22 Of The Biggest Mysteries Uncovered On Reddit

Reddit is a world wide message board where you can help someone find a lost dog, and share gifs of yourself getting smacked in the face with kimchi. If you can view it on a computer, you can post it on Reddit. This usability is what makes it a breeding ground for mysterious posts that can be anything from marketing schemes, to super weird art projects, or even a discovery of a famous actor’s doppelgänger. These mysteries constantly show up on best of Reddit, where millions of people see them and become embroiled in the same nagging mysteries as those of us who spend countless hours trolling the dark web for new secrets to uncover. Prepare to lose some sleep over this list of the biggest mysteries uncovered on Reddit.

Of the many things Reddit has done, “uncover super weird mysteries” is definitely at the top of the list. Sometimes, the mysteries are just really strange websites that are unsettling because of their unorthodox structure, but in other cases the mysteries can seep into the the wider public consciousness when they begin to get picked up by major news outlets like the BBC and Forbes. There are always small mysteries unfolding on Reddit, but these are some of the biggest that have been uncovered by the site’s massive global community.

Vote up the most interesting mysteries solved by Reddit, and if you’ve gone down the rabbit hole, leave a comment about an online mystery that’s been nagging at you every time you close your eyes.


Nail Through Wood
Video: YouTube

Status: Solved

When a photo of a nail suspended in the middle of pillars of wood showed up on Reddit, people lost their minds. It was probably like Nicolas Cage screaming “How did it get burned?” in Wicker Man, but about an impossible nail.

Thankfully, there’s at least one carpenter online who helped everyone solve the mystery – see the video for the solution.

The Mystery Of The Modified Extension Cord
Photo:  Imgur

Status: Solved?

When Redditor /u/shadybusiness15 opened up an exploded extension cable, he found a SIM card with a serial number on it. After posting a picture of it online, other Redditors figured out there was a microphone connected to the SIM card. When the user called the number on the card, he heard the message of an answering system that said, “The service is now closed. If you have voicemail you can turn it on.”

When he contacted the bug’s manufacturer, he was told that he would have to get a warrant if he wanted to know what had been recorded.

Grateful Doe
Photo: Tom Woodward/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 2.0

Status: Solved

Grateful Doe was the name of an unknown body wearing a Grateful Dead t-shirt that was found in the wreckage of a car crash in 1995. People eventually forgot about the case and it was deemed unsolvable, that is until Layla Betts, a Redditor and Grateful Dead fan, began researching the case and posting what she found online.

As the case went viral, Betts was contacted by one of Doe’s former roommates, who helped her put together the puzzle and learn that Doe’s real name was Jason Callahan.

Cicada 3301
Photo: jaydeep_/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

Status: Solved

The Cicada 3301 puzzle appeared in 2012 along with the following message:

Hello. We are looking for highly intelligent individuals. To find them, we have devised a test. There is a message hidden in the image. Find it, and it will lead you on the road to finding us. We look forward to meeting the few who will make it all the way through. Good luck.

Wouldn’t you know it, a Swedish cybersecurity researcher just happened to have the steganography software and knowledge of the Mayan language to solve it.

The Box Of Crazy
Photo: flickr/CC0

Status: Solved

In 2013, a Redditor began to document his experience with digging through a box he found in the trash. Inside, he found beautifully hand-rendered posters, illustrations, maps, technical drawings, personal belongings, and a handwritten note about what was either an extraterrestrial invasion or some kind of government cover-up.

Most Redditors came to the conclusion that the creator of the contents was obsessed with the Book of Ezekiel from the Bible, and that he was probably schizophrenic.

The 432 Mystery
Photo: Ernest Rutherford/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 3.0

Status: Unsolved… Deep Web Style

The 432 mystery began on 4chan with an email that read, “You have been selected, where have you gone? We are watching.” Then, there was a link to a website full of more gobbledygook like that. But things got really weird when whoever was behind the site started posting pictures and IRC names of people trying to solve the mystery.

The original site seems to have stopped being updated, but that doesn’t mean people have stopped looking for clues.

The Homeless Bifid Cipher
Photo: Matt Crypto/Brandon T. Fields/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

Status: Sort of solved

In 2013, someone posted a story on Reddit about a homeless man handing them $50 and a note full of jumbled letters that the internet quickly realized was a Bifid Cipher. Redditors who went down the rabbit hole transcribed names into IP addresses, figured out UNIX codes, and tracked down retired professors, while other users, possibly with less time on their hands, called BS on the whole thread.

Photo: geralt/Pixabay

Status: Unsolved

F04cb41f154db2f05a4a is seemingly a random dump of code, except the strange numbers tend to correspond to odd Imgur photos and they’re somewhat easy to decode. Oh, and whoever is dumping all of this data keeps posting creepy comments like this: 

Wait, hold on. I think I may have found out how to decipher this. What you guys are failing to realize is that all of thinks links are individual instances of lost ones those who are comming [sic]. There is no light here. The third gate is open. Mark of the flame. Silent mouths agape. Blood on the stones. Run.

No thanks!


The Mysterious Sound In Forest Grove, OR
Photo: M.O. Stevens/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

Status: Unsolved and headache inducing

When an ABC news affiliate from Oregon posted a story about a mysterious squeaking sound that was haunting people in an Oregon town, Reddit got on the case. And even though one poster got way too into the mystery, everyone else pretty much decided that whatever the sound is, it’s going to be disappointing.

The Picture That Broke Reddit
Photo: Metaweb/GNU Free Documentation License

Status: Solved… sort of?

In 2015, someone posted a super weird picture along with the caption, “This image was generated by a computer on its own.” Even though users immediately recognized that it was a Google DeepDream type photo, they couldn’t figure out how the computer got from a picture of a squirrel to whatever demonic acid trip is in the final photo.

The thread is full of interesting insights on what constitutes art and how computers can be creative within a set of parameters, but somehow, no one mentioned that this photo brings us one step closer to Cyberdyne taking over the world.

Nequam Sonitus
Photo: checkyourhead90/flickr/CC-BY-ND 2.0

Status: Solved, but weird

Okay, where to start with Nequam Sonitus? How about this random CD that someone got in the mail featuring noise music and album art covered in websites? It turns out that the CD had GPS coordinates hidden in a sound file that directed people to an old factory. But when people started posting about the factory, a spooky “monster” started responding to Redditors in comments – it was a whole thing.

The mystery ended up being viral marketing for an experimental musician… or was it? (It definitely was.)

Photo: Qalinx/flickr/CC-BY 2.0

Status: Unsolved

In 2011, Redditors began to notice that someone was dumping an insane amount of code onto r/A858DE45F56D9BC9, and it didn’t make sense to anyone. And then, one day, someone decoded one of the posts and found an ASCII drawing of Stonehenge.

Some Redditors believe this is a message of acknowledgement to someone referring to the page as “the Stonehenge of Reddit,” while others believe it’s all a bunch of garbage. As of March 2016, some users were still trying to decipher it.

Unfavorable Semicircle
Video: YouTube

Staus: Unsolved

In early 2015, “unfavorable semicircle” joined YouTube and started posting ALL the videos. Seriously, they posted something like 10,000 videos – most of them were about two to three seconds long. But the two important videos were titled “Lock” and “Delock,” and they featured intense, over-processed, lo-fi audio and heavily pixelated visuals. Theories about the visuals range from the videos being a type of numbers station to some kind of test for government agents.

In February 2016, YouTube took the videos down due to “multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s policy against spam, gaming, misleading content, or other Terms of Service violations.” But don’t worry, you can watch a cache of the videos on

Video: YouTube

Status: Solved

In early 2015, a video popped up on YouTube that had all the makings for a web mystery. A guy in a creepy costume? Check. Messages that had to be read with a spectrogram? Check. Possible reference to a bio-terrorist attack against America? DOUBLE CHECK!

Redditors spent months deciphering all the codes in this video, and three months after it was released, a guy named Parker Warner Wright spoke to Daily Dot about how he was the guy who created the video and that it was meant to be an art project and nothing more.

The Hotel ZaZa Photo
Photo: Witches Falls Cotages/flickr/CC-BY 2.0

Status: Super weird

In 2013, a Redditor posted some photos of a hotel room that one of his friends stayed in at the Hotel ZaZa in Houston. Rather than just say, “It’s a theme room, chill,” the internet did what it does best and speculated wildly about the contents of the room. Some commenters thought the room numbers corresponded to the Skull and Bones secret society, while others assumed the whole thing was a marketing scam.

Vice tracked down someone from the hotel who was about as helpful as the face of a secret society.

The Old Tape
Photo: zigazou76/flickr/CC-BY 2.0

Status: Dubious, at best

In 2013, audio of an unknown origin showed up online that was allegedly recorded while a user on 4chan’s /x/ board was flipping through stations on the AM dial in the mid-’90s. Redditors argued a few different points about the audio, but mostly came to the conclusion that the spooky voice was probably an art project.

Does anyone else get the feeling that “art project” is code for “This is definitely a ghost”?

What’s Happening On Mount Chiliad?
Photo: Rockstar Games

Status: Unsolved, but also fictional

Mount Chiliad is an area within Grand Theft Auto V that features alien abductions, a mysterious mural, and a weird red blinking thing. Normally, an in-game mystery wouldn’t be a big deal, but so many users have banded together to try to solve this fictional UFO case that it’s worth mentioning.

Some Redditors have even discussed building a website specifically for solving the case.

The Mystery Button
Photo: włodi/Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0

Status: Unsolved, but fun!

The Mystery Button was an experiment that appeared on Reddit on April 1, 2015 and millions of people flipped out – including some at Ranker! And they didn’t just flip out, they formed different groups based on ridiculous theories about what the button meant about mortality.

Sad Satan
Video: YouTube

Status: Solved(ish)

For something with as cool a name as “Sad Satan,” the viral mystery was too good to be true. What started as a “deep web horror game” with hidden references to pedophilia rings, quickly turned into something that definitely contained illicit images of children and may have been created by the owner of a YouTube channel to increase views.

Webdriver Torso
Video: YouTube

Status: Solved

Despite sounding like the coolest grindcore band ever, Webdriver Torso – a YouTube channel that uploaded seemingly random videos of varying lengths with A LOT of beeping – turned out to be nothing more than a test page created by Google to determine… something? Whatever they’re doing, the videos are hypnotic.

Louis CK’s Adult Entertainment Doppelgänger
Photo: David Shankbone/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY 3.0

Status: Solved

This mystery isn’t as heavy as the others, but it’s still intriguing. While a Redditor was watching some good old-fashioned adult entertainment online (hopefully using her incognito browser window), she noticed a familiar voice: Louis CK.

This mystery was squashed pretty quickly, but you can still dream, can’t you?

The Song
Video: YouTube

Status: Solved… and groovin’ 

In 2014, a Redditor heard a song in car commercial and wanted to find out who recorded it. It was a simple enough task that turned into a full-blown mystery when the Redditor realized that other users were searching for the same track.

After a few dead ends, the user was contacted by another Redditor who directed them to Spotify, where the track was streaming. Was it worth it?


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