1. ‘Waves’ watermelon carving

2. Moss agate from Indonesia that looks like a forest with a cloud filled sky in the background!

3. Baby blue octopus


4. Frosted Layer Cake / Work Of Art

5. This is stone

6. Black hole inside a lake


7. The laws of physics do not apply to goats

8. Amazing Purpleheart tree with purple wood

9. Watermelon art.



11. Ice skating to school when your rivers are roads

12. This road in Japan


13. This monstrous San Pedro cactus

14. Motorcycle built from an old tractor

15. Bonsai tree floating in the stratosphere suspended inside a carbon-fiber frame


16. Vietnamese Mossy Tree Frog

17. Square cloud that isn’t photoshopped

18. These emerald Orchid Bees


19. Between cloud layers

20. There exists a colorless rainbow that appears under certain conditions. It’s an icebow.


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