21 Completely Random But Cool Pictures From History


1. Children preparing for a play for the dedication of the William J. Gaynor Park Playground and Recreation House in NYC, US in 1929.

2. Russian Orthodox priests in their garbs in Russia in 1907.

3. Maori boys goofing off in New Zealand in 1901.

4. An accident at a train station in France in 1885.

5. 2 Girls on roller skates wearing “Don’t Be a Scab” sashes in NYC, US in 1916. A scab was a person who was kept working under previous conditions while the majority of workers were on strike.

6. A boy looks at a counterfeit gun his shop made in Afghanistan in 1955.

7. Women smoking on a boat off the coast of Normandy, France in 1908.

8. Young people in native attire in Siam (Thailand) in 1903.

9. A young woman lying on the beach in Kołobrzeg, Poland in 1912.

10. The University of Marylands rifle team in 1922.

11. Car maker Franklin Bliven takes a picture of his wife and daughter in a Franklin Model D roadster in the US in 1908.

12. Special officers training in Moscow, Russia in 1910.

13. Cherokee Indians who fought with the Confederates pose with fellow soldiers during a reunion in New Orleans, US in 1903.

14. Forty-five cameramen photograph the new Japanese cabinet at the Prime Minister’s official residence in downtown Tokyo, Japan in 1954. Japanese newspapers usually sent 3 or 4 photographers to cover an event from all possible angles.

15. Boy Scouts having some fun at the Battle of Gettysburg reunion at the battlegrounds in Pennsylvania, US in 1913.

16. A shoe shiner takes his break to eat pasta in Naples, Italy in 1950.

17. Children in school in Greece in 1964.

18. A man prepares Southern BBQ in Alabama, US in 1932.

19. Workers carrying a man at the Port d’Accra in Ghana in 1960.

20. A Girl Guide (Girl Scout) in Canada in 1919.

21. Playing volleyball on stilts at Venice Beach in California, US in 1953.

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