History REDDIT Things That Make You Go Hmmm Weird


This is a metal disk that fell off a truck in front of my building. No one ever came back for it so I decided to take it. It’s about 2.5′ across and 2″ thick. Back side is perfectly flat, looks machined. My guess at weight is 110lbs.


A: This would be sent for precision CNC at a specialty shop to cut notches to attach blades before stacking. Doesn’t need to be titanium. This is why they’re called wheels in in the ground-based turbine world.


Possibly camping related. Got it a few years back. Maybe some military affiliation


A: This is an esbit pocket cooker.


Found them hunting for treasure on a beach,how old are these and what do they mean?


A: They are religous offerings. They say a prayer and cast them into the river or sea.


What is this thing that keeps showing up in my bed?


A: Do you have pets that go outdoors? It looks like a Samara or seed pod.


My friend got it from his gramps. He knows it should be handled with caution but we both aren’t really sure what even is this.


A: M761 fuse projectile 40mm


I have no ideas what these things are for other then they belonged to the usps when they were U.S. Mail. I have 31 of the things I got mixed in a lot ages ago on ebay. I think they are copper. They are thin too 10 stacked is about a half inch tall.


A: My father was in the postal service for 25 years. He had one of these lapel pins. Looks like you got a set without the two pins that were superglued to the back.


Strange tool found in new home


A: It’s a weed puller for plants with deep taproots like dandelions.


Found this whilst cleaning out my grandpa’s old workroom. It must be a tool of some kind, but I can’t for the life of me figure out what it’s for.


A: Glass cutter


Was doing yard work today, and found this. Haven’t a clue what it could be used for.


A: It’s a ground wire tied to a ground stake.


Inherited from England and it appears to be old. The owner is dead and no one know where its from or what it is. It is made of silver, with a total length (tip to outsider of ring) of 10.75 inch long (27.3cm). The ring on the end has an outside diameter of 1inch.


A: It’s a solid silver Georgian letter opener


Random eBay delivery after account was breached, what are these?


A: These are water lily seeds


In my condo they have an odd button in a closet. There’s a bell on the plastic cover but I am unsure of what the use of it is.


A: Phone jack. Bell is Bell Systems


I found this in my grandpas house. It is collapsible, here it is fully extended. I’m thinking a pen? Really no clue though.


A: That is a mechanical pencil. You should be able to unscrew the pointy end and slide a pencil lead in


What pin is this? There is no marking on the back and it’s set with a horizontal pin in the back. Found in a lot of other random old jewelry.


A: This is a vintage AA pin.


High school charm from early 60’s. Appears to be a coffin and reads ‘no hope’. Penny for scale.


A: That’s a hope chest, not a casket.


Saw this old metal tool at a rural auction in the Midwest a few summers ago. Nobody there had any clue what it was. Was approx. 12” or so tall.


A: A frog grabber


Strange tiny red thing with US plug


A: It looks like a “puff iron.”


Saw this on the board of a 1987 Trivial Pursuit game, does anyone know what this thing that the blue man is wearing is or does?


A: Breathing apparatus


Weird hook thing -found in relative’s garage.


A: It’s a tree-trimmer or lineman (ground worker) tool for lifting cables, ropes and grabbing, Often to assist the lineman up the pole.


What kind of spoon is this? What is it meant for?


A: Soft cheese scoop/spoon.


Found this is my room while cleaning, it’s flat so wouldn’t be able to strain anything


A: Absinthe spoon!

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