australian sniper korean war - An Australian sniper takes aim with an Smle Mk Iii Ht scaped sniper rifle during the Korean War.

1. Australian sniper in the Korean war, 1951

2. U.S. Army Delta Force special operations soldiers ride on AH-9 “Little Bird” helicopters over Mogadishu, Somalia during Operation Gothic Serpent (c. 1993)

3. Woodstock, August 1969.

4. Lee Harvey Oswald with friends in Minsk, USSR, 1960

5. Pam Grier during the filming of “The Twilight People”, 1972

6. United States Coast Guardsman, Fireman 1st Class, Charles Tyner examines the jagged shrapnel hole in the helmet he wore during Operation Dragoon; the Allied landings in Southern France, 1944.

7. Western tourist pays to try on samurai armour, 1890

8. “Smokey” Buchanan from the West Palm Beach police force, measuring the bathing suit of Betty Fringle on Palm Beach, to ensure that it conforms with regulations introduced by the beach censors. 1925

9. First fire truck in Kyiv. 1913.

10. Philippine president Joseph Estrada attempts to play ball with rising NBA star Kobe Bryant in his Malacañang quarters, 1998.

11. Charlie Chaplin during the shooting of his first directed full-length film “The Kid” with Jackie Coogan, one of the first child actors in film history. United States, 1921

12. Finnish motorboat on patrol mounted with a Lahti L-39 anti-tank gun, 28 September 1941

13. Prisoners from Auschwitz assisting each other out of the camp after being liberated by the Red Army. January 27, 1945

14. Captured WWII railroad gun, mid 1940s

15. A man sleeping on a pillow decorated with a picture of the actress Hedy Lamarr, New York, 1947

16. Artificial noses being made by an artist at work in his studio in London, England, ca. 1921

17. Kaiser Wilhelm II and Winston Churchill observing the German army, 1909.

18. VE Day celebrations, London, 8 May 1945.

19. “An interior view of the control room of Space Launch Complex Three during the simulated launching of an Atlas NDS-5 spacecraft,” 1/26/1980

20. Gorkogo street (currently Tverskaya) in illumination just before 65th anniversary of October Revolution, Moscow 1982

21. Child Labour in America: Seven year old newspaper boy or “newsie” named Ferris, photographed in Mobile, Alabama, September 1914, the headline reads “Germans Driven out of Ostend”

22. U.S. Marines in riot gear arrives in the streets of Compton, California within Los Angeles County during the 1992 Los Angeles riots (May 2, 1992)


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