22 Times Celebrities Shut Their Interviewers Down – It’s Not Pretty

22 Times Celebrities Shut Their Interviewers Down – It’s Not Pretty

Celebrities have to do so much press, and not all of it is fun. Especially when the person interviewing them is essentially a tool, asking inappropriate questions or making rude comments. There are few things quite as fun to watch as when an interview goes awry and the interviewer gets owned hard by the interviewee. For example, Megyn Kelly recently asked feminist icon Jane Fonda about her plastic surgery while Fonda was on her show to promote a film. It wasn’t the smoothest move.

Along those lines, here are 23 of our favorites times that celebrities of all types (musicians, actors, athletes) get fed up and shut down their interviewers.

1. Rihanna isn’t interested in talking about her personal life during a press junket to promote a movie.

2. Gordon Ramsay gets irate when an interviewer orders a steak well-done and then calls it “rubbery.”

3. Ariana Grande is not here for your sexist questions.

4. Andy Murray reminds a reporter that women exist.

5. Scarlett Johannson is totally over talking about her underwear.

6. Taurean Prince gives a great explanation of how the other team scored more rebounds.

7. Tom Hardy doesn’t see the need to talk about his sexuality in interviews.

8. Mila Kunis sticks up for Justin Timberlake in a Russian interview.

9. Jonah Hill asks if anyone has any questions “that are smart.”

10. Amy Schumer doesn’t appreciate being called “skanky.”

11. Jim Everett is not a fan of being called Chris Everett. Like, REALLY not a fan.

12. Serena Williams tells it like it is. And for the love of God, stop telling women to smile more.

13. English film director and restaurant critic Michael Winner calls host Richard Littlejohn an “arsehole.” He’s not wrong.

14. Hey, Marshawn Lynch is just there so he doesn’t get fined.

15. Robert Downey Jr. storms out of an interview with Krishnan Guru-Murthy, a man so good at annoying celebrities that the next clip includes him, too.

16. Quentin Tarantino shuts Krishnan Guru-Murthy’s butt down.

17. Carl Hart, Ph.D. takes on Bill O’Reilly and proves him wrong, wrong, wrong.

18. Elizabeth Smart really doesn’t appreciate being asked about her kidnapping by Nancy Grace.

19. Jerry Seinfeld can’t believe Larry King thought Seinfeld was canceled.

20. Boxer Bernard Hopkins decimates commentator Larry Merchant without ever throwing a punch.

21. Russell Brand goes hard on MSNBC (skip ahead to about the 4 minute mark to see him get going).

22. Nick Cave makes Billy Corgan look like the fool he is.

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