22 Interesting Vintage Photos From Our Past



1. Classmates in a vehicle they built, 1930’s.

2. Getting a portrait drawn in New Orleans, 1966.

3. 90’s gaming room.

4. Couple on a scooter, 1956.

5. Interceptor from Mad Max sitting in a wrecking yard, 1984.

6. Young Frank Sinatra, 1947.

7. 80’s band Mistress.

8. Young lads admire a lady, 1958.

9. Seth MacFarlane in the 90’s.

10. Man in front of the capitol building, 1961.

11. Marilyn Monroe posing for soldiers in Korea, 1954.

12. Natalie Wood, 1980’s.

13. Kid got a cool Christmas gift, 1980’s.

14. Audrey Hepburn, 1950’s.

15. A selfie in the early 1900’s.

16. Yugoslavian girl tanning in the 60’s.

17. Girls on a motorcycle, England 1930’s.

18. Grace Kelly, 1950’s.

19. Man posing with a Ford Model A, 1942.

20. An early performance of the rock band Tool, 1990.

21. A secret skateboarding ramp built when skateboarding was still illegal in Norway, 1980’s.

22. Danny Trejo at Muscle Beach, 1995.


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