21 Ingenious Inventions That Prove We Are Living In The Future –


1. Urinals that will protect you from splashback.

2. Elevator buttons you can press with your feet.

3. Pull out hooks and shelves.

4. A wall with removable seats.

5. A urinal you can flush with your feet.

6. You can open this door with your feet.

7. A thoughtful message on the bottom of this box.

8. Winter simulator for testing clothing.

9. Pedal powered chargers.

10. Open this door with your arm.

11. Wave to open this door.

12. You can control the type of light in this dressing room.

13. People in these seats are expected to move for others.

14. A water fountain that will allow dogs to drink.

15. A bathroom that offers two different kinds of soaps.

16. You get a different elevator depending on which floor you’re going to.

17. You can walk and work simultaneously.

18. This pen tells you how many pages of ink it has left.

19. A socket that fits three plugs.

20. Desks with pedals.

21. This spoon wont slip into the bowl.

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