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21 Times Google Was More Funny Than Helpful

21 Times Google Was More Funny Than Helpful

Google has become a part of our everyday life, and for good reason. No longer do we have to sit in the purgatory of unknowing, drawing a blank when it comes to the question of who voiced Fred Flintstone in the original cartoon (it was Alan Reed, btw). But it’s definitely not perfect! From ridiculous image finds to straight-up technology fails, these are the times Google was much more funny than it ever was helpful.

We’ll begin by looking at a few failed image searches, they are never disappointing…

1. This user says, “accidentally typed ‘battlesheep’ into Google. Not disappointed.”

2.  This person googled “fat starfish” — another win.

3. “Friend said ‘Deer Lord” instead of ‘Dear Lord’ wasn’t disappointed with my google search.”

4. They searched “feels” on Google — okay???

5. This search was for “Palm Pilot,” very clever, Google…

6. I think you can see where the typo happened with this one — talk about results, though!

7. Or when you spell out the Dalai Lama, but with two L’s…

8. It gets pretty punny when looking for “purebred cats”

9. And I guess the letter “N” is just as important as that “L” …

10. No, that’s not me… jerk.

11. Maybe not the best place for fashion advice…

12. Okay, that’s just lazy!

13. All very important questions…

14. Wow, that’s one decent telescope

15. I appreciate the suggestion, but why? Just, why?

16. Sacre bleu!

17. And of course, their definitions are always so helpful

18. I appreciate the joke, but I dunno if I have the patience…

19. Yep — that’s my Wednesday night alright…

20. At least Google Maps cares about privacy — like, no matter who/what you are…

21. But it’s always a shame when Google Maps crashes!


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