Most crimes, no matter how crazy they are, tend to be pretty cut and dry. If a bunch of guys rob a bank it’s because they want money, or if someone murders a guy it’s probably because of revenge or some strange compulsion. But the bizarre things on this list happened without any rhyme or reason, which makes them even stranger than they already were. Whether the criminals collected here are sticking their brothers in a birdcage for two decades, or killing beauty queens, they never said why they committed the offenses, and it makes their story even weirder. But don’t worry, the stories on this list aren’t all super serious machete murders, some of them are your run of the mill trout thefts. Prepare to lose all your faith in humanity as you read about these super weird misdeeds committed for no reason.


Man Locked in a Pigeon Cage for 20 Years by His Siblings

Photo: Jill_Kalina/Pixabay/Pixabay License

In late 2015 Spanish police were investigating a brother and sister when they discovered a third sibling who had been kept in a dovecote since 1996, with nothing but a bucket for a toilet.

Japanese Man Smears Feces on Teenage Girl

Photo: StockSnap/Pixabay/Pixabay License

In horrific news from Tokyo, a man randomly approached a young woman on the streets of Japan and smeared his own excrement on her face and in her mouth. 40 minutes later he approached another woman grabbed her from behind. The police tracked him down after viewing surveillance footage from the first crime scene.

Man Throws a Live Alligator Through a Drive-Thru Window

Photo: Joolsthegreat/Pixabay/Pixabay License

While making a stop at the drive-thru of his local Wendy’s a man threw a three-foot-long alligator that he found on the side of the road through the restaurant’s window. US Marshals took the man into custody and released the alligator back into the wild.

Man Stabbed in the Butt on the Subway

Photo: Engin Akyurt/Pixabay/Pixabay License

Back in 2015, a man with the strongest butt ever was stabbed in the butt multiple times while trying to get off of the subway. Oddly enough, he didn’t even realize he was stabbed until he got home.

The Watcher House

Photo: Pexels/Pixabay/Pixabay LicenseIn 2015 one of the strangest cases in modern history appeared on the weird news scene when a letter was mailed to the new owners of a home. The letter contained such creepy statements as, “My grandfather watched the house in the 1920s and my father watched in the 1960s. It is now my time,” and “I asked the Woods [the previous owners] to bring me young blood.”

The whole thing is kind of amazing and creepy, but no information about who the watcher might be or why they’re sending out letters has come to light.

Man Poisons Five Children and Cuts Off His Own Genitals

Photo: Qimono/Pixabay/Pixabay License

In Uganda, a man tried to poison his five children before cutting off his penis after the children’s mothers dropped them off at his home. The kids survived and the man awaits charges of attempted murder and attempted suicide.

Naked Man Falls Through Ceiling and Destroys Everything

Photo: MichaelGaida/Pixabay/Pixabay License

In what sounds like a stress dream, a 24-year-old naked man crashed through the ceiling of a home in British Columbia and proceeded to rummage through the house, destroying everything in his wake. When the family arrived home they found their house in shambles, saying, “He totaled my master bedroom, went into the closet, and every room. He didn’t steal anything.”

Naked Peeping Tom Wearing Reagan Mask Caught on Camera

Photo: Pinterest/Fair Use

On New Year’s Eve in Vestavia Hills, a man wearing nothing but a Ronald Reagan mask and a sock was caught on camera snooping around a house. One of the people who lives at the house caught the peeping tom while he was taking out the trash and scared him off. “Maybe we spooked him off enough [to] not go to another house and [to] not do it again.”

Water Company Employees Tries to Blow Up His Co-Workers

Photo: Pinterest/Fair Use

An Uncompahgre Valley Water Users Association employee named Aaron English spent years building bombs and detonating them near his co-workers while also defecating in bags and placing it in their lunch. During his trial, English didn’t give a reason for his pranks, but he did go into enough detail on how he built the bombs that the judge suggested he exercise his Fifth Ammendment rights.

Man Steals Trout, Pees Everywhere

Photo: Monika1607/Pixabay/Pixabay License

Sometimes you’ve just got to snack on some trout, which is exactly what David Wylie was going to do when he started trying to steal trout by shoving it down his pants. When police approached him he started peeing all over the place and saying that nothing he did mattered because his crimes were only misdemeanors.

Blow Dart Attack on Golden Gate Bridge

Photo: Free-Photos/Pixabay/Pixabay License

In February 2016, two pedestrians walking across the Golden Gate Bridge were struck by darts from a blow gun. The most police were able to discern was that the darts came from a passing car, but that was it. Doesn’t this sound like the beginning of an urban legend?

Female Vampires Attack New Zealand

Photo: Linolombardi/Pixabay/Pixabay License

In early 2016, multiple unrelated incidents of women attacking people by biting them were reported. One of the victims lost so much blood that he was left in serious condition at a local hospital. If that’s not strange enough, a third person was bitten in a domestic dispute a few days before both of the previously mentioned events.

Garlic Knots Send Friends Into a Fury

Photo: Pinterest/Fair Use

Four friends totally freaked out and smashed up a pizzeria after they found out that their order of garlic knots was covered in cheese. The knots put them in such a fury that they threw food at the workers, and knocked a cash register and fax machine off of a counter. Those must have been really bad garlic knots.

The McAllen Beauty Queen Murder

Photo: Foto-Rabe/Pixabay/Pixabay License

In 1960, Irene Garza was murdered after giving a confession to her priest, John Feit. Five days after the murder her asphyxiated body was pulled out of a canal, and although Feit was the primary suspect from the onset of the investigation, he wasn’t charged until 2016. Even then there was no motive established.

Woman Blames Her Mother’s Death on a Demon

Photo: PublicDomainPictures/Pixabay/Pixabay License

This wasn’t the first case of someone blaming their crimes on the devil, but in late 2015 a 30-year-old woman killed her mother by stabbing her and biting her on the chest. After the woman was brought into custody she said, “I never had any problem with my mom. A demon told me to kill her, but I’m not crazy.” A psychiatric evaluation of the woman showed her to have mental problems and be “highly dangerous.”

Stranger Shaves Cats in Minchinhampton

Photo: MabelAmber/Pixabay/Pixabay License

In January 2016 pet owners in Minchinhampton, England were astonished when their cats began showing up with patches of their fur shaved off. One cat owner said“I think it must either be children doing it for a joke or someone in the neighbourhood with a vendetta.”

HIV-Positive Woman Steals $11 Worth of Frozen Food

Photo: ElasticComputeFarm/Pixabay/Pixabay License

In Dallas, TX, Diamond Lawrence, an HIV-positive transient woman, was arrested after stealing $11 worth of frozen food from a Walmart before scratching one of the workers and saying, “You’re welcome.” Medics said the worker had no bodily fluid exchange with Lawrence, meaning he’s safe from the virus.

The Sandy Drummond Case

Photo: Tookapic/Pixabay/Pixabay License

One of the most mysterious unsolved murders of the last two decades is that of the murder of Alexander Sandy Drummond. In 1991 he was found dead on a farm track near his cottage. Prior to his death Drummond had withdrawn large amounts of cash, but police were never able to establish a motive for his death.

As of 2016 the investigation into Sandy Drummond’s death is still underway.

Man Kills Cross-Dressing Voodoo Priest

Photo: Barryrjonesjr/Pixabay/Pixabay License

After getting into a heated argument with a voodoo priest (what other kind of argument can you have with a voodoo priest) during which the priest threatened him with “magic,” Malherbe Francois gunned down the cross-dressing priest. Prosecutors are still trying to determine if this is a case of self defense, or something more sinister.  

Hatchet-Wielding New Orleans Man

Photo: Wokandapix/Pixabay/Pixabay License

In 2015 Billy Joe Hart randomly attacked a man in his New Orleans home and left him for dead before stealing his truck. Even though Hart was eating at his victim’s house before he started chopping, no motive has been established for the assault.


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