22 Gripping Historical Photos –


We might read things in books and hear something from our parents about the past, but only photographs can really put us into the mindset of those moments. Old pictures reveal real history, real events, and real emotions that people felt at that time. So let’s go back to the past again.

1. Emotional parade of athletes in Moscow’s Red Square

2. A 6-year-old Austrian boy named “Werfel” receiving a new pair of shoes donated by the Junior Red Cross in America, 1947

3. Astronaut Edgar D. Mitchell stands by the US flag on the lunar surface during the mission.

4. First woman cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova presenting a badge to US astronaut Neil Armstrong

5. A beach official checks the length of the swim suits of young women, 1922

6. Actress Marilyn Monroe takes the subway in New York, 1955

7. The first 4-engine aircraft to be regularly used in commercial air service, 1931

8. “A woman leans over the railings at a railway station to kiss a soldier of the British Expeditionary Forces returning from the front lines of the Second World War.”

9. Fidel Castro meets cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, 1961

10. Women boxing on a roof in LA, the 1930s

11. A man wearing a breathing apparatus that protects against gas attacks

12. Elvis Presley being sworn into the US Army, 1958

13. Barbadian youths practice physical exercises and acrobatics on the southeastern coast of Barbados, 1955

14. Getting weighed before boarding the train

15. Candidate for the “Perfect Back” contest being examined by a chiropractor, the 1930s

16. Police and fans of The Beatles in London are trying to catch the band during the filming of “A Hard Day’s Night” in 1964.

17. Baby Prince Edward and Queen Elizabeth II

18. Performance at Cypress Gardens theme park in Winter Haven, 1957

19. In the Moscow school of figure skating, 1958

20. Jacqueline Kennedy at her wedding, 1953

21. Synchronized surfing New South Wales, 1938-1946

22. Nikola Tesla in his laboratory in Colorado Springs, around 1899



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