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22 Redneck Tech Hacks That Somehow Worked

22 Redneck Tech Hacks That Somehow Worked –


2. Windows Update wouldn’t finish because the computer kept going to sleep… but I couldn’t change sleep mode because Windows Update was running. Stupid Windows Update.


4. My remote control ain’t need no keys


6. Wife broke an important work thumb drive, nothing was backed up…fixed it.

7. My building’s PA microphone was broken. These were the only supplies I could scavenge at the front desk. Just close the card to close the circuit and talk into the microphone



10. How to charge your phone during a hurricane

11. Fixed a phone for just £2!

12. I slept through all of my phone alarms today so I rigged a TENS unit to an alarm clock. It hurts a lot.

13. Wife wanted a fitbit. Do you think she’ll like it?


15. My calculator was overheating so I added a fan


17. My friend didn’t know what cable he needed so this is what he took to the store

18. Fixed the thumbstick drift on my controller with rubber bands

19. My pc was running hot so i replaced the side panel with this


21. Budget universal remote

22. Gear shift knob snapped, but now its got a “Turbo” button

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