywhere, and a deskchair set on some rocks. We took a lot of the trash and the chair with us. We where wheeling the chair down the path when we saw a stream off to the left, and wandered over to it. We spent probably 5 minutes looking at the stream. When we returned to the path the chair was gone. We hadn’t heard anything. We left very quickly.

Finally became self employed – said fuck this I’m out to my old soul crushing jobs.

Went to a borderline abandoned mall in my town and started exploring one of the abandoned restuarant. Got inside, walked into the back where it was dark, noticed the words “GET OUT” written in red on the wall, turned around and walked straight out.

When my mom’s water broke.



22 Conspiracy Theories That Would Be Terrifying If True

22 Conspiracy Theories That Would Be Terrifying If True








David Kamenik is a young photographer born in Czech Republic. Self-taught, he began his journey in photography with just 16 years old, capturing beautiful landscapes when he went hiking. In the last years, he has focused more towards the portraits and artistic nudes. Up next you will find some of the pictures he has shared out of his portfolio.



21 People Share The Weirdest Sh*t Their Teachers Did When They Were In School

21 People Share The Weirdest Sh*t Their Teachers Did When They Were In School





Click the category into which the first two terms fit but the third does not.










10 Offbeat Stories You Might Have Missed Last Week

10 Offbeat Stories You Might Have Missed Last Week


Most of the festive stories will be found in the uplifting list, although we do talk about Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Robber. There is another Christmas-y crime tale as we explore an Arctic bank robbery. There are also a lizard which breathes underwater, a space hippo, bright blue lights above New York City, and a new prime number.


Rudolph Makes The Naughty List

Someone is trying to besmirch the good name of Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer. While the real one was out helping Santa Claus deliver gifts to all the good boys and girls, someone wearing a Rudolph mask robbed a business in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Police have security footage of a woman who burgled a company disguised as the iconic reindeer. Alas, she was not wearing the full costume, just an oversized Rudolph head. It didn’t seem to be the most sensible choice of concealment, though, because at one point, she takes off the mask and looks into an overhead security camera.[1]

Now that police know what the burglar looks like, they made a public appeal on Facebook with a festive twist: “Oh how the camera caught her/As she committed burglary/Rudolph the Red Nosed Criminal/We need your help with her I.D.”

A Fortuitous Film

Scientists have filmed a lizard breathing underwater for the first time.

The serendipitous phenomenon was caught on camera by chance while filmmakers were in Costa Rica shooting an animal program for the Smithsonian Channel. They filmed a small female lizard called a river anole sitting underwater for almost ten minutes.

At first, they didn’t realize they’d captured something truly special. They simply thought the lizard was holding its breath, as anoles can stay submerged for up to 15 minutes at a time. However, when they got the opportunity to inspect the footage more carefully, they noticed a tiny bubble of air contracting and expanding on the lizard’s head.[2]

This ability was previously unheard-of in lizards. They shouldn’t be confused with salamanders, which might look similar but are actually amphibians. Now, the footage will be reviewed by biologists and other nature experts, and the results will be published in a peer-reviewed journal. At the moment, researchers believe the lizard’s ability is akin to deep-sea divers who recycle their oxygen supply.


The Coldest Case Of The Year

For the first time ever, a man committed a bank robbery in one of the northernmost settlements in the world.

Svalbard is a Norwegian archipelago located roughly halfway between mainland Norway and the North Pole, mainly known for having more polar bears than people. The largest city and the administrative center in the region is Longyearbyen, a settlement with about 2,100 residents. It is one of those remote regions where everybody knows everybody, and there’s only one small airport that flies people off the archipelago. In other words, it is not an ideal choice for a criminal looking to make a quick getaway.

Last week, a man robbed a bank in Longyearbyen but was apprehended minutes later in the town center.[3] He was detained and later sent to the town of Tromso in mainland Norway. Police haven’t given any details regarding the crime or the perpetrator, other than saying that he was a foreigner and was armed with a gun.

Prime For Discovery

There is a new largest-known prime number, and it is almost 25 million digits long.

Just as a quick refresher for those who aren’t mathematically inclined, a prime number is a natural number which can only be divided by two whole numbers: itself and 1. A Mersenne prime number (named after a 16th-century French monk) is a number which is one less than a power of two (2n – 1).

In the mathematics world, there are people who become quite obsessed with the ongoing search for ever larger prime numbers. There is even a volunteer project called the Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search (GIMPS), in which people download special software and let it run on their computers to seek new numbers.

GIMPS started in 1996 and has since uncovered 17 Marsenne primes, and 15 of them were the largest-known prime numbers at the time of their discovery. The latest find came courtesy of Patrick Laroche from Ocala, Florida. He made the discovery on December 7, and it took mathematicians a few weeks to verify. The number is 24,862,048 digits long and has beaten the previous record-holder by a whopping 1.5 million digits.[4]

That Doesn’t Go In There

Photo credit: Deadspin

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission revealed the latest data from its National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS). It is a database which monitors roughly 100 American hospitals with emergency departments for injuries related to specific products. It includes statistics for people who required medical assistance to remove objects that got stuck inside them. In other words, it is time to find out what things people have been shoving into places they shouldn’t have this year.

The list is quite extensive, so we will take a look at some highlights.[5] People put a lot of weird stuff in their ears. Most mentions simply specify the object (floam, toy mouse, googly eye), but other descriptions are copied verbatim from the emergency room report and a bit more colorful: “was cleaning ear with Q-tip, accidentally walked into wall, pushed Q-tip into ear.”

A small transistor radio was probably the weirdest thing that got stuck in someone’s throat this year, although a Christmas tree branch and a mood ring are also strong contenders. Men put plenty of things in their penises, such as a domino piece, a thin, electrified rod, a crack vial, and the back of a remote control. Not to be outdone, women also inserted a multitude of items in their vaginas. One woman came in with an interesting problem because she “inserted a crayon in vagina, can’t remember if it came out.”

Now it’s time for the main event: What have people been shoving up their butts? We have all kinds of different bottles, glasses, and balls, an iPad stylus, a telescope leg, crayons, pencils, and markers, the handle of a broom, a cell phone, and “crack cocaine with sex objects.” Among the more unique scenarios was someone who “took a soda bottle with Fireball whiskey via his rectum, stuck bottle in rectum and squeezed.” And, of course, there were some who made futile attempts to explain their situations such as “jumped on bed—toothbrush was on bed and went up patient’s rectum.”


Do You Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas?

Earth received a visit from a space hippo just in time for Christmas.

NASA shared a few images of an asteroid which flew past Earth on December 22. Its official name is 2003 SD220, but the space agency couldn’t help notice that the rock shared a striking similarity to a certain large African semiaquatic mammal. As NASA put it in its press release, the asteroid resembled the “exposed portion of a hippopotamus wading in a river.”[6]

The asteroid was approximately 1.6 kilometers (1 mi) long and buzzed Earth at an approximate distance of 2.9 million kilometers (1.8 million mi). This was its closest approach in over 400 years, and it won’t fly any closer to us until 2070. There was never any danger of the rock impacting our planet (nor will there be in the future), but the short distance did allow NASA to take some remarkably detailed photos of the space hippo.

A Barrel At Sea

Photo credit: AFP

A Frenchman has set off to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a barrel. Jean-Jacques Savin departed from the Canary Islands and hopes to make it to the Caribbean in as little as three months.

Calling his vessel a barrel might be a bit of an understatement, though. It is a barrel-shaped orange capsule which the 71-year-old former military paratrooper built himself. It is made out of resin-coated plywood and reinforced to withstand the constant battering of waves. There is a kitchen, sleeping bunk, and storage unit within 6 square meters (65 ft2) of living space.[7] It also has a solar panel to generate enough power for communications and GPS. The “barrel” cost around €60,000 to build, which Savin mostly raised through crowdfunding.

The capsule is not powered by anything. The Frenchman believes that the ocean currents will be enough to carry him on his 4,500-kilometer (2,800 mi) journey. He will also be dropping markers along the way to help scientists study the currents of the Atlantic. As far as his final destination is concerned, Savin believes he will arrive in Barbados, although he would prefer a French island because there would be less paperwork.

Banksy Under Attack

Photo credit: BBC News

Last week, a new artwork from mysterious artist Banksy appeared on a residential garage in Port Talbot, Wales. Immediately, police were concerned that the installation might be targeted by “some idiot who wants to make a name for themselves.” Their fears were proven correct, as a “drunk halfwit” tried to vandalize it last Saturday.

The work of art was claimed by Banksy in an Instagram post, where he also named it Season’s Greetings. It wraps around the corner of a garage. On one side, it shows a child in the snow, seemingly trying to catch a snowflake on his tongue. The other side shows that the “falling snow” is actually ash coming from a dumpster fire.

Unsurprisingly, thousands of people have already turned up to see the latest Banksy, and many more are expected. The local council was caught unprepared to deal with this influx of people. So far, volunteers have been looking after the artwork. Actor Michael Sheen, who is from Port Talbot, paid for a protective screen and a security guard.[8]

This turned out to be a fortunate move because the guard chased away a drunken would-be vandal. The unidentified man tore down part of the plastic screen but ran away before causing any actual damage to the artwork.

The Bright Lights Of New York City

Photo credit: Richard Dzina

New York City was treated to an eerie light show Thursday night that had people thinking an alien invasion might be upon us. In reality, it was a transformer explosion at an energy plant in Astoria which caused a massive blue glow in the sky above Queens.

The explosion occurred at a Con Edison substation just a few kilometers northeast of the Empire State Building. The energy company blamed it on a “brief electrical fire,” which was under control within an hour. The NYPD updated the public with a follow-up tweet which confirmed: “no injuries, no fire, no evidence of extraterrestrial activity.”[9]

Con Edison is still investigating the cause of the fire and surveying the power outages caused in the surrounding areas. Nearby LaGuardia Airport experienced some delay as it grounded all of its flights for half an hour while it switched to a backup generator and conducted safety inspections. New York governor Andrew Cuomo said that crews were working to restore full power and that there were no significant outages except for the airport. A spokesman for the mayor’s office reiterated that the cause of the blue glow was a blown transformer and “not aliens.”

An Ancient Relic From The Big Bang

Photo credit: TNG Collaboration

We end the year with an exciting discovery that promises to yield more information about the origins of the universe in 2019 and beyond. Astronomers from the M. Keck Observatory in Hawaii found a “fossil cloud” of gas which was created around the time of the Big Bang.

The study was led by two Australian astronomers from the Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne and is due to be published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. Clouds of gas are not rare in the universe, but they have been tainted with heavy metals, courtesy of exploding stars. This cloud, however, was “pristine.”[10]

The discovery was made somewhat by chance. Scientists were able to spot it because it had an incredibly bright quasar behind it. They pointed their spectrometers at the cloud and found it to be extremely low in density, unaffected by heavy particles which permeate throughout the universe.

Astronomers call this cloud a “true relic of the Big Bang” but also believe it could only be the tip of the iceberg, now that they know what to look for. They are hoping that finding more could show us why some gas clouds turned into stars and galaxies and others did not.






Women And Men Share What They Would Do If The Other Sex Didn't Exist

Women And Men Share What They Would Do If The Other Sex Didn't Exist -




15 People Who Think A Little Differently Than Most Of Us

15 People Who Think A Little Differently Than Most Of Us -




No Modern Sports Game Can Touch These 90’s Favorites

No Modern Sports Game Can Touch These 90’s Favorites -

If you grew up in the 90’s, you know what I’m talking about; you know. Nothing against the sports games of today – technically, they’re amazing. But there’s something about NHL 94 that’ll never be touched by today’s games.

They were just simple, and fun and so steeped in the nostalgia of our childhoods. It was a different world, and I kinda miss sitting in my basement with friends, just crushing it on my SNES.

NHL 94
This is the definitive NHL game; the gameplay is smooth, the goaltenders are challenging and there’s finally a season mode.

Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball
It was the fact that you could customize everything, that made this game so awesome. Plus this was the last time Montreal fans got to play as the Expos before shit hit the fan.

NBA Jam: Tournament Edition
Between the insane Superman-style dunks and no fouls, that’s why we loved this game.

Mutant League Football
Video game football is amazing. Playing as robots, skeletons, mutants and orcs is even better.

NHL 96

While 94 is still the definitive version, the single player mode in this game allowed you to really take control of your team for a season.

Super Baseball 2020
I’m not a huge fan of video game baseball, but this makes it fun. Everyone’s enhanced and home runs are insane.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater
While most will say the sequel’s the best, I like how simple and pure the first one was. Plus the soundtrack was banging.

NFL Blitz
This is a fun version of football; the hits are comically strong, passes can go the entire field and a lot of the more boring rules were taken away.

1080 Snowboarding
This game is 20 years old, and yet no other snowboarding game comes close to how awesome the physics were in the game. I loved it for that pure 90s soundtrack of awesomeness.

FIFA Road To World Cup 98
It’s ridiculous how much this game could do on the N64. The game allowed you to take any of the 174 countries, and play through a full qualification. Plus you could change their kit and make it even more awesome.

Tecmo Super Bowl
This is the oldest game on the list, and it’s still sick. It’s real enough that you feel like you’re in the NFL, but not too challenging for newbies.

Wave Race 64
Jet Ski racers are a hit or miss on consoles, but this one was just perfect. The water was realistic, and you even got to ride a secret dolphin.

Virtua Tennis
This came out in 1999 and made the game of tennis exiting on a console.

Knockout Kings
This was the first boxing game to get all the greats together. You wanna play as Ali or Frasier? You can.

Baseball Stars 2
The NeoGeo version of this game is unstoppable. The graphics are gorgeous, the gameplay is fun and it’s just so comical and crazy, that it works.

Cruisin’ USA
Nothing beats this arcade game. At my local, there were always line ups to play this one, and no racing game beats how free 10 year old me felt, driving a sports car.

Mike Tyson’s Punch -Out!!
This game is the definitive boxing game, and it’s also incredibly frustrating to play. Probably should ignore the kinda racist elements of the game, though. It was a different time.

21 Pics Of Super Science-y, Super Interesting, Super Cool Things You've Probably Never Seen Before

21 Pics Of Super Science-y, Super Interesting, Super Cool Things You've Probably Never Seen Before -

1. Slime mold searching for food

2. “A man blew a small hole in his throat by holding his nose & closing his mouth while sneezing. He was in the hospital for 2 weeks.”

3. A spacesuit from the inside

4. Pollen on a bee, seen through a powerful microscope

5. And this is what the stinger looks like.

6. This is what a polar bear’s fur looks like: empty inside and full of air.

7. The reaction of aluminum and mercury

8. “A salt crystal I found at Salar de Uyuni”

9. “An image of the GPS tracking of multiple wolves in 6 different packs around Voyageurs National Park shows how carefully the wolf packs avoid each other’s territory.”

10. A sperm whale has a special spermaceti organ that is located on the bones of its skull. The organ has the ability to become liquid when the whale wants to get to the shore, and when a whale wants to go back underwater, the organ becomes solid again.

11. “The Mercator projection vs The true size of each country”

12. Inside the sword of The Motherland Calls

13. The atomic-force microscope allows you to see the structure of organic compounds, similar to how they’re drawn in books.

14. Interactive topography map in a kinetic sandbox

15. “Calcium buildup in a water pipe we had to replace”

16. It looks like a piece of rock but in fact, it’s just a snowflake under a microscope.

17. In case you’ve never seen this before

18. Elysia chlorotica, the first animal that uses photosynthesis like plants.

19. When a frog eats a firefly

20. This is what a beaver can do

21. When you own a thermal imaging camera

17 Punny Jokes That Will Make You Facepalm

17 Punny Jokes That Will Make You Facepalm -








The Nutcracker: Fail Army Edition



A fight ensued between two males outside a Carl’s Jr. in San Francisco, Ca this evening near Powell Street Station. According to the restaurant private security, the two were arguing over the rights to a Bluetooth speaker they stole from someone or somewhere. It quickly escalated into a brawl. Others tried to intervene and stop the dominant fighter but to no avail. 911 was called multiple times. Prior to the SFPD and paramedics' arrival, a doctor from Glide who was strolling by stepped in to help. All the other onlookers eventually left. I stuck around to provide pictures of the assailant who robbed and brutalized the other to a state of near unconsciousness.
The culprit featured here has been detained! He’s been booked & charged with 11 felony accounts including dugs / narcotics, resisting arrest, robbery, attempted murder.

FASCINATING FACTS: 17 Disturbing Facts To Freak You Out

FASCINATING FACTS: 17 Disturbing Facts To Freak You Out

Guy Exposes Undercover Cop And Gets Arrested Selling Him Flower Buds

Guy Exposes Undercover Cop And Gets Arrested Selling Him Flower Buds

He saw the post and showed up to sell some flowers but still gets arrested…Apparently this PD likes to advertise on Facebook in a really obvious manner. This guy thought he would be smart and sell them “flower buds” and expose the UC. Well he still ended up arrested with guns in his face but the UC’s identity went out over facebook live as well.

Europe's Strongest Man 2018

Europe's Strongest Man 2018

Europe' Strongest Man 2018 featuring Hafthor Bjornsson,, Zydrunas Savickas, Terry Hollands and others.

Top 10 Best And Worst Movies Of 2018

Top 10 Best And Worst Movies Of 2018

First of all, don't make the mistake of pitying or defending these movies. We're not even disappointed at this point. These movies just plain sucked. Slender Man? Father of the Year? The Cloverfield Paradox? The 15:17 to Paris? I mean, perhaps these bad movies could've been good movies in a different world where people's taste in cinema was different. But alas.

You've seen the worst, now see the best. 2018 saw some of the best directing, cinematography, screenwriting, acting, camera operating, etc. of all time! That's why we had to recognize these 10 movies as being the best of the best that were released this year! Who knows what 2019 holds?

5 Ways We Know Humans Went To The Moon

5 Ways We Know Humans Went To The Moon

Since 1969, 12 humans have walked on the moon and made their way back home. Here are just 5 of the many ways to prove it actually happened.



Anthony Bourdain, The Gifted Chef, Storyteller And Writer Has Died At 61

Anthony Bourdain, the gifted chef, storyteller and writer who took TV viewers around the world to explore culture, cuisine and the human condition for nearly two decades, has died. He was 61.

Gordon Ramsay’s Chicken Parmesan Recipe

Gordon Ramsay demonstrates step-by-step how to make the perfect Chicken Parmesan with Spaghetti and Broccoli Rabe.

Why The Bone-In Tomahawk Is The Best Cut Of Steak

On this episode of Prime Time, hosts Brent Young and Ben Turley stroll over to St. Anselm, Williamsburg’s favorite neighborhood steakhouse. The guys are at St. Anselm to talk about their massive bone-in tomahawk (or ribeye) and how to cook a steak that big.

How To Make Cannabis Gummies

Learn How To Make Weed Gummies easily using Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil.

Slow Cooker ‘Crack’ Chicken

Slow Cooker recipe that will make the chicken melt in your mouth!

Snakebots, Batbots, And More Biobots All Inspired By Nature

Snakebots, Batbots, And More Biobots All Inspired By Nature

Nature knows what it’s doing, and roboticists are more than happy to steal evolution’s ideas to make a plethora of curious and clever machines.

Emperor Penguins Team Up To Defend Themselves Against A Predator

Emperor Penguins Team Up To Defend Themselves Against A Predator

Emperor penguins are considered the largest species of penguins, and they live on Antarctic coasts. They reach up to 122 centimeters in height and weigh between 22 and 45 kilograms.  Although they are the largest among the penguins, they have many natural enemies.

One of the enemies is the Giant Petrel bird that sees a delicious lunch of Emperor Penguins. The BBC team posted a video of a group of emperor penguins meeting this dangerous bird.

They squeezed themselves into a special formation to protect themselves, and soon after that, a special little hero saved their day. The Adelie penguin, which is much smaller than the Emperor penguins, just came by. It is much more dangerous because it is considered a very aggressive specie.



18 Intense Times The World Gave Us Too Much Cringe To Contend With

18 Intense Times The World Gave Us Too Much Cringe To Contend With











The 10 Best Sci-Fi Movies On Netflix Right Now

The 10 Best Sci-Fi Movies On Netflix Right Now

If you’re in the mood for some speculative fiction and your pile of Arthur C. Clarke books has been exhausted, you could do worse than to tune into Netflix. The streaming service is constantly acquiring new films in the sci-fi and fantasy genres that should satisfy most fans of alternative futures. Here are 10 of the best sci-fi movies on Netflix right now.

1. HER (2013)

The perils of falling in love with artificial intelligence is at the core of Her, which features a terrific performance by Joaquin Phoenix as a rumpled office worker who finds his soulmate in something without a soul: An Alexa-esque disembodied voice (Scarlett Johansson).



2. ANON (2018)

Clive Owen and Amanda Seyfried appear in this Netflix original about a future in which privacy has been rendered obsolete. While there wouldn't appear to be any possible downside, a killer who manages to avoid being detected by widespread surveillance turns into a problem for Owen.



3. EX MACHINA (2015)

Alex Garland's quiet—and quietly subversive—robot parable didn't arrive with all the hype of a major studio sci-fi release but still manages to outdo most big-budget android tales. As the enigmatic CEO of a robotics company, Oscar Isaac uses an underling (Domhnall Gleeson) to test his eerily lifelike AI (Alicia Vikander). But Gleeson may be the one who's really being tested.




If The Handmaid's Tale hasn't sated your appetite for squirm-inducing dystopian fiction, consider Children of Men, which features Clive Owen as a bureaucrat living in a future where women are incapable of getting pregnant. When a young woman develops a baby bump, Owen struggles to help her navigate a society that considers fertility to be an unforgivable burden.




Soon we'll have a movie for every single major or minor incident ever depicted in the Star Wars universe. For now, we'll have to settle for this one-off that explains how the Rebel Alliance got their hands on the plans for the Death Star.



6. MOON (2009)

Sam Rockwell stars in this low-key potboiler from director Duncan Jones (David Bowie's son) about a man coming to the end of a solitary assignment on the moon who begins to see and hear things he shouldn't. Apparently, space madness is a thing.



7. KING KONG (2005)

Director Peter Jackson (The Lord of the Rings) set his considerable sights on a remake of the 1933 classic, with the title gorilla pestered and exploited by opportunistic humans.




Marvel's tale of a misfit band of space jockeys was a surprise hit in 2014. The sequel offers more Groot, more Rocket Raccoon, and the addition of Kurt Russell as a human manifestation of an entire sentient planet.



9. STARDUST (2007)

Director Matthew Vaughn's adaptation of the Neil Gaiman novel features Michelle Pfeiffer and Robert De Niro as supporting players in the tale of a man (a pre-Daredevil Charlie Cox) in search of a fallen star to gift to his love.




The year 1977 was a good one for sci-fi and fantasy fans. Following the release of Star Wars, Steven Spielberg etched a permanent place of prominence in his filmography with Close Encounters of the Third Kind, the rare alien-arrival film that doesn't end with a show of military force. Richard Dreyfuss, who co-starred in the director's 1975 hit Jaws, is Roy Neary, an electrician with an obsession over extraterrestrial contact. Dreyfuss lobbied hard for the role, which was offered to (and turned down by) Steve McQueen, Al Pacino, and Jack Nicholson.






Shooting Suspect Surrenders After SWAT Negotiator Sings 'White Christmas'

Shooting Suspect Surrenders After SWAT Negotiator Sings 'White Christmas'

It wasn't the Nat King Cole version of "White Christmas" that the suspect requested, but it worked.

A Pennsylvania man who allegedly fired shots at 11 officers during a 10-hour standoff that began Christmas night finally surrendered Wednesday morning after a SWAT officer sang him the holiday song he wanted to hear, authorities said.

The suspect, identified as Nathaniel R. Lewis, 34, of East Vincent Township, was reportedly stressed by the process of separating from his wife during the holidays, Chester County District Attorney Thomas Hogan said, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

"That's a Christmas miracle in our book, all because one negotiator was willing to sing him a Christmas carol," Hogan told Lancaster's WGAL-TV. "[It was a] tremendous job all around."

Around 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Christmas night, Lewis' sister-in-law checked on him after family members said they had been unable to reach him, the Inquirer reported, but he had barricaded himself inside his home, about 42 miles west of Philadelphia.

Lewis later fired four shots from a rifle, according to an affidavit. Then, Lewis's estranged wife called police for a wellness check at the home, the paper reported.

At 10:30 p.m., the Chester County Regional Emergency Response Team arrived, the report said.

Lewis was stressed by the process of separating from his wife over the holidays, Chester County District Attorney Thomas Hogan (pictured) said


Shortly before 1 a.m. Wednesday, members of the Emergency Response Team heard several gunshots fired from a second-floor window, then a shot from inside the house, authorities said.

Shortly after 6 a.m., Lewis shot at police twice, with officers firing back both times, according to the affidavit. No officers were hurt, the Inquirer reported.

The bullets struck the SWAT team's armored car, another home and a civilian's car, WGAL-TV reported.

Then around 7 a.m. Wednesday, Lewis asked to hear a negotiator sing a Christmas carol, authorities said.

"He requested 'White Christmas,' the Nat King Cole version," Hogan said Thursday.


The negotiator, who has over a decade of SWAT team experience, started singing to him, Hogan said.

Lewis then came out of the house and surrendered, according to the Inquirer.

He was taken into custody and faces 11 charges of attempted homicide of a police officer, the station reported.

35 News Headlines That Sound Too Funny And Outrageous To Be True Yet Somehow They Were

35 News Headlines That Sound Too Funny And Outrageous To Be True Yet Somehow They Were -


Vape Store Clerk Has Meltdown over Customer Wearing Trump Shirt

Vape Store Clerk Has Meltdown over Customer Wearing Trump Shirt

A store clerk at a vape store was fired Friday evening after he was caught on video screaming at a customer wearing a shirt that said “Trump” and a MAGA hat, demanding for him to leave and refusing to sell him anything.

“LEAVE THE STORE! LEAVE THE STORE! LEAVE THE STORE! F-CK OFF! I DON’T GIVE A F-CK, GET OUT!” the employee screamed at the customer, Ian Furgeson, who posted the video on his Facebook page on Friday afternoon.


The store, XHale in Loganville, Georgia, posted on Facebook late Friday an announcement of the clerk’s firing:

“To our friends and customers,” it read. “Tonight, we had an employee act improperly toward a customer. Xhale City does not tolerate this kind of behavior from its employees. When we identified the employee at fault, we fired him immediately. We’ve also spoken to the customer and apologized. We value our clients and treat them with respect and dignity, regardless of their political views.”


Here is Ian at another store interacting with people who aren't insane.

People Share Reasons They’re Single and They’re Just Sad

People Share Reasons They’re Single and They’re Just Sad











Can you choose the correct words to complete these song titles?

35 Car Crashes That Defy Reason

35 Car Crashes That Defy Reason




10 Mind-Blowing Things That Happened In 2018

10 Mind-Blowing Things That Happened In 2018




As with any of our roundups, choosing what to keep in and what to exclude was a real chore, and inevitably, some important stories got left out. Honorable mentions this year include Brazil getting its first hard-right leader since the dictatorship ended, the detention of children on the US-Mexico border, Macedonia’s historic renaming referendum, and the thaw between mortal enemies Ethiopia and Eritrea. For the rest of you, here’s what the world’s been up to in 2018.


Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court Nomination Got Real Ugly

Photo credit: Global News Everyday

No sooner had Donald Trump entered the White House than he was called upon to nominate his first Supreme Court candidate. Neil Gorsuch was confirmed in April 2017, in a vote that divided along party lines but wasn’t particularly rancorous.

The same could not be said of his second pick, Brett Kavanaugh.

Nominated to replace retiring swing vote Anthony Kennedy, Kavanaugh initially looked like another Gorsuch—reliably conservative but uncontroversial—until Professor Christine Blasey Ford suddenly came forward to accuse him of sexually assaulting her at a party when they were teenagers. With the shockwaves of #MeToo still being felt, the nomination process became a battleground for America’s identity.

Our column from the time shows just how ugly things got. Hearings were called, FBI investigations launched, and a woman’s life and a man’s career hung in the balance. Although Kavanaugh was narrowly confirmed, it was the ugliest nomination battle in a generation and one that laid bare the rifts in the nation’s soul.


Armenia’s Velvet Revolution Stunned The World

Photo credit: Bloomberg News

Let us explain what these revolutions were about (corrupt president Serzh Sargsyan had ended his constitutionally mandated two terms by transferring all the president’s powers to the prime minister’s office and then making himself prime minister), noted that they were big, and suggested they probably wouldn’t lead to any significant change.

How wrong we were.

By the next week’s column, the whole of Armenia had exploded in peaceful revolt, with a third of the country demonstrating. The week after, Sargsyan resigned. Two weeks after that, the entire government fell, without a single shot fired. It was a bloodless revolution.

The main beneficiary was Nikol Pashinyan, who’d started the protests as a single angry man and ended them as prime minister. In December, he called a snap election that saw the old party of Sargsyan ejected from parliament and a swathe of new, pro-revolution ministers come in. It was a stunning change in a country that had so long been under the authoritarian thumb of Sargsyan and a much-needed optimistic story.


The US Was Paralyzed By Mass Shootings

The end of 2017 was dominated by two of the worst mass shootings the US has seen, at Las Vegas and Sutherland Springs, Texas. But it was during 2018 that the constant drip of gun rampages finally pushed the nation to breaking point.

The biggest came early in the year, when former student Nikolas Cruz opened fire at his old school in Parkland, Florida, killing 17 students and wounding another 17. It was the worst school shooting the US had seen since Sandy Hook, but it wasn’t the last. In May, another shooting hit Santa Fe High in Texas, leaving ten dead. While no more major school shootings followed, a rampage at Thousand Oaks, California, in November killed 13, while a racist gun attack on a Pittsburgh synagogue left 11 dead. The latter had the awful distinction of being the worst anti-Semitic attack in US history.

Overall, nearly 70 people died in mass shootings in the US in 2018.

However, 2018 also saw many Americans reach breaking point where gun violence was concerned. In late March, the Parkland student-led March for Our Lives became the biggest youth protests the US had seen since the Vietnam War.

Russia Killed A British Citizen With A WMD (And The World Just Watched)

Photo credit: The Independent

2018 was a good year for Russia. The World Cup saw the national team ride a wave of hope further than they could have anticipated and led to a general feeling of euphoria among ordinary Russians. But even as many celebrated, the Kremlin was up to some seriously dark stuff, like using a weapon of mass destruction to try and kill dissidents on British soil.

In March, ex-spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were found close to death on a bench in the city of Salisbury. It soon came to light that they’d been poisoned by the nerve agent Novichok on the orders of Vladimir Putin.

Novichok is a deadly weapon, and its presence in Salisbury led to some hideous problems. The police officer who responded to the Skripals himself nearly died. But the real tragedy came later. On June 30, UK citizen Dawn Sturgess accidentally came into contact with some Novichok carelessly left in Salisbury by the assassins. She died on July 8, the first UK civilian to be killed by a nerve agent in the country’s history.

Although Putin would be loudly condemned by many, very few concrete measures were taken against Russia following the brazen attack.


The Iran Nuclear Deal Was Dramatically Ripped Up

Photo credit: Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

On July 14, 2015, the five permanent members of the UN security council, plus Germany, signed an historic deal with Iran. Known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, it aimed to reduce Iran’s ability to develop a nuclear bomb. One of President Obama’s signature foreign policy achievements, it looked set to reshape the Middle East by opening Iran to Western businesses.

Then came May 8, 2018. On that day, President Trump announced that he was withdrawing the US from the deal. This was followed by heavy sanctions leveled at Tehran. Although the EU, Russia, and China scrambled to keep the deal alive, it was effectively dead.

The deal had long been controversial, with some saying it did too little to halt Iran’s activities in other areas of aggression and weapons production. Still, its abrupt termination was a sight to behold. Not for the first time, America’s allies found themselves madly trying to stay afloat as President Trump yanked the boat out from under them. Where the deal’s demise will leave us in 2019 remains to be seen.

Jamal Khashoggi’s Murder Shocked The World

Photo credit: BBC News

It was the stuff of pulp thriller writing. On October 2, Washington Post journalist and exiled Saudi dissident Jamal Khashoggi walked into the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, never to be seen again. As his wife alerted the media, it became clear that the writer had been murdered in one of the most brazen conspiracies ever seen. Tortured to death and dismembered by Saudi intelligence services, his body parts dumped around Istanbul, Khashoggi’s murder wound up destabilizing the entire Middle East.

As the days dragged on after his disappearance, more and more sordid details began to emerge. A Khashoggi lookalike was captured on CCTV leaving the consulate. An audiotape of the journalist’s death screams surfaced. When the order was alleged to have come from Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS for short), MBS staged a ghoulish photo op, shaking hands with Khashoggi’s Saudi Arabia-based son.

The effects of the murder are still being felt. Recep Erdogan of Turkey—himself no stranger to silencing critical journalists—made hay with the accusations. In the States, it led to a strong backlash from the Republican Party against the MBS-supporting Trump. Khashoggi may be dead, but his influence still lingers.


Facebook’s Woes Put Data Privacy In The Spotlight

Photo credit: Reuters/Leah Mills

Has there ever been anyone to testify before Congress who sounds more like a casual sociopath? Back in April, Mark Zuckerberg wound up on Capitol Hill, answering questions on his company’s transgressions with all the charm of Patrick Bateman wondering how your head will look in his fridge. But while Congress mostly treated Zuckerberg with kid gloves, his testimony was still sparked by a massive scandal that affects us all.

On March 17, 2018, a joint expose by The New York TimesThe Guardian, and Britain’s Channel 4 News dropped like a bombshell. It revealed Facebook had allowed a firm known as Cambridge Analytica to harvest data on 80 million users, data it had then used to try to swing votes in the US, UK, and elsewhere.

The knock-on effects of these revelations have been momentous, with Facebook ending the year lurching from scandal to scandal while the rest of us start to wake up to how our data is exploited. As the year draws to a close, there have even been rumors of Zuckerberg being subpoenaed. Is Facebook soon to go the way of MySpace?


Brexit Became An Utter Omnishambles

Photo credit: AP

Omnishambles. According to the Oxford English Dictionary : “a situation that has been comprehensively mismanaged, characterized by a string of blunders and miscalculations.” If any one word could sum up Brexit this year, it’s that.

It started slowly. As the year began, Brexit barely featured in our weekly roundups. Then came summer and the revelation of May’s Chequers Plan—a road map for leaving the EU that managed to combine all the negatives of EU membership with all the negatives of leaving the bloc. Although the British government held it together a little longer, the writing was on the wall. As the deadline for voting on the plan approached, the last traces of sanity in Westminster evaporated.

Here’s a quick recap. In the last two months, we’ve had two coup attempts against May, including a no-confidence motion that resulted in one of the most Pyrrhic victories of all time. The government has suffered the first run of three defeats in a row since the 1970s. It has been found in contempt of Parliament for the first time in British history. The vote on the withdrawal agreement has been kicked into January because it’s clear that it will fail—raising the unedifying prospects of either a hard Brexit, or no Brexit at all.

Watching Theresa May and the Conservative Party flailing these last weeks has been like watching a group of clowns act out some bizarre mime in which they keep slipping on banana skins while simultaneously shooting themselves through the foot. It’s less than 100 days until Brexit now, and anything could happen. Expect to see this story in our 2019 roundup.


North Korea Came In From The Cold

Photo credit: Frente de Noticias

Last year’s roundup ended with us sounding an ominous note about North Korea. In the number-one spot, we cited the then-ongoing crisis on the Korean peninsula, suggesting 2018 could be the year war erupted. We weren’t the only ones. All through 2017, the DPRK had tested ever more powerful nuclear weapons, alongside missiles capable of hitting the continental US. Pyongyang had threatened to bomb Guam, and confrontation seemed all but inevitable.

Which just goes to show how much can change in one year. As we slip into the final days of 2018, North Korea hasn’t just receded as a threat. In a remarkable turn of events, Kim Jong Un has seemingly brought his country in from the cold.

It started with North and South Korea agreeing to field a joint team at the winter Olympics. Somehow, this turned into agreements for more mutual cooperation. Then President Trump got in on the act, saying he’d be open to meeting Kim in person to discuss the situation. By summer, the impossible had happened. Kim and Trump and South Korea’s President Moon had all met at a summit in Singapore. Suddenly, the North was promising to dismantle its nuclear stockpiles and start playing nice. The change was so sudden that it practically gave the world whiplash.

Since then, it’s mostly been good news from North Korea. The DPRK has returned US war dead, Pyongyang and Seoul have found new ways to cooperate, and the Hermit Kingdom appears on the cusp of opening up. Considering where we were last year, this is incredible. Hopefully, this is the beginning of a lasting thaw.


We Discovered The Sickening Scale Of Abuse In Pennsylvania’s Catholic Churches

In mid-August, the long-awaited report into sexual abuse in Pennsylvania’s Catholic churches finally landed. To call the contents horrific would be an understatement. It had been clear since the inquiry was launched by Pennsylvania attorney general Josh Shapiro in 2016 that awful things would be uncovered, but nobody was prepared for just how awful. As our column at the time said:

Over 300 abusers. Over 1,000 victims. Those were the shocking takeaway figures from Tuesday’s official report into child abuse in Pennsylvania’s Roman Catholic churches.

Across 70 years, priests repeatedly raped children with impunity, leaving shattered young lives and scarred families in their wake. Of Pennsylvania’s eight dioceses, six actively failed to keep kids safe from pedophile priests. It’s one of the worst abuse scandals the US has ever seen.

These figures were just the tip of the iceberg. There were reports on priests raping children in hospitals, of making young boys perform oral sex on them. But the worst came at the report’s conclusion. Of the 301 named abusers, only two were arrested. The rest were dead or had escaped the statute of limitations. The statute of limitations for these stomach-churning crimes? A mere five years.

Of all the stories we reported on in 2018, this was by far the most upsetting, the one most likely to make you question the basic goodness of humanity. Sadly, it may have also been the most necessary to discuss. A vast conspiracy had allowed pedophiles in the Church to enjoy seven decades of impunity, and no one in power had seemed to care.

Thankfully, the Justice Department has now launched a probe into the local Church under the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations statute, typically used in mob cases. We can only hope that in 2019, justice will finally be done.





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