“My client has a dinosaur skeleton in their lobby.”

“This unlucky fly that impaled itself on my cactus.”

“Bee photobombs my dog.”

“Was fixing my dryer and found these perfectly round lint balls inside.”

“A guy who lives in my block proudly owns a life-size Jar Jar Binks statue.”

This giant painting in Munich. The man in the photo is 6″2 for reference.

A huge ammonite impression fossil found in the woods of Vancouver Island

This is the national flower of Zimbabwe. It’s called the Flame Lily.

Shadows cast by a tree during an eclipse

Square root

An old Zippo lighter

Burger King boxes in the ’90s

How often do you come across a calculator with a built-in chessboard?

An ice cream cone-shaped island which was apparently not Photoshopped

A playing card that got sun-bleached

A metallic keyboard, to keep bacteria away

AirPods for giants

Mini-coconuts are a thing too.

Apparently, this is a golden watermelon and it tastes exactly the same.

A lemon shaped like a strawberry


Pringles in a bag seem really peculiar when you’ve always seen them in a can.

 Found a tiny baby praying mantis in the garden.


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