22 Historical Pics That Will Blow Your Mind


1. Albert Einstein in his study at Princeton, New Jersey, USA in 1940

2. Young Drew Barrymore

3. Bruce Lee with his family

4. First beauty contest in the USSR, 1988

5. The imprint of a kamikaze Mitsubishi Zero along the side of the H.M.S Sussex, 1945

6. 100 years ago: This street scene in Antwerp, Belgium, shows citizens turning out to celebrate the end of World War I, a few hours after the Germans surrendered on November 11th 1918.

7. Police officer John Shuttleworth, waist-high in flood waters, Cambridge, Ontario, 1974

8. Michael Jackson drives bumper cars during an event for underprivileged kids at Neverland Ranch in 1994.

9. Cavern carved by the sea in an ice wall near Commonwealth Bay, 1911–1914

10. Bill and Hillary Clinton on their wedding day, 1975

11. Nurses in their bomb trenches between hospital wards, France, 1918

12. George Willig scaled the exterior of the World Trade Center’s South Tower in 1977. Completing the climb in 3.5 hours, he was arrested at the top after signing several autographs and was fined $1.10 by the city — a penny for each floor he passed.

13. A poor man requesting money as he runs alongside the carriage of King George V

14. Special effects artist A. Arnold “Buddy” Gillespie in the miniatures tank for the movie Ben Hur, 1959

15. A steel-hatted bulldog on guard outside a block of flats in London, 1940

16. Harold Hamilton, a scientist with the first Australian Antarctic Expedition, with the skeleton of a sea lion, 1913

17. Arthur Sawyer & a sea elephant pup, 1912

18. Soviet soldiers, on their backs, launch a volley of bullets at enemy aircraft in June of 1943

19. Dr. Guy Brewster’s bullet-proof armor, 1917

20. The Ovitz family, 1950. They are the only family that survived in Auschwitz, where doctor Mengele did experiments on them.

21. The hellish mines of the 1980s Brazilian gold rush

22. A young woman working in a textile factory, Russia, 1960

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