21 Oddly Disturbing Pictures From History

2. Some creepy krampus costumes in Austria in 1951.

3. A kid sits on a creepy Easter bunny in the US in 1984.

4. A man in a special mask designed to treat cancer in the face and neck in England in 1924.

5. Men part of the secret society known as the Poro meet in Sierra Leone in 1978.

6. A female photographer takes a difficult and dangerous picture surveying Berlin, Germany in 1910.

7. The “Band of Milkmaids” perform during a festival in Cologne, Germany in 1910.

8. A boy with his pet owls in England in 1910.

9. Schoolgirls wearing gas masks march in a parade in Japan in 1944.

10. Carol DaRonch, one of the only women to escape Ted Bundy during his 4 year serial killing spree, takes the stand and freezes for a moment while looking at her potential murderer during his trial in 1976. She was only 18 when she barely escaped him 2 years prior.

11. US Crime Boss Giuseppe Morello posing for an arrest photo in NYC, US in 1902. His hand has been deformed from birth and looked like a claw.

12. A man tussles with police after they struck a suffragette to the ground during a womens rights march in London, England in 1914.

13. A doctor forcibly feeds a female suffrage prisoner through her nose while nurses hold her down in London, England in 1912. Suffragettes arrested in England were sometimes punished as criminals, with some methods more drastic than others.

14. A man is about to be executed by cannon, known as “Blowing from a gun”, in the Ottoman Empire in 1911.

15. A man dressed as a Mayan God in Mexico in 1980.

16. A mental patient in an asylum wearing a dog mask in Japan in 1998.

17. Members of the female cult the Sande meet in Liberia in 1990.

18. A deformed man dubbed the Apeman pictured in his native Brazil in 1937.

19. A mask party in the US in the 1960s.

20. A pimp on his elephant collects money from hookers in Mumbai, India in 1980.

21. A clown using a skeleton for a prop in a circus in France in 1923.

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