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1. Found this in my Corn Flakes. Has somewhat of a chalky smell and texture and leaves a powdery residue when dropped on my table. A: Vitamin / fortification raw material. See if it’s at all magnetic if your cereal has iron.


2. Found this near the front of my new property. There are no markings but there are wires inside. It’s not close to any electric sources I can see though. A: It’s a phone wire junction pedestal.


3. What is this piece of china? Found 3 in a set. A: Perhaps it is for silverware. The slots on the side for your fingers to easily grab them out. A foot seems kinda long though so i’m unsure. Very unlikely thought is perhaps a rice paper holder?



4. Serrated Scraping Tool Found in Basement of House A: It is a tool for opening windows that have been painted shut. Called a “window zipper.“


5. What is this thing I found on the floor behind furniture in my rental kitchen? A: It’s a key to open a can of spam


6. Grid of small indents which may be man made or may be natural. Found at the beach, East coast of Scotland. No other related objects laying near it. A: There are incredible man made carvings from ancient Scotland, such as petrospheres (carved stone balls).



7. Stepped on this while cleaning out a room today. Hefty deer-shaped weight featuring two spiked prongs in the center. Owner doesn’t recognize it. A: My mum used to have one of those, it should sit on a pillar on the middle spike so it rocks back and forth.


8. Saw these aluminium-ish rotating objects from the terrace of my friends house. What is it exactly? A: They are hot air ventilation fans.


9. What is this seat used for? By the sea in Malta. A: To get frail people into a boat. Usually found at swimming pools.



10. Stainless steel curved rods. Largest is about 9 inches. They have been in family since the 40s they all fit inside of one another. Best guess so far is glove finger stretchers. A: Nested set of seven plated medical cervical dilators


11. Plastic purple bowl/container with detachable halves containing six small plates, that don’t fit in the hole. Also the hole is so small you can’t really pick anything from it (like nuts or olives) A: It is for nuts. There would have been a matching serving spoon that is now missing.

12. Small metal hole in the center of dining room floor of a home build in 1920. Below it in the basement, two wires come out but have since long been cut and don’t show what they went to. A: Fancy houses would have little foot-actuated buttons under the dining table to call for the help, given the location in the center of the dining room and the wiring.



13. What is this pool in the middle of nowhere. A: A water reserve for fire fighting


14. What is this bubbling out of the ground in my yard? Purplish metallic gooey inside. Keeps bubbling even if I dig a thin layer down with a shovel A: It turned out to be from a can of expansion foam the builders had left in the yard. water got to the can which rusted and leaked, causing the foam to reach the surface. best possible outcome for me, although I’m sure some were hoping for something more exciting.


15. What are these small plastic things with a tiny slot that came in individual, different sized envelopes? A: We did get a knife set as a gift, and I was able to quickly match the envelopes and plastic to different knives.




16. Found inside a musical instrument, it is the size of a big grape but there aren’t any holes big enough for it to have fallen inside. A: They have these in violins. They call them the mouse. It’s just years and years of fluff and detritus. If they get repaired the repairer will put ‘the mouse’ back into the violin for good luck. It could be something like that.


17. Very heavy ceramic thing found on beach in Aomori prefecture, Japan. The inner and outer portion are all one piece. The innermost bit seems to be threaded. A: It’s a ceramic insulator.


18. Found in wooded area overlooking ocean in Shirley BC. Rock/cement circle formation- daughter says holes were shallow. Center had worn small cemented area A: It was a radio tower!



19. What is the flip top section for on this desk? A: I have a desk similar to this. It is a hideaway typewriter desk.




20. Found a strange metal object in the forest. It’s about the diameter of a can of tuna but was deceptively heavy. Didn’t see any text anywhere on it. A: A magnet from large speaker


21. I found this in my Airbnb, I couldn’t see any visible brand on it, and it doesn’t appear to make any noise. I didn’t want to unplug it just in case I break something. – I think it’s around 11CM tall and 8CM wide then about 4CM deep. A: Looks similar to some wireless door bell monitors. Try pressing the doorbell and see if this is it.



22. What are these strands/threads coming out of my crackers? A: I work in food manufacturing. This is 100% frayed edges of the conveyors that take the crackers through the sheeting process before being transferred to the oven band.

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