Life is full of creepy, unexplained experiences, but it’s rare that you come across truly unforgettable stories, the kind that haunt you so thoroughly you can never escape them. However, these creepy stories shared by reddit users definitely make such an impact. These particular horror stories come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them seem like they’re out of this world, while others are unnerving AF. Being buried alive, suicide, high-speed chases, and the supernatural all make the list.

You’ll be glad that they didn’t happen to you, but if you want to vicariously live through some real-life American Horror Stories, check out this list of the creepiest, weirdest things that the storytellers will never forget.

Seen in a Dream

“When I was 15, my stepfather got stabbed right in front of me. There was an altercation in the middle of our street at 2 in the morning that woke our whole house up. My stepfather and my uncle were still up drinking and went outside to see what was going on. There was a young man kicking the sh*t out of one of our older neighbors – an alcoholic gentleman who lived a few houses down from us (found out afterward the young man was dating the older man’s daughter).

My stepfather and uncle went out to break it up and in the commotion, my stepfather was stabbed by the guy. He stumbled back on to the porch and fell, and I tried to catch him. His blood smeared down the front of my shirt. The younger guy took off and we called 911.

We were in the hospital until the early morning. When me and my mom got home there was a message on our answering machine. It was a friend of mine from school, crying and apologizing for calling in the middle of the night, but she had just had a dream that there was screaming and a fight and I was covered in blood. She begged me to call her back. The time stamp on the message was the same time as the stabbing. This is in the late 80’s, before computers and even cell phones really. I lived on the other side of town from her. There was no way she could have known what had happened.”

A Really Heavy Thud

“When I was 7 years old my mom gave birth to my little sister. Me and my dad went to visit her in the hospital to check out the new family member. As 7-year-olds often do, I got bored, so my parents sent me to the kiosk right outside the main building to get an ice cream. As I was walking towards the kiosk I cut over the lawn as it was a shorter walk, suddenly I feel and hear a really heavy thud right behind me.

I turn around too see the warped mangled body of a man in a hospital gown maybe 40-50 cm from where I was standing. The man had jumped off the hospital roof after receiving news he had terminal cancer. My mom and a lot of the others in the birth ward even saw the guy flying past the windows. The guy basically just fell short of killing me with him. A group of doctors and psychiatrists asked me to get emergency therapy but I insisted on getting my ice cream and going home.

This day I can still recall the thud of the body hitting the ground and his body laying next to me, clear as crystal. I still tell this story sometimes, mostly when I’m drunk or high. I don’t know why it comes up, but I think sh*t stuck with me.”

Buried Alive

“I worked with a lady once who was pretty old, I’d say about 70 years-old. Since our job was pretty boring, we talked a lot and she had all kinds of crazy stories. But this one creeps me out still. She said when her grandma died they had her buried in a wood box in the backyard, as was pretty custom in those days.

“Well years later they have a family plot in a cemetery and decide to dig her grandma up to move her to the family plot. She said when they took the lid off the coffin, it had claw marks all over the inside. The grandma had apparently been buried alive.”

Nighttime Intruder

“I was at a mate’s house spending the night when I was in middle school.

As expected we’d stay up to all hours, which didn’t matter most of the time except the bathroom was right near his parent’s room. About the only time we’d get in trouble was when someone would wake them up when nature called. To avoid this we’d go out the basement door and just pee in the woods.

The door stayed unlocked most of the time because we’d managed to lock ourselves out more than once. This was also compounded by the fact that we’d all wander out and find something to do in the woods on a regular basis.

This night his older brother was home and kept barging in the basement door and reigning chaos from above, so we decided to lock the door just to deter him. Not that it really would have kept him out, but at least he’d have to use the key and that took the ‘barging in’ fun out of it.

About midnight we heard the handle jiggling and didn’t think much of it, figuring it was his brother. After about 5 minutes of off and on handle fondling (my vocabulary has decided to not function at a high level today) we finally hit the door and yelled for him to stop.


No response, no more clattering of the handle. Great, we can move on right?

Well about 10 minutes later it started again, and the process repeated.

This went on for about 2 hours, until finally after telling him to stop we just said screw it and ignored it.

He continued for about 30 minutes after our last attempt for him to stop and then just gave up.

Well fast forward to about 9am, we were just stirring and one of my mates had to go to the bathroom. If you’ve ever had a sleepover like that, there are bodies strewn wherever there is space and once the first person starts walking around it kind of stirs the nest.

We all started stretching and making our way to relieve ourselves of all the soda we’d binged on the night before. As I walk outside I grab the door handle to close it behind me and noticed it felt rough.

After looking at it I saw that the space around the keyhole was all but destroyed. There were giant scratch marks on every surface and the metal guides were bent and skewed. I asked my friend that lived there what had happened, and he said it was the first he’d noticed it.

Not really wanting to get blamed for something his brother did, we went upstairs and told his parents about the night before.

After his Dad went down to see what we were talking about, he went completely white and ran upstairs to call the cops.

Evidently someone had been trying to force the lock open while we were all inside. That’s actually happened to me more than once on different occasions. What completely freaks me out about this time was that this person knew we were in there and that we knew someone was trying to get in. Even so he REPEATEDLY tried to force his way inside.

God knows what sort of person that was.”

“You’re Going to Flood the Place”

“I had to take care of my mentally handicapped cousin a few years back. She could get around well enough, but due to severe arthritis in her knees and ankles, she had to be watched, helped into the bath, sh*t like that. I would go into her room in the morning, help her to her walker so she could piss, and make her breakfast.

One morning I heard the water running in the bathroom when I went to check in on her. I had to pass her room on the way to the bathroom. When I did, I saw that she was in her rocking chair in the corner, her blanket over her head, and she was rocking back and forth.

‘Don’t leave the water on, you’re going to flood the place.’ I went into the bathroom to shut the faucet off, and my cousin was there, washing her face.

I immediately ran back to the room, but it was just her blanket crumbled up in the rocking chair. My cousin wanted to know why I undid her bed. I didn’t stay too long after that.”

Double Trouble

“Lived in the Hollywood Hills and this happened in the early 80’s.

Crazy knocking at my door at 9PM. I go to answer the door and there’s a lady there just hysterical, talking about ‘There’s so much blood…’. She looks normal and is dressed in clean clothing, so we let her in. She tells a story about seeing someone get stabbed. I call the police, and two uniformed LAPD officers arrive in 10 minutes. They take the lady away, and tell us that she has was reported missing, has a mental condition and lives up the street.

All good. 30 minutes later, another knock at the door. Two different cops this time, responding to the call. They have no idea who the other two cops were! Take our information and statements, description of the officers and the lady as well. Radio conversations back and forth ensue, and they really don’t have any idea how any other cops could have picked her up, because they were given the call 40 minutes ago…”

The Silhouette in the Night

“My boyfriend works night shift, and I was asleep alone in the house. I get woken up in the middle of the night by my puppy whining in the living room, and I assume it’s because he wants outside. I’m just about to open the back door, when I hear this weird scratching/clicking sound at the front door, like someone was sticking something in the lock. I go to check, and I can see the silhouette of somebody standing there through the window in the door.

I then notice there is a second figure in the living room window, although it’s too dark to make out any features. I know they can see me because I didn’t have any blinds at this point, and they just stood there. I totally freaked and called the cops, then my dad. I huddled in the kitchen out of sight of any windows and waited for someone to come. My parents live across town and showed up before the cops. They were gone at this point, but the neighbours across the street were up and saw the car.

I ended up staying at my parents place that night, and when I came home the next morning, I noticed the basement window was partially kicked in. I got a security system installed the next day. I still have no idea who it was.”

A Creepy Cot

“When I was a baby, maybe about 6 months old, my mum put me into my cot to sleep one afternoon. It was a high sided wooden thing with a drop side for access that required you to press in two little nubs, one on each corner to release the side.

She came upstairs and found me outside the cot, asleep in the middle of the floor about 2 metres from the cot. The sides were up, there is no way I could have opened it. I couldn’t stand and the sides were far too high to jump over.

Apparently she never felt comfortable leaving me in the room after that.

Also. When my younger brother was born he was put into that room as his bedroom. One evening me and my mum were on her bed playing with my brother who was about 1 year old and we heard this noise coming from his room.

Panicked my mum went to look and one of his musical toys was in the cot playing to itself despite not being activated.”

A Leftover Smell of Musk

“I have a story that didn’t happen to me, but rather my friend’s dad. This guy isn’t the type to bullsh*t, so I believe him 100%.

My friend’s dad (we’ll call him Jack) and his brother (we’ll call him Tom) lived with each other in the 80s. It was just the two of them living in the house, no one else. So, this one night Jack is coming home at night and walks into his living room to see a bunch of old people sitting around talking. As he walks in, they all just quiet down and awkwardly look at him as he walks by. He doesn’t see Tom anywhere, so he just assumes Tom will be back to tend to his guests. Jack has work the next morning, so he goes in his room to get some sleep, but is kept up from all the people talking.

He walks out from his room and is promptly met up with Tom who is coming out of his room to tell Jack to keep his friends quiet. However, Jack was coming out to tell Tom to keep HIS friends quiet. They walk out from the hallway into the living room only to see that it’s empty with the leftover smell of musk.”

A Disappearing House

“…I live in a completely normal neighborhood. There was a house once for sale (a couple of years ago) that is about 100 m away from my house. It was for sale for quite a lot of time actually (a few months) and it was completely empty. There weren’t any curtains or anything so you could see inside that the house is literally completely empty, no furniture, just white walls, empty rooms.

Anyway here’s where it gets creepy. I walked by this house every night at around 10 pm when going home (from hanging out with friend’s or something) and I always looked through the windows to see if someone moved in but it was always empty and dark. One night however…I walked by the house and it had lights on, there was furniture (couldn’t see much but there were tables, TV, refrigerator most likely etc.) and there were a bunch of old people sitting around a round table talking and smoking cigarettes. Okay I didn’t find it creepy at all, I just thought to myself hey, they must have finally sold the house and I haven’t noticed it in a few days…they moved in very quickly.

But…the next day I walked by the house again when it was daylight and it was freaking empty (again no furniture, no tables, just white walls and empty rooms) and a “for sale” sign was still f*cking there. I still didn’t think much about it…to be honest I didn’t even care, I was really weirded out for a bit but I forgot about it in a few hours.”

Running as Fast as You Can

“I delivered newspapers in a fairly rural area the summer after I graduated high school. One night, it’s pouring rain and I’m driving down this dirt road that is a dead end to a farmer’s house. I’ve been down this road a few dozen times and know the routine – drop the paper off in the box at the end of the drive, whip a sh*tty, back up the road and off to my next stop.

This time, as I am getting out of my car to place the newspaper in the holder I see this man in the ditch wearing a drenched white shirt running at me as fast as he can. He got within 20 feet of me. I could see what my mind pictured as a hatchet or axe. I had never ran so hard in my life.

…I ran back around the front of my car, jumped in and took off. Everything happened so fast that I almost didn’t realize where I was.

It must have been about 5-10 miles later that I attempted to call 911. No signal using my Motorola flip phone in the middle of no where in the year 2000. I had to stop at a farmer’s house to call the police at 2:00 am.

Turns out the guy killed himself within an hour of his run with me in that wooded ditch”

Something’s Not Right

“When I was six (28 years ago) my mom and dad took me and my younger sister to an MLB game, leaving my grandmother to babysit my youngest sister. When we got back my grandmother told my folks that two guys had come by the house with photography equipment and asked whether a young girl with red curly hair lived there, and that they had spotted her and that she would be a great child model for some advertising work they were doing. When my grandmother said she wasn’t home they said they would come back another time.

My grandmother and mom didn’t think much about it, but my dad said ‘Something’s not right here,’ and called the police. 15 minutes later several FBI agents showed up and began conducting interviews with my grandmother and my parents while I ran around and showed the agents my matchbox police helicopter.

Turns out we had been targeted by a child theft ring; the photographers would take a bunch of photos and wait until the toddler threw a tantrum and the photographers would then ask the mother to go grab a toy to keep the child entertained. While the mother was out of the room, they would grab the child and bolt, leaving everything else behind. The FBI told my folks that my sister had already been sold and would have been out of the country within 24 hours if they got her. We were advised to change preschools and other aspects of our daily routine.

It still gives me the chills to think about what could have happened to her. Needless to say, mom became pretty overprotective; it was a few years before she even trusted us with a babysitter.”

A Gut Feeling

“A guy made a Craigslist posting saying he was a talent scout and ran an agency. He got the interest of a father, grandfather and his granddaughter. This guy’s specialty was casting families, (preferably children) under the guise that he was looking to produce a film and needed actors. Not too long ago, the grandfather and his granddaughter went to meet this guy up at the house. They actually drove by 2 hours early to check out the house before going to it.

There was a for sale sign outside the house and it appeared vacant. The family drove by later at the agreed time of meeting in the morning, and were greeted at the door by a man in a suit. He tried to convince the little girl to come inside many times. The grandfather got a bad feeling and left. Turns out, in an unrelated sting, the police caught this guy for child porn charges. He had 10 counts of child porn, and his home was raided. The father/grandfather, around the same time reported this incident to the police. When the police found this guy, he had a bag with him. In it was a knife, zip ties, sex toys, and he even had plastic sheeting.

He was going to pretty much kill the grandfather, then rape and murder the child. His plan was to get this all on film. The camera was set up and ready to go. Luckily the father and grandfather had a gut feeling something was off and reported the incident.

This guy happened to be a kid I pretty much grew up knowing for about 15 years. He was even my brothers roommate for a while. He was always very creepy and I couldn’t never pinpoint why exactly. I felt my stomach drop reading this news. This guy has been inside my home, went to parties I had (My birthday party). I have had multiple conversations with him.”

He Sees You When You’re Sleeping

“My great grandfather awoke to a man standing in the corner of the bedroom watching him and my great grandmother sleeping. They lived out in the middle of nowhere so they never used to lock their doors. Apparently this man had just broken out of a mental institution and walked there.”

What the Dog Saw

“I had a dog once that was super loyal and loving and would always come running to me when I called and would almost crash into me whenever I had treats for him. One day sitting in the living room, all of his hairs stood up on his back and he was just staring over my shoulder growling and showing his teeth. No matter what I would do to try to get him to come to me, he would never break his stare at that one spot and just kept growling. I eventually carried him out of the room because it was freaking me and my roommates out so bad.”

A Broken Bowl

“My best friend and I were having a sleep over at her house. We were teenagers, and for some reason we were home alone. We’re goofing off upstairs when suddenly we hear a crash downstairs. We of course freak out for maybe 30 minutes before we get the nerve to go check it out. I grab a bat and we slowly creep down the steps. In the kitchen, we find a glass bowl had fallen and broke, but the really creepy part is that all the pieces had been picked up and put in another bowl on the table. We still have no idea how that happened.

Another time with the same friend, we decided it would be fun to sleep outside in my friend’s parent’s camper. In the middle of the night I woke up to the silhouette of some guy standing in the doorway. He stands for a minute and then walks out. I was still half asleep and wondering if that really happened when I fell back to sleep.

The next morning my friend tells me about a ‘dream’ she had about someone coming into the camper. Of course, freaking out ensued. Apparently someone (a hobo perhaps, she lives right next to the tracks) had been sleeping there without anyone knowing.”

An Expression of Pure Hate

“I’m a female, first of all. I’m 21 now, but when I was 4 years old, my sister had just turned 16. She had just gotten her license and was so excited. It was probably only September, and she got her license in July. My sister is from my dad’s first marriage, and she lived with her mom and step dad while I lived with our dad and my mom. We lived about 30 minutes apart. My dad worked late hours, and my mom frequently traveled for work, so I had to spend time a lot of time at babysitters (which was costly), until my sister got her license. My dad finally gave her permission to pick me up after she got out of school and take me to her mom’s until he was off work. She was so excited to finally be able to use her license!

I know I said I was only 4, but I remember this event so vividly. There are parts of it, understandably, that I’ve forgotten over the years. It took years for my sister to even ask me if I remembered it, but when I told her all the parts I remember (about 80%) she filled in the rest for me.

It was one of the first times my sister would get to pick me up from my babysitter, which means it would be one of the first times she’d been allowed to drive with me alone. Almost as soon as we pulled onto the main road, a white pick up truck swerved behind us. Weird, but whatever. After a few turns, my sister noticed that the truck still followed her. Even when she would just switch lanes, he was right there switching behind her. My sister, being a bit of a paranoid person, tested it a little and switched lanes several times. She said she heard his tires squealing by his quick cuts to get behind her again. She told me not to worry, and I remember being an oblivious little kid. She looked scared, but I had no concerns.

The man started to get really angry. I don’t remember anything about what he looked like. I do remember that he had this look of pure hate on his face (strange that you can sometimes remember expressions but not the faces they were on). He wasn’t angry, he was full of hate. He was honking the horn repeatedly, just laying on it, and he was very close to our car. He was swerving back and forth, trying to get our attention. He would pull up beside us occasionally, flip us off, and honk.

The first big event came about when we pulled up at a four way stoplight. It’s a bigger one, so there was a lot of room in the intersection. We were the first ones at the stop light in our lane, and nobody was beside us. The man used this lane to pass us, and pull his car in front of us almost in the intersection. He was blocking us. I so vividly remember that white pick up truck. He got out of it, and started storming towards our car. He was screaming so hard I remember thinking his face almost looked purple. Neither one of us remembers what he was saying, but he pulled up his shirt to reveal to us that he had a gun. He pointed to it and at us, threatening us, and closing the gap between us. My sister put her hand over my body, told me to close my eyes, and floored it through the intersection. She said she was worried we were either going to hit him, or get hit in the intersection, but it was a better chance than sitting there and waiting for the psycho with a gun.

He hopped back into his car and followed us. My house was closer to where we were than my sisters, so for some reason, she decided to go to my empty house. Obviously, he followed us and blocked us into the driveway. He got out and walked towards my sisters parked car, pulling his gun out. Once again, she had to think fast and swerve her way across our lawn back out on the road. This is before cell phones, and she had just started driving and was still young. She had no idea what to do.

He followed us back onto our neighborhood road, pulling up next to our car and hitting his truck against us, trying to make us skid or wreck. There is a smallish area of grass between my neighborhood road and a major busy road, and it was obvious he was trying to push our car hard enough to send us into the traffic beside us. He had his gun up on his dashboard still, all within reach. I remember him doing that little gesture where you drag your finger along your throat, like you’re slitting it, like he was going to kill us. He face was still purple. There was a gas station near by and my sister decided on the last thing she could think of. I remember her talking to me so seriously and sternly.

She told me she needed me to be a big girl and the second we pulled by the door of the gas station, to undo my seatbelt and jump out, run inside so fast that I shouldn’t even worry about closing my door. I was to run inside and go directly to the person behind the counter and tell them to call 911 because a bad man was following us. We pulled in and she threw the car in park and I jumped out and did as I was told. She was only a few seconds behind, but she had to actually stop the car, park it, turn it off, whatever. She closed her door and mine for me, and just ran inside with me.

The man came into the parking lot behind us, and when we were inside, he went through my sister’s car. By the time the police arrived, he was gone. They never found him, and we never knew what provoked him or what his plan was. The only thing he took from the car was my sister’s ID and the cash she had on her.”

Running Straight for Us

“When I lived in South Africa, I traveled a lot with a Christian missionary/humanitarian aid worker. He handled the spiritual stuff, I tended to work more with the local (mostly Xhosa) people, helping them with non-spiritual issues.

In July 2010, we went to a village in the middle of nowhere. As soon as we stepped out of the truck, we knew something was wrong. We hadn’t been able to contact our guy in the village all day, and there was no one around at all. Piet and I went from house to house, looking for, well, anyone, but everywhere was completely empty.

Eventually, we saw a figure run around the corner of a building on the far side of the village. It was a young woman, stark naked, running straight for us. Her arms were flailing, and she was running like an animal, occasionally dropping to all fours, then back on her feet.

As she got closer, Piet told me to get back in the truck, then he screamed at me to get in the truck. I’d seen this guy watch a Xhosa witchdoctor burn a dozen chickens alive and not bat an eyelid, so when he lost his sh*t, I knew it was serious.

I closed the truck door as she reached us. She was covered in blood; there were cuts and slices all over her face, arms, and breasts; one of her ears was missing – I think, there was a lot of blood – her teeth were bloody, and she had a look in her eye of absolute, untamed rage.

The screeching sound she made is unlike anything I’ve heard before or since. I can still hear it so vividly in my mind. Looking into her face, seeing her wide psychotic eyes and gaping mouth as she made that unholy sound froze me in my seat.

Piet had started the truck, and already started reversing up the dirt track, but she followed. He turned the car (all the while she was scratching at the windows and metalwork) then sped off up the track. She followed us. She didn’t keep up, obviously, but for a while I thought she was going to. I’ve never seen someone run that fast in bare feet.

The journey back to our base town was almost silent. I spent most of it concentrating on the sound of my own breathing, and the rumble of the road.

I asked Piet what that was, and what we should do. He said the girl was no doubt insane, had a psychotic break or something, but the locals would have immediately thought her possessed. If she didn’t kill herself, the other villagers would within days. He suggested they had gathered in one house for safety.”

Thank God for Getting Creeped Out

“My mother was almost killed by her stalker neighbor when she was younger. Cops suspect he was hiding in the house with a kitchen knife while she was in the house. Luckily she got a creeped out feeling and ran to her grandparents house.”

Camptown Races

“This is something that happened to me back in 10th grade. I couldn’t sleep and I was feeling restless so I decided to take a walk along the greenway near my house. Most people would have reservations about walking through the woods alone in the dead of night, but it was a safe neighborhood and I knew the greenway like the back of my hand.

No more than five minutes of walking through the woods and I hear a girl singing. I recognize the tune right away, it’s “Camptown Races.” Y’know, “Camptown ladies sing this song, Doo-da, Doo-da” I look around for the girl, but it’s pitch black. Not wanting to suddenly come across her and frighten her I shout out “You have a nice voice!” No reply, she just keeps singing. Weird. I continue walking but the singing isn’t getting any further away. Is she following me? Or are we just coincidentally walking the same direction? I make a sharp turn and start walking down another path. The singing follows. Another sharp turn. Again it follows. Okay now I’m 100% sure this b*tch is following me. I start trying to pin the location of the voice with no luck. I think she was purposefully changing her volume to prevent me from knowing when I was getting closer or further. Now I’m really starting to get freaked out. I bolt and start sprinting back home. I was running track at the time so I was pretty certain I could ditch her. I get home, kick off my shoes and turn on my TV. I’m about ten minutes into an episode of Aqua Teen when I hear a voice that’s not coming from the TV. It’s a girl’s voice singing f*cking “Camptown Races.”

For a brief moment I just sit there in pure terror. This can’t be happening. I run outside barefoot and frantically look around. I realize that the voice is coming from above me. She’s on the f*cking garage roof. I kept a ladder on the side of the garage so I could climb up and smoke weed (my parents thought I was tanning). The ladder was the only way up or down unless you wanted to jump and chance a sprained ankle. This is it. I’ve got her. I race up the ladder just in time to see a figure in a red hoodie disappear off the side of the roof leading to the backyard. She had jumped. I watched her race across my backyard, completely un-phased by the fall and book it over our 6 foot fence like it was no big deal.

I briefly considered chasing after her, but I couldn’t in my bare feet. Frankly, I don’t know if I wanted to. I don’t believe in ghosts and ghouls but I’m still freaked out by the whole thing to this day.”


“This happened to my friend. She told me that when she was little she was playing with her little brother and sister one night. Her little brother looked out the window and said, ‘Who is that man?’ They all went to the window to see what he was talking about. She said there was a white figure sitting on top of the telephone pole. Looked like a man. He was staring at them with a huge creepy smile. Then he just stood up and jumped off the pole and simply vanished before they saw him hit the ground. She said it scared them so much, her sister won’t even talk about it.”

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