21 Alternate Angles of Iconic Images and Events

The back panel of the Mona Lisa



Lincoln Memorial before the reflecting pool


The Beatles lining up for the Abbey Road album cover photo


Michael Richards as Kramer preparing to make an entrance


Behind the Price is Right wheel


Backside of Tutankhamuns mask


I Have A Dream Speech


The Pyramids next to the city of Giza


Onlookers in horror and disbelief as they watch the Twin Towers collapse on 9/11


Tiananmen Square before the infamous picture, the tank guy is in the top left, 1989


Star Wars Episode IV opening crawl


Neil Armstrong’s family watching his launch to the moon – 1969


George W Bush, reading to students at a Tampa elementary school, moments before learning about the second plane hitting the WTC on 9/11


The leaning tower of Pisa is empty on the inside


Control desk of chernobyl nuclear power plant


Mona Lisa’s room


1960s TV show Batman and Robin scaling the side of a building


Seinfeld set


This is what it looks like to stand behind a podium on the Jeopardy


View of theater from backstage


Rear view of the iconic Ali – Liston photo


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In the 60’s Batman show that is when some celebrity would pop out of a window for a one liner.

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