21 Mildly Interesting Things To Mildly Interest You

1. “This window makes the backyard look like it’s in 4 different seasons.”

2. “A 12,000-year-old balancing rock that has yet to fall”

3. “A perfect leaf with no blemishes”

4. The way this simple grey rock turns emerald green when the light hits it

5. It looks like someone took a ruler and divided this tree.

6. These Maldives islands look like they are just floating there.

7. “This rock I found on Chesil Beach, UK, is perfectly round.”

8. A rare stone called a ’’Grapefruit’’ due to its fruity appearance

9. “The Aegean Sea in Greece is so clear it looks like I’m in a pool.”

10. This is what happens when nature meets creativity. The black and brown are yeast, and the cream and red are bacteria.

11. We can be surprised even by the roots of a cactus. This one says Hi!

12. You’d think this was a jewel, but it’s a golden scarab beetle.

13. “A bug ate this leaf in quadrilaterals.”

14. In Silfra, Iceland, you can dive/snorkel directly in the crack between 2 tectonic plates.

15. These are normal, natural rocks that I found on the side of a river.”

16. Vertical ice crystal reflections in Alaska

17. We don’t know what’s more impressive: the size of this mushroom or the size of the deer’s bite.

18. No matter what, this tree somehow managed to survive.

19. You never know when you might get a double banana.

20. With a tooth this big, we can only imagine how big its owner is.

21. “This beehive that looks like it’s melting”

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