21 Neat Inventions That Prove The Future Is Now –



1. An inflatable raft big enough for everyone.

2. USB plug on a bus.

3. Juice container shows how much is left and serving size.

4. A handy USB charger built into the couch.

5. Blue light prevents drug users from finding a vein in the bathroom.

6. Mini-gold course uses fish food for balls. They fall into the sea on the 18th hole.

7. A place to park your dogs.

8. 3-D printed cast that uses ultrasound to aid in healing.

9. Reusable water cans.

10. Wheelchair accessible stairs.

11. Door for 1st graders.

12. A “map” sign that shows street names and building numbers.

13. The wine section has wooden floors to reduce the chances of breaking one if dropped.

14. Crosswalk signal lights embedded into the sidewalk. Phone users have a better chance of seeing them.

15. Sunscreen spray station at the beach.

16. A bicycle playground for children. They can learn the rules of the road before driving.

17. Light settings so you can see how your outfit will look at different times of the day.

18. Self scanning check-out lane.

19. Vending machine for students.

20. An air conditioned dog house.

21. The QR-code will show medical information about the owner. Intended for Alzheimer’s patients.


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