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22. Khinkali


georgianrecipes / Via georgianrecipes.net

These quintessential boiled meat dumplings are considered the national cuisine of Georgia.

Country: Georgia
Typical Filling: Pork and beef.
Recipe: Traditional Khinkali

21. Char Siu Bao

Char Siu Bao

Bonnie Eng / Via thirstyfortea.com

This dim sum standby is like a Cantonese barbecue feast tucked away in a doughy bun.

Country: China
Typical Filling: Barbecued pork.
Recipe: Steamed Char Siu Bao

20. Runsas


These savory Oktoberfest favorites are also a comfort food tradition in middle America.

Country: Germany
Typical Filling: Beef and cabbage.
Recipe: Nebraska Beef Buns

19. Tiropitakia


Kenton Kotsiris / Via lemonandolives.com

These little cheese-filled triangles are crispy packets of gooey goodness.

Country: Greece
Typical Filling: Cheese
Recipe: Tiropitakia Greek Phyllo Triangles

18. Mandu


Cindy / Via mijorecipes.com

Country: Korea
Typical Filling: Kimchi
Recipe: Korean Kimchi Dumplings

17. Kroppkakor


Ingalls Photograpy / Via saveur.com

These hearty mashed potato dumplings stuffed with sweetly seasoned bacon filling, are a specialty of Oland, an island off the southern coast of Sweden.

Country: Sweden
Typical Filling: Bacon, veggies.
Recipe: Swedish Potato Dumpling Stuffed With Bacon & Onion

16. Pelmeni


Katie Kosaya / Via lublyou.com

Looks like the love child of tortellini and a pierogi, and tastes as good as that sounds.

Country: Russia
Typical Filling: Beef and/or potato.
Recipe: Russian Meat Dumplings

15. Pasty


The OG of savory hand pies, these meat pockets are fit for a king.

Country: Great Britain
Typical Filling: Lamp, chicken, veggies.
Recipe: Spicy Cornish Pasty

14. Pastelle


Roger Mooking / Via cookingchanneltv.com

These soft cornmeal roll-ups are not unlike tamales, baked in banana leaves and filled with deliciously spiced meat.

Country: Trinidad and Tobago
Typical Filling: Beef, pork, and/or veggies.
Recipe: Cornmeal & Meat Pastelles

13. Papas Rellena

Papas Rellena

Alta Mantsch / Via tastyeatsathome.com

While potatoes usually star as the filling, these dumplings would rather stuff the potato full of delicious ground meat instead.

Country: Cuba
Typical Filling: Spiced meat.
Recipe: Papas Rellenas

12. Maultaschen


Todd Coleman / Via saveur.com

These über meaty pockets are best served in warm broth as the ultimate comfort food.

Region: Germany
Typical Filling: Pork, beef, veal, AND bacon.
Recipe: Maultaschensuppe

11. Jiaozi


Lili Roby / Via pikeletandpie.com

Also what usually comes to mind when we think ‘dumplings,’ these bad boys are awesome boiled or pan-fried.

Country: China
Typical Filling: Pork, cabbage, veggies.
Recipe: Pork And Chinese Cabbage Jiaozi

10. Momo


Rathna / Via kitchenchemistry.in

These are very thin dumplings bursting with juicy, meat and savory veggies.

Country: Nepal
Typical Filling: Meat and veggies
Recipe: Mushroom Momo

9. Tamale


Ana / Via muydelish.com

Made with awesome starchy, sticky, corn-based masa, tamales are like meat-filled pillows of joy.

Country: Mexico
Typical Filling: Beef, pork, cheese.
Recipe: How To Make Beef Tamales

8. Knish


Samantha Ferraro / Via littleferrarokitchen.com

Heavy on the dough and potato, these little balls of joy are carb heaven.

Region: Eastern Europe
Typical Filling: Potato and veggies.
Recipe: Mini Potato & Chard Knishes

7. Pierogi


These dumplings are known for being super versatile and super doughy.

Country: Poland
Typical Filling: Potato
Recipe: Potato, Mushroom & Caramelized Onion Pierogi

6. Gyoza


Angeline / Via chindian.kitchen

These are the pan-fried potstickers that usually come to mind when you’re craving dumplings.

Country: Japan
Typical Filling: Pork, mushrooms, and cabbage.
Recipe: Pan-Fried Chili Pork & Cabbage Gyoza

5. Coxinhas


Olivia / Via oliviascuisine.com

These Brazilian street food staples are stuffed with shredded chicken and deep-fried to perfection.

Country: Brazil
Typical Filling: Chicken
Recipe: Brazilian Chicken Coxinhas Croquettes

4. Samosa


Todd Coleman / Via saveur.com

These are usually packed with potatoes and taste like a glorious mashup of french fries and dumplings.

Country: India
Typical Filling: Potato or veggies.
Recipe: Aloo Samosa

3. Ravioli


Ana / Via blogculegume.ro

Hands down the best pasta in all the land.

Country: Italy
Typical Filling: Ricotta cheese, soft veggies, and/or meat.
Recipe: Homemade Ravioli With Nettles And Fresh Ricotta

2. Empanada


Jocelyn Delk Adams / Via grandbaby-cakes.com

These savory fried hand pies are spicy, juicy and crispy all at once.

Region: South America
Typical Filling: Ground or shredded meat.
Recipe: Spiced Turkey Empanadas

1. Xiao Long Bao

Xiao Long Bao

Soup dumplings are probably the best thing to happen to the world, ever. The secret? Gelatin!

Country: China
Typical Filling: Meat and delicious broth
Recipe: Steamed Shanghai Soup Dumplings



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