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22 Of The Funniest Things To Happen Mid-Flight

Hilarious things are happening on planes nowadays. And when they do occur in this day and age of course you need to break out the phone so you can capture that moment and share it on social media for a couple of likes. And that is exactly what the folks below did, and because of that we now get to enjoy all of these laughs. Because sometimes being fed a tiny bag of peanuts on an eight hour flight isn’t the most hilarious thing to happen in the skies.

So check out some mid-flight laughs below.

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@ODO, it still can be fun. Back in the 50s, service was great. Space was great. Convenience was great. But it was only for the rich and they were paying top dollar. The rich paying top dollar are still getting great service, space and convenience. The big difference is the middle class and even many poor people around the world are traveling too, and you are sitting next to them.

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