21 People Describe Their Creepiest Past Lives Stories

Many people believe in reincarnation, so the idea that their souls (or spirits, or whatever you wish to call them) lived many lives in the past isn’t a completely foreign concept. Undergoing past life regression can help bring up memories of these former lives, some of which are quite scary. The creepy stories compiled here from Reddit, all of past lives and odd memories, may help you come up with a few theories of your own.

Made The Baby Go Away

From a former Redditor:

Not necessarily a past life, but my friend had a miscarriage before she had her son. He had no idea about her miscarriage, and was about 6 when he said the following: “Remember the baby you had in your belly? I made them go away so you could be MY mommy.”

This child also saw spirits in mirrors until he was in about 5th grade.

Memories Of A Car Crash

From Redditor /u/SecretThought:

I still have a very short memory of a dream, although I can’t remember actually having the dream, just the dream itself. It starts with a women who my dream-self identifies as my mother screaming for my safety. I turn around from whatever I was doing on the dirt road in a busy city to see the terror on her face. Then something crashes into me. I immediately get upset about the extremely consequential accident – I had plans and strategies for this life, and now I had to start over.

Based off of the angle of my vision in this little scene, I can guess my height and say that the dream figure was probably around 6 or 7. Also, the fact that it was a dirt road in a busy city makes me think it was India or something, although I can’t say for sure what the skin tone of the mother was (it might have helped). Also, this sounds like a fatal car crash, but the road was a dirt road, which seems really weird.

I have a slight memory or looking out of a window at a small walled courtyard, feeling some pride about it and the dozens (or maybe up to 100) people who used it, many of whom were my offspring, and smiling a goodbye blessing.

I remember as a very small child spending a long time trying to remember why I had chosen to be born this time as a girl, since everything that I was learning about the world seemed told me that it was categorically better to be a boy instead. Oddly, I have no idea what gender I was in the two memories of death.

I also remember thinking that it was kind of unfair to compare me with some of the other elementary school students, because I could just remember things, while they were learning them for the first time.

I also remember trying to ask my mother about these memories, but being careful just in case she didn’t believe in life before birth. She didn’t, so I couldn’t ask anything more detailed.

Now You’re The Dad

From Redditor /u/BaldingOne:

My son said something to me when he was 2-2.5 years old, we were on top of the stairs while I was fixing something (can’t remember what) and he said to me “Funny. Me were daddy, now you daddy”… I’d be about 29/30 by then and my father died when I was 11… He only said it that once and I’ve never told him… Never told anyone apart from my best friend about 20 years ago…

They Helped Fix Grandpa And Somehow Spoke German

From Redditor /u/thesmurfstrangler27:

When my daughter was 3 she told me several times that she knew me, my sister, my mother, and my dad before she was here now. She said all of us women wore white dresses and work[ed] in a white tent with red crosses on it. She said we all helped fix Grandpa after he got “poomed.” (Her word for gun sounds when she was little.) She also told me that we have taken turns being the mommy. She said I was doing a good job this time. I’ve actually accidentally called her mommy a couple times when I was really tired.

My little boy spoke what sounded like German as a baby without hearing it before and when he was older we got a German babysitter that was surprised we only spoke English because he was speaking low German at her house.

Nightmares Of Being Run Over By A Bus

From Redditor /u/cupkex:

I fully believe in past lives. My parents told me that up until about age six I used to have horrible recurring nightmares of being run over by a bus along a certain stretch of road near to where my grandparents lived. It was only when I was in my teens that they told me this – that my great aunt was knocked down and killed by a bus, aged six, along that exact stretch of road.

I don’t really have any of my own memories about it, apart from recurring dreams about that stretch of road that I still have. I don’t get knocked down but I always seem to be there...

Creepy Memories Of Being Burned Alive

From Redditor /u/Wtfguysreally:

I’ve seen a me that doesn’t look like me, drown in very cold, deep water repeatedly since I was very young. I’ve always had a morbid draw to the Titanic – before you ask I was born way before the movie. I’ve seen another me burn alive, feeling the fire burn and blister. Watching people watch me burn. I used to wake up screaming as a child that they were burning me to death.

I’ve had an emotional connection to places I’ve never been, never seen before.

Irrational Fears And Past Lives

From Redditor /u/jlynec:

I’ve always wondered if it’s a past-life kind of thing when a child has an irrational fear of something before they can talk.

My niece, for example… as a toddler, she was afraid of anyone going into the bathroom alone. She would scream “No!” at the door. She was fine if you left the door open, though.

My step-son is terrified of lakes and water spraying on him. Having a bath is fine, playing in the sink is fine, but deeper water (over his waist), waves, and water falling on him (shower head, rain, water falling from the roof after it rains, etc.) freaks him right out.

I remember as a child, too, having a reoccurring dream where I was a different girl. I remember seeing myself in the mirror, brushing my hair, then hearing a fire alarm and not being able to find my way out while I could hear my “mom” calling my “name.” Next thing I remember is being above my body while it was charred and bloody, then being wheeled out of the house (I even still remember the full layout of the house!) on a stretcher by paramedics, in a body bag, still from the view of looking at myself from above. I remember being no more than 5 or 6 telling my mom about these dreams. My mom just remarked about them being silly, but it’s always bothered me.

Sorry, I started rambling… just a few things I always think of with this subject.

A Car Hit Her While She Was Playing

From Redditor /u/Diegodebaile:

My little cousin lived in “my pink house down that road,” and could tell anyone about her entire family of six siblings. She also said that she remembered when she was playing in the street that a car hit her and everyone was sad.

He Pointed Out Where He Died

From a former Redditor:

I was around 10 years old and at the time, my brother was 6. We were driving across a bridge and out of nowhere my brother says “Look Mommy, I died right over there!” And he points towards the railing of the bridge. Kind of freaked me and my mom out pretty hard. Years later, I’ve asked my brother if he remembers what he said, and he doesn’t.

Dreamed Of A Gettysburg Battlefield

From Redditor /u/war-scribe:

I knew a guy who thought all things paranormal were nonsense and laughed at the mere thought there could be truth to anything outside what was “accepted.” He told me a story of his, though, that really surprised me.

He was in his late 50s and his entire life for as long as he could remember he had a dream he was standing in a field. It was always the exact same layout, rolling hills, he could see the tree line from his vantage point. The only real landmarks were a lone tree and a wooden fence. Every time during the dream he felt as if he was a young boy and could “feel” there was a large group of me with him, seemingly behind him.

He never told a soul, not his wife, nor his kids. One day he took his family to Gettysburg while on vacation. That exact vantage point was the Union “high water line” during the battle. It definitely disturbed him, but he still refused to consider it as being paranormal.

What Grave Was I In?

From Redditor /u/krymsyn:

I’m a little late to the discussion, but my son has said a few things that remind me of the thread you mentioned. Several months ago (my son was three), my husband and I were talking about our wedding, which took place about seven years ago. My son was listening, when all of a sudden he chimes in and says, “Yeah, I was there at your wedding.” We tell him he wasn’t because he wasn’t even born yet. He insists he was there and that he watched the whole thing “from up in the sky.” My husband and I thought it was a little strange, but brush it off.

Just recently, he asked me, “What grave was I in before I was here?” I told him he wasn’t in a grave, and again, he insists that he was in a grave. I questioned him a little further, and he said something like, “I was in the ground, in a grave, then I was here with you.” Super creepy coming from the mouth of a kid.

You Taught Me Magic

From a former Redditor:

I had an experience once with the five-year-old daughter of my neighbor. Little Lily was quite intuitive and aware for a kid and we had a strange connection. When she would go on a trip with parents, she would always bring me a souvenir. I would always be able to see in my mind’s eye, her buying it or deciding on what to get.

One day, after they moved to a new house, I went upstairs to see her new attic playroom. With another friend, we watched amazed as she outlined a circle on the floor in chalk, and referred to it as her safe protected space, where nothing could harm her when she made her wishes. She proceeded to address the four directions and sat in the middle and began wishing good things for her mom and dad and baby brother.

I just stood there astounded: she was working magic, doing magic.

Then she turned to me, with evident frustration and said. “Don’t you remember? Don’t you remember teaching me?”

The weird thing was that just a couple of weeks before, I had had a beautiful past life remembrance where I was a beloved member of a community where I taught everyone – mothers, fathers, children – to work with natural forces for their benefit, for crops, for fertility and childbirth, etc. And that was a really great, simple, humble, rich, abundant life. Good times.

Lily’s at Yale now becoming a lawyer. These openings happen and then they close.

Three Creepy Early Memories

From Redditor /u/Lord_Fuzzy:

I have three to share. Whenever I try to think back to my earliest memories its always in this order. Its my belief that it was how I died. First one, I’m wearing a robe-type garment like a toga and sandals. I’m covered in blood and running with everything I have. I’m carrying something close to me, possibly a child. I feel this sharp pain pass through me from behind, I look down and see something jutting threw my chest. I take three or four more steps and feel another pain, my arms drop, what I was holding is pinned to me, now I stumble and fall and everything goes black.

The second one, I’m a passenger in either a buggy or a car. We are traveling fast, I think, this is dangerous. We take a turn onto a bridge only a section of the bridge is gone, it’s storming, we try to stop, the last thing I remember is falling and a piece of wood coming straight for me.

The third. I’m in a city surrounded by people at some sort of event, whether it’s a riot, protest, or party I couldn’t tell you. Shots ring out, I try to run but I can’t move, a man stands over me and says you knew this was coming, and fires again. I feel like I’m falling into darkness when I feel something solid, I open my eyes to see a goat with burning horns and red eyes, it speaks the word “welcome.”

The only tie-in with my life as it is now that I can even loosely connect is my relationship with my daughter, it ties to the first one. She’s young (under two) but she prefers me over everything and always wants me and only me to take her outside and run around. Like I said, it’s a loose connection but I get the feeling that I’ve always known her, but who knows, for all I know many first-time parents go through the same thing.

That’s my story, sorry for the long post. To sum it up, I recall dying three times: once running, once riding, and once in a social setting of some kind.

Remembered A White House

From Redditor /u/specimenyarp:

Apparently when I was around three years old, one day when I was sitting in the basement with my dad, I stopped playing and just told him I wanted to go home now and that this was not my home. He asked where I lived, and I gave a vague description and he said I seemed very not myself all of a sudden for a couple of minutes. A couple of months passed, and while visiting some relatives on the way out to their town on a small back highway I had pointed to a small farmhouse and told them that’s where I live.

And I have had multiple reoccurring dreams of a white farm house before and when I told my mom about the dreams she told me about the house I said I lived at when I was three, and how it matched up with the description from my dream. I definitely believe in past lives and that the soul simply moves on.

Remembered Covered Wagon Rides

From Redditor /u/RunsLikeAGirl:

One of my earliest memories was of riding on the seat of a covered wagon. I remembered watching the horses in front of me and seeing the dust they were kicking up from the dry hot ground beneath us. I was tiny, sitting between my mom and dad. I remember wearing a bonnet because I had to bend it away from my eyes to look to the side.

As a child, I remember getting really frustrated with my mom because I kept asking her when we could go to the place with the covered wagon rides again. She would always insist that she didn’t know what I was talking about and that I had never been on a covered wagon before. She would always say it must have been a dream but I knew it wasn’t. I was old enough to know the difference between a dream and a memory, and this was a memory

Even talking about it as adults, my mom was certain we had never done anything like that. It’s possible it could be a memory fragment from a past life. It’s a memory I have literally always had.

I Was Shot In The War

From Redditor /u/heroicintent:

A blond four-year-old boy was being towed by his mom in a red wagon. I was walking my niece of the same age. He asked her if she wanted to ride with him and his mom asked if he knew her. The boy said, “I know her very well, but I was shot in the war and I died for a long time.” The mom got flustered, apologized, and said they were Christian.

Old Mommy And Daddy Died In A Fire

From Redditor /u/XheartXfingers:

My younger brother used to tell us about his old mommy and old daddy, who had died in a fire…

Sometimes when our mom would do something he didn’t like, he’d claim his old mom wouldn’t have done that, or when she did something he did like, he’d mention how his old mom used to do that. Usually it was out of nowhere, though, just bits of information that I can’t recall.

Dreamed In German

From Redditor /u/iheartmonsters1313:

I have always had the feeling that I am not who I am supposed to be. Ever since I was a kid, I would say or do outdated things that only an adult would understand. Like I instinctively knew how to properly make a cup of tea (I’m American, and my parents have never been tea or coffee drinkers).

Very often I have vivid dreams that are more like a memory. In one, my family starved to death because of the Dust Bowl, and in another, I was an old German woman in a village. I was speaking German the entire time, which I have no clue how to do in this life. When I woke up, I immediately woke my husband and told him about some if the words I kept repeating I my dream. He told me to look some of them up, and they were all legitimate old German words.

One more thing I regularly experience is when people call me by my name, I don’t automatically register they are talking to me. I used to tell my mom when I was little, that wasn’t my name.

She Was Trapped Underwater

From Redditor /u/chizzle91:

I have a few things.When I was younger, as in, maybe 2-4 years old, I’d have dreams about being trapped underwater. They were reoccurring nightmares and to this day I’m afraid of swimming under things. I mentioned it to my mom a few years ago and she told me around the time I was born, she kept having dreams that she was a Native American back in the day, and she had to go gathering food. When she came back our tribe had been attacked and she found me face-down in the water in a nearby frozen lake.

Completely different bit here, my mother-in-law says when my husband first started talking he’d constantly ask if she remembered when he drowned, and act confused when she obviously said no.

Apparently we have a thing for water.

A 1940s Serial Killer

From Redditor /u/Drabbeynormalblues:

I have something to add. Since as long as I can remember, I’ve had vivid dreams about being a serial killer from the 1940s or 1950s. I lived in an old farm house in the middle of the woods secluded from everyone. I buried my victims (all women with medium length, jet black hair, and very pretty) on my property. There are at least 50 if not more. I’ve been dreaming about this guy since I can remember and the details never change. I don’t have a name or location, but it bothers me enough that I tried searching and I don’t think I was ever caught.

Sometimes I have moments where I genuinely “miss” my old life. In this life I wouldn’t hurt a fly and have dedicated myself to helping people. Sometimes certain situations trigger feelings that are not really me, and I’m not sure where they come from. It’s always the same type of girl, and always the same thoughts of how to disable her in order to get her back to my place. I’ve come to terms with it and pass it off as an intrusive thought, but I’ve never wanted to act on it in this life.

Also, when I met my fiancé for the first time we hugged and we both got the feeling that we had been here and done this before. We both have one clear memory of being married in a past life. Growing up he had been given a doll as a gift that had long hair and blue eyes and he named it my name. I have long hair and blue eyes. When I was growing up, I passed the street he grew up on a lot though we never met until I started college. I used to get such a longing feeling every time I would pass that street like something important was there, but I didn’t know what. I never knew how to explain that.

Also, when my fiancé was four, his dad was having trouble putting a set of brakes together on a car. My fiancé came up to his dad and watched him for a few minutes, and proceeded to tell him in detail what he was doing wrong and the proper names of all the parts and tools he would need to finish the job.


The Hospital Boat Where I Died

From Redditor /u/unholymackerel:

My stepdaughter was about 3. They were crossing the bridge into St. Louis and she casually said, “That’s where the hospital boat was where I died.”

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I have always been convinced that many young kids have the capacity to recall their past life, but after the years go by those memories fade away..

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