1. Art Sculpture at the Orlando Airport

2. The tongue drive system enables a person with high-level spinal cord injury to operate a computer and an electrically-powered wheelchair by moving their tongue

3. Solar panels being integrated into canals in India giving us Solar canals. it helps with evaporative losses, doesn’t use extra land and keeps solar panels cooler

4. The door to the dining area of the Alcobaça Monastery in Portugal was made narrow so that monks who got too fat were forced to go into fasting

5. How it started and how it’s going

6. The view from the top of the world, Mount Everest

7. In 2006 David Sharp attempted to climb Mt. Everest alone. He successfully reached the summit but he didn’t bring enough oxygen bottles or an emergency radio.

8. Vietnamese Secret Service in an exercise

9. Otto Warmbier begging for mercy as he was on trial for allegedly stealing a propaganda poster in North Korea. He returned to the US with irreversible brain damage, dying six days later.

10. Martin Laurello could turn his head 180° & was known as the human owl. He was a sideshow performer who lived from 1886 to 1955.

11. A pedophile in Thailand posted a picture of himself with a swirl effect over his face, allowing Interpol to un-swirl the image back and arrest him.

12. A city in Germany provides these sleeping capsules for homeless people

13. Light pollution vs the night sky

14. A Cancer Cell Slashed Open By an Ion Beam

15. Sony was founded in 1946. This electric rice cooker was their first product.

16. The longest prehistoric human trail ever discovered. It’s 1.5 kilometers long, discovered in NM, in an area full of predators during the ice age. The footprints belong to a young adult and a toddler, likely a mother and child. She was in a hurry and some times carried the child on her back

17. The Costa Rican “Glass Frog” has almost transparent skin enabling you to see its organ structure.

18. The oldest known church in Iceland (Grafarkirkja)

19. The 1954 Kaiser Darrin, the door slides into the front fender

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