22 nostalgic Photos To Take You Old Fuddy Duddies Back To The Past

1. Almost everyone had these notebooks!

2. Sometimes we stuck our treasures to a closet door.

3. In the 90s, if you had a cassette player and sunglasses you were cool!

4. Even toothpaste could be magical.

5. Do you “hear” this photo too?

6. Who remembers the UHF dials on TVs?






7. We were daring!

8. The pens that everyone wanted to have.

9. “Found an uncut sheet of Pokémon cards in a closet in my girlfriend’s parent’s house.”

10. “The quintessential 90s TV cabinet: I remember needing to push on the glass doors to open them.”

11. Classic Prince of Persia

12. Another Pokémon treasure collection

13. The scariest thing of our childhood

14. Did you ever apply glue to your fingers just to peel it off your skin?

15. Kinder Surprise toys were stored inside a box that we now might call a treasure chest.

16. The 90s blacklist


17. For collecting dust

18. Precious cartridges

19. This Microsoft Paint pin

20. When there was no Internet in our lives

21. Those bags from the 90s

22. McDonald’s was the greatest place to celebrate your birthday.

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