Excuse me while I crawl under my desk and die.

1. You might start the day off OK, but only because you’re probably still drunk.

2. Once that wears off, you’ll begin to feel like you woke up in a pile of hot garbage.

3. You’ll try to make yourself breakfast, but if you eat it before your body is ready – you’ll pay the price.

You'll try to make yourself breakfast, but if you eat it before your body is ready – you'll pay the price.

4. The only thing that will be able to bring you back from the dead is some coffee, which you’ll wait for like:

5. When you get to work, you can only hope you have a co-worker to commiserate with.

6. And you can’t help but think what a champion you are for coming in at all…

7. … Even if your entrance looked a little something like this:

8. You’ll start to wonder how you got your job in the first place.

9. And you won’t really have the most ~mobile~ day.

And you won't really have the most ~mobile~ day.

10. You’ll really hope IT isn’t keeping an eye on your search history.

11. When you’re in a meeting you’ll find yourself like this:

When you're in a meeting you'll find yourself like this:

12. And your watercooler conversations will look a little less casual.

21 Photos That Are Too Real For Anyone Who's Had A Hangover At Work

13. God forbid a co-worker asks you a question, because forming coherent sentences isn’t in the cards today.

14. Finding creative places to nap will be how you spend most of your day.

15. Or just places to lie in silence and think about what you’ve done to your body.

16. Your brain will be functioning at about 50%, which will cause some minor mistakes…

17. Your desk will look a little something like this:

18. Or this:

19. Your co-workers might find you “hanging out” by the fridge (aka sticking your head in the freezer while they’re not looking).

20. But you’ll really try not to let your lack of productivity affect them.

21. And all day, you’ll promise your body that you’ll never do this to it before work again (even though you know it’s not true).

21 Photos That Are Way Too Real For Anyone Who’s Been Hungover At Work


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