1. Found this building while I was hiking in west Kerry, Ireland. A: It’s a water tower, formerly used to refill steam engine tanks or tenders. There used to be a railway there from 1891 to 1953.

2. Found this tool in my grandma’s basement A: It’s a clarinet stand

3. Little brick outcroppings dotted every 20 feet or so on old brick building. Nashville TN A: If it’s a really old building they could be coal chutes to basement furnaces

4. What is this metal monkey sculpture?? A: A Tsuba (sword guard)

5. I found this under my house during a remodel. I think it’s from the 1932 Olympics? I live in Southern California about an hour from Los Angeles. A: Car grille ornament celebrating the 1932 olympics

6. Thing with wheels I found in the woods A: Its what’s left of a Volkswagen beetle.

7. Huge engine with wheels found hiking on copper mountain. A: Looks like it was meant to drive a belt. Since you said it was a logging area, could have been for a saw or bark stripper. I’ve found similar engines next to old mines that were for ventilation and air compressors, also belt driven.

8. Wall thingy that has slots that can be pushed A: It definitely is a coat hanger, it is a vintage design by Luciano Bertoncini from the 70’s. Just a weird design I guess. Had a Goole, some of them seem worth a fair bit as well

9. Was my Grandfathers. It had cuff links and tie bars in it. Sort of an organizer? Maybe for travel? Was this a popular old item? A: It’s a valet. Valet is a generic term for the item that holds your stuff. BTW, looks like a Boy Scout 1st class pin with the collar stays. Your grandfather knew how to wear a shirt properly.

10. I work at the health department and found this no idea what it does A: My husband is a manufacturing engineer for a medical company. He says it’s sold by conmed. Probably a plate holder or plate bender.

11. Partners mum found this in their house. Seems to have a sharp edge for cutting. There’s no number or words. It can lock shut. Spring inside. Any help is appreciated A: It is for trimming Venetian (Horizontal) blinds. The cutting edge puts a small radius on the corner of the blind.

12. We found them in a drawer, they’re metallic and quite stabby. Banana for scale. A: Martini garnish spikes (olives/onions)?

13. Found this lightbulb? while cleaning out my mother-in-law’s attic. A: Looks like a vintage Edison globe bulb.

14. This glass thing my brother found in a charity shop. The top is closed, and the other four spouts are open. The top and bottom compartments are separate. A: It’s for balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

15. Rentokil put four of these little dishes on the outer window ledge of all the offices in my building; I didn’t get the chance to ask them what it’s for and my Google-fu ain’t cutting it A: Bird repellant gel.

16. Found in a field metal detecting, Pickering, North Yorkshire, England, weights 4 grams and passed the vinegar gold test, what looks to be a sun in the middle and foliage around the edges, any guesses welcome A: It’s a pendant from horse-gear. They are common, made from brass and you would find them on a field. The style is not medieval or tudor-time.

17. A Contest Coupon of some sort? Maybe from England? 1880s-1940s? A: It’s a Foley Bros., Glen Falls, NY , department store, ad.

18. Egyptian sarcophagus pendant that opens and expands into…??? A: It is a mechanical pencil. You’re missing the ferrule the holds the lead.

19. What is this on a pillow at a hotel I’m staying at? A: Bed Bug Proof Zipper Closure Device

20. Shallow Cabinet in hallway with dowels instead of shelves A: It’s a ladder for accessing the attic, there should be a panel in the ceiling above it.

21. Out in the hills of southern Utah. No ID. What is it?! A: It’s a rain gauge

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