22 Life Hacks That Might Actually Work –

1. Put a wooden spoon on top of a boiling pot to keep the water from boiling over.

2. Use a piece of a pool noodle to keep the cabinet open while working on a sink.

3. Vick’s vapor rub works as a spider repellent. Rub it into wall corners where you typically see spiders and they’ll stop hanging out there.


5. Seal a solo cup with a Pringles lid to prevent spills.


7. Freeze one part rubbing alcohol and two parts water for the perfect flexible ice pack.

8. Put old newspaper at the very bottom of your trashcan to absorb any juices.

9. Use a clean dustpan to help fill any container that won’t fit in the sink.

10. A Keurig cup organizer works perfectly as a spice rack.

11. Put a drink coozie over your gearshift on a hot day to keep from burning yourself.

12. Place your pizza pan on the stove after it comes out of the oven and turn it on low for a few minutes to get the bottom nice and crispy.

13. Take a bar of soap with you while traveling to keep any dirty clothes smelling fresh in your luggage.


15. If you are about to get your hands dirty and don’t have gloves, rub lotion on them to prevent any extra dirt from setting in. It also makes your hands easier to wash.


17. Attach a sponge to your bed frame to keep it from scratching up the walls.

18. Use an almost empty iced coffee to trap fruit flies.

19. Use foil as a taco stand for an easy way to melt cheese and distribute.

20. Take a shot of apple cider vinegar to cure hiccups.

21. Turn an empty carton into a small shovel for gardening if you’re in a bind.


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