16 Of The Most Hilarious Sexual Innuendos On ‘Great British Bake Off’ – 

In the most recent episode of GBBO, a penis popped up and no-one was expecting it.

It was ‘bread week‘, and whilst you’d expect all the contestants to aim for something soft and fluffy – Julie, one of the best bakers on the show, ended up making nothing more than a hard, stiff one.

Julie attempted to create a bread sculpture of a snail underneath a mushroom to impress the judges. However, her ballsy attempt at passing the test ended up looking more like something attached to a pair of testicles.

The episode also included a task where contestants had to bake a cottage loaf.

In order to create the perfect shape, contestants were depicted sticking their two fingers into a hole in the middle of their dry dough, and needless to say, viewers couldn’t help of a particular act intended to get things a bit more wet.

Needless to say, the episode was chock-full with naughty giggles, and, as a result, we began to wonder if there were any other GBBO contestants who had ever made these kind of sexual slip-ups before …

So, without further ado, here are 16

of the best sexual innuendos and mistakes that have been made on the Great British Bake Off.


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