22 Times People Were More Evil Than You’d Like To Believe

Revenge is dangerous. It can turn a good person bad, and that is not easy to come back from. This list of AskReddit stories, while not all about revenge, definitely deal with bad people, or at least people who have done bad things. The best I can say is that some of them at least feel sorry about the evil things they did. Not all of them though – and that’s a little scary. You’ll see:

1. Trading

I took a girl’s midterm (it was a large class) in exchange for a BJ. I got one for taking it, and another after she got an A on it.

2. “Mass confusion followed”

Me and some friend took fishing line to school one day in high school. We got into groups of two. One person held the base and the other took the loose end. We stood in the hall and “weaved” in and out of people. Thus creating a massive “web” of sorts. Mass confused followed and it was pretty damn cool.

As fun as it sounds, we ended up cutting a lot of people with it and caused a older teacher to fall and break a wrist. i know of lots of students that still have scars from it.

Somehow, it never got back to us and they are still wondering who done it. It bothers me to this day.

P.S. it still was pretty damn cool.

3. Gross vs. Gross

Back in college, my roommate was gross, she used to not take a shower for over a week, she would wear the same pair of trousers for a whole month, she would leave all her dirty (DIRRRTY) clothes on top of my freshly washed towels, she used to smoke in our tiny bathroom, and a long gross etcetera.

She used hair-removing cream to get rid of the hair in her armpits (which is totally fine) but afterwards she wouldn’t clean the sink or remove the cream bits filled up with armpit hair. Day after day, the same cream bits were there, I used to have nightmares when I thought of how gross those were. Every time I needed to brush my teeth, I felt like throwing up. After warning her kindly twice, and seeing however that she still wouldn’t do anything about it, one day I decided I would, from that moment on, clean it myself. Am I not a dream roommate? I used to leave the sink spotless, her toothbrush did the trick very well.

I used again this cleaning method when my brother kept sprinkling the toilet bowl instead of leaving it up while taking a piss. He has damn good teeth, though.

4. Medical Malpractice

Last year, I started my 4th year of med school and got transferred to a public hospital to finish my studies, near the surrounding areas of the hospital there is a slum where thieves hide. One morning going to class I got mugged at gunpoint by two guys, they took my backpack, phone, wallet and shoes, in my backpack I had a stethoscope that was quite expensive and that my dad gave to me as a gift when I started to go to the hospital, they took it just because they wanted to screw me as I told them that I only had that and a notepad in there, I was really pissed off at the time but I could do nothing if I wanted to live.

After some months I started to do assist on the ER and one night one of the thieves came in with a laceration on his cheeks, now I’ve got to say that I live in South America and it’s a common rule that at night medics go to sleep and when a patient appears on the ER we have to evaluate them and then call the medic, which isn’t legal at all. As I was alone in the ER at that time, nurses were on their station, and I wanted to do some harm to this guy I put my act as a medic and started to suture him, which is something that I know how to do but it’ll leave a scar as I’m not very good at it yet, but leaving a scar wasn’t good enough for that scum, I wanted him to suffer so first of all I diluted the lidocaine with saline solution and applied it in a way that I was going to hurt him so I did my best to suture him without cleaning the wound, using not sterile gloves and touching all the suture materials with my bare hands before using them, when I was done with the suture I didn’t even register him on the books and send him off.

One week later I heard that the same guy came back with a nasty infection that required antibiotics and should have left him with a nice crater on his face but as he didn’t come back the same day that I’m doing my practices I don’t know what happened to him.

5. You’re a dick.

The day after “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince” came out I played counter strike all day with the handle SNAPE KILLS DUMBLEDORE.

6. Little Hellion

When I was in preschool, I apparently put glue on the entire class’s seats. Didn’t get to go to recess, stayed in and broke crayons in half and threw them at the flagpole.

7. Kids…

When I was 11, I gave a kid (he was 9) a pretzel stick I had stuck in my cat’s litter box.

8. Oreo Bandit

This rather large kid had a habit of bullying me out of my Oreo cookies at lunch everyday. When you’re in second grade, this begins to take a toll on you. Finally, I went to my dad about it and he concocted quite the plan, halfway inspired by something that happened in a children’s book he read to me at the time. He took one of the cookies, hollowed out the center of the cream , and put a ton of Tabasco sauce in there. When he resealed it, he left cream on the outer edges so it still looked normal. Needless to say, I was incredibly excited about what was going to happen the next day at lunch.

The next day, he actually wasn’t bullying me out of the cookies…he must’ve had a change of heart for once. But A.) I wasn’t going to eat that shit and B.) I still wanted to discourage him from ever stealing them again. So without provocation, I took the bag of Oreos and offered them up to him for free, on my own behalf. Delighted, he took a bite of the atomic one and immediately started coughing to the point where he was pseudo-choking. He ran to the bathroom, vomited (I believe), and I didn’t see him for the rest of the day.

He never stole my cookies again…I still smile about it to this day.

9. This sociopath….

I use Craigslist to post very friendly and sensitive sounding advertisements to young women who are in a financial bind. When they get in touch with me I gently talk to them over a series of emails until I get to the point where I suggest sex for money. I ignore all of the ones who are enthusiastic, even the first-timers, and only go for the girls who are repulsed by the idea but are in dire financial straits. I tell them that it’s not really prostitution, that it’s just a boyfriend who helps you out, etc. etc.

Then, when I penetrate them, I tell them that I’ve just turned them into a whore for the rest of their lives. I love watching the emotional anguish. I do this in a way that seems innocent, like I offhand say “Oh man I’ve never actually turned a girl into a prostitute before” in a really excited tone of voice — this avoids them hating me, which is good because it avoids retribution, and it makes them turn their loathing in on themselves instead of having a perpetrator to blame.
I get off on the huge power trip of psychologically fucking with these innocent girls.

After they leave in emotional shambles, I friend the girls under a fake Facebook account (9 times out of 10 I can discover the girl’s real name).

My favorite score was a girl who used to post 5-10 times a day on Facebook and immediately after seeing me only posts once or twice a month. She started crying so I told her she could stop but she wouldn’t be paid — I did this so that she would allow me to continue fucking her while she cried which is one of my all-time best sexual experiences.

In effect, I do the S of S&M for real, not in a controlled consensual environment. I’ve done this to about 40-50 girls mostly aged 18-24. I also use psychological tactics to reduce the price as much as possible, and usually spend around $100-150 to do this to each girl. I also videotape the sessions with a hidden camera and the camera has never been caught.

I am an extremely successful person career-wise, have a lot of great friends, great relationships (I don’t do this when I’m dating), and most people consider me to be an excellent upstanding member of society. But I sometimes wonder if this psychopathic side of me will end up destroying my life someday.

10. Ugh

I told my step brother i would give him all my nes games if he took a handful of hard packed dirt that was mixed with chainsaw oil, gas, dead deer stuff, dead fish stuff, from the back of my dads truck, and chew it slowly while i counted to 10. he did it… I laughed and gave him nothing.

11. Just “a little revenge”

In middle school, there was this girl that tortured the living shit out of me and got all of my “friends” to turn against me by going into the school after hours for some kind of school event, jimmying my locker open and throwing the contents around the hallway.

Well, I was so traumatized by those girls that I decided to go to High School in a different town and my senior year I started dating a guy that graduated a year earlier from a private school in the area. In a bizarre twist of fate, I learned that this girl now attended that same school and, since the classes were so small, they had large “cubbies” in the Senior lounge with their names marked on them, rather than lockers. My boyfriend and I were helping his Dad one night at the school (he’s the head of the English dept.) and I snuck into the senior lounge and got my revenge by breaking her reading glasses, stealing a single shoe left in there, and throwing around some of her shit. Right afterwards I felt bad and confessed what I did to my boyfriend but he thought I deserved a little revenge.


I put dog shit in a slightly ‘special’ kid’s sandwich. He then took a bite out of the sandwich and choked on it. (It was the dry & hard kind of dog shit. No he didn’t die or anything.)

13. The truth can be mean

I once told a girl that she was going to end up alone just like her mother, who was essentially her best friend and had gone through two divorces. I was pissed at the time and I really regret saying it, but it was completely true.

14. This could have gone so wrong

We shot our best friend in the chest.

We were kids, and a friends dad was a cop. Let’s call him TS. He had rifles and hand guns in the house, and he didn’t lock them up. We used to shoot them in the basement at a log pile and enjoy the crazy ricochets.

Anyhow, one day, one of my friends played a mean practical joke on me. We’d just returned from the hospital (visiting a sick classmate, broken leg) and the nurses had given us empty syringes to use as water pistols to fight with him. It was a blast. We got back to my friend TS’s place, where we would be sleeping over. We kept playing with the syringe water pistols and one of the guys, let’s call him JM, comes down to the basement with a syringe full of something white. He shot it on my face and hair, and yelled “that was my cum!!”. I wasn’t impressed, and ran to wash it off. When we came back, we decided that what he’d done deserved some form of punishment and he agreed to participate in a plan we’d been working on.

We wanted to shoot someone, while wearing a bulletproof vest. No one wanted to be shot of course, but he agreed that his dick-move would be forgiven if he’d be the “victim”.

We dressed him up in the old vest of TS’s dad, placed a skidoo helmet backwards on his head, tied his hands behind him (so he wouldn’t accidentally take it in the arm), and stood him at the end of the basement.

We set up a pile of logs to use to steady the rifle, took aim, and fired a .22 long into his chest.

He didn’t like it at all, and cried/whined a lot. We took the vest off, and other than some (later) bruising, he was fine.

Anyhow, looking back, it could have ended very poorly. I should never have done this.

15. Not evil, just sad

In 2008, I went to S. Korea for a few months for work. Most of the time, I was not in Seoul, but I was scheduled to spend my last week there.

On the night before I left for Seoul, I stayed up late and IMed people back home, including my best friend since the first grade (let’s call him Brian). I was his best man when he got married in 2006, and he was supposed to be mine when the time came. Little foreshadowing there, I guess.

He kept saying weird stuff. Not weird stuff, exactly. He just wasn’t himself. He also kept encouraging me to go out and have some fun instead of sitting in my room and IMing. I kept telling him that I had a lot of stuff to do the next day before leaving, that the night life in the city where I was staying wasn’t anything to write home about, that I didn’t speak the language, etc, but he just wouldn’t drop it. Finally I got a little angry at him about it and told him he was being rude. He was profoundly and unusually apologetic and very intent on making sure that we were still pals. I assured him that we were and apologized for losing my temper. Then I went to bed.

About a day later, in Seoul, I went to an internet cafe (PC bang) with one of the 15 or so other people I was traveling with. In my inbox was an email my mother had sent me, telling me to call home, she had news about Brian. I thought, “huh, was he in an accident or something?” All the computers in those places have headsets and skype, so I logged into my account and called.

When my mother answered, she told me that he’d been accidentally shot and killed in the gun store where he worked. I don’t remember what I said exactly at that point. She asked me if I wanted to speak to my father, and I said no. After I hung up, I put my head on the desk and wept.

After I partially regained composure, I called the travel agency to see if there was any way for me to come home a few days early. There wasn’t. Everything was booked solid. I emailed all of our old friends and gave them the news. Then I and the guy I was with went back to the hotel room for a nap. I’m sure he noticed that I’d been crying, but he was the kind of guy who minded his own business, and he never asked what was wrong.

I didn’t tell anyone. I didn’t know any of the people I was with all that well, and there was nothing they could do about it, anyway. I just buried it and went through the motions of what I needed to do for the remainder of the trip.

That night, when I checked my email again, I found an article that one of my friends had googled up. According to it, the local PD in Brian’s town had ruled his death a suicide. On his lunch break, he’d gone out to his car and shot himself.

I found out after I got home that his parents, brother, wife, and in-laws refused to believe it. There was no note, for one thing. But I knew it was true. That weird IM conversation we’d had convinced me of it more than anything. But I also just knew him. He never acted depressed or despondent, but there had been hints that he was in trouble for months. They just didn’t stand out until after the fact.

I of course missed the funeral. I was probably singing karaoke or something. I never told Brian’s family about our final conversation or that I think it was probably a suicide. In fact, I’ve scarcely spoken to them at all. My mother called me once and told me that Brian’s wife had relayed a message to her through his parents that she was “willing” to talk about it if I wanted to. I never called her. When I was visiting my parents’ for Christmas a year ago I ran into his dad at the grocery store. He told me they’d like to have me over to the house for dinner sometime. I was polite but noncommittal, and it never happened.

It wasn’t for some months that it occurred to me that if I ever got married, I’d have to find a new best man. When I thought of it, I cried.

I’m not sure where I’m going with this. None of it is particularly evil. It’s a little dickish and cowardly that I never tried to comfort his widow or family or even acknowledged to anyone that his death upset me. I don’t think his death is my fault. I don’t feel guilty about it in that way. I think I just saw a couple of other stories about suicide and decided to unburden myself a little.

16. “You can’t make me feel any lower about it”

One night long ago, my band was playing a gig in a local bar. Before the show I saw a beautiful girl standing behind a chest-height counter. Every time I passed by to get a drink or use the can, she was watching me with a big smile that really lit up her face. I decided that after the gig, I was going to chat her up and hopefully get her number.

Well, we played our set and then started packing up our gear. Somehow in the shuffle I lost sight of her and we ended up leaving. As we were getting in our vehicles, I heard a voice call out from the parking lot: “Hey, you know you’re cute?” she called out. My buddies and I turned around to see the girl that had been smiling at me earlier. She was standing with a few friends and I could now see that she was a plus sized girl. Without skipping a beat, I called out “Hey, you know you’re fat?” and we left.

You can’t make me feel any lower about it than I already felt as soon as those words left my lips. God, what an asshole. That was almost 20 years ago and it still haunts me.

17. …accident how?

Not sure this is evil as more of an accident of confusion, once many years ago i basically took a huge shit on my buddy’s face while he was passed out. we had been drinking for hours and didn’t make it home that night so we crashed in a dark alley on the way. he woke up thinking he had somehow landed on someone else’s shit. i secretly laughed all day. guess that was evil.

18. A real-life nightmare

When living at home, me and my bro would squabble a lot, just little stuff.

However, for some reason I cannot remember, I decided to knock it up a notch BAM! by sliding chicken into the tubing of his blinds on the window next to his bed.

After a few days the smells started and after a few more the flies came and after a few days I hear this almighty scream, the likes no one can generate unless they wake up to maggots falling from their window onto their sleeping face – which, funnily enough, was what happened to him.

19. Ok, this made me laugh a little

New year’s eve 2002, if I recall correctly, just after midnight had passed. People were announcing “First X of 2003” for everything they did. I don’t know why, but I decided to go for “First person to kick Joe in the balls in 2003!”. He was very close to hooking up with a cute girl that night, but instead he spent the rest of the night lying down in pain.

20. Concrete Retaliation

When I was a student, our neighbors were complete assholes (also students, but from a poly, not the uni) and had enjoyed pelting our house with eggs, dumping garbage in our back-yard, etc.

One night, after much drinking, a friend and I found a gas pipe on the way home that we were sure was destined for better things, so we took it home. As we arrive home, we went around the back of our house and discovered a number of garbage bags, and a bag of quick-drying cement. So we dumped the garbage bags into our neighbors yard against their back door, and covered it with the cement.

Then we pushed the gas pipe through our bathroom window, connected a hose to the bath tap, and dosed the cement with water through the gas pipe. We then attached the gas pipe to the top of one of our friends cars and went to sleep.

The next morning, the police were with the neighbors and they had no idea what had happened. Their back yard was solid cement and garbage and they couldn’t open the back door. Their landlord arrived and threw them out and the police never even asked us one question. Revenge was sweet, but sometimes, when I think of it, I do feel the slightest pang of guilt. We shouldn’t have put the gas pipe on our friends car, cos he got fined for it….

21. At least he didn’t go through with it

In 6th grade I was friends with a guy named Jason. Jason had begun obsessing over this girl in our class, so I thought I’d play a prank on him. Before Thanksgiving break started, I found out the girl’s email address and AIM screen name, and then I pretty much guessed her secret question answers on hotmail, thus I had access to her email and AIM screen name.

All throughout Thanksgiving break, I pretended to be the girl on AIM, talking to Jason every day. The funniest thing was, he would often call me immediately after talking to her on AIM for hours and excitedly tell me all the things that they talked about.

As it got closer to time to go back to school, I started pressing towards forming a relationship between the girl and Jason (and he relayed this to me via phone). Eventually, ‘the girl’ told him “If you really like me, I want you to just come up to me on Monday and smack my ass in front of everyone. I think it will be hot, and I’ll know you’re really into me!” Needless to say, Jason was nervous but excited. He kept asking me if he should really do it or not, and I would always tell him yes or else he risks losing the girl of his dreams.

So, Monday rolls around and I’ve told almost all the guys in class (I didn’t tell the girls because I figured they’d tell the girl whose ass he was supposed to smack.) We’re all watching him like a hawk, waiting for him to do it. The bell is due to ring in less than two minutes and the girl is at her locker. Jason slowly goes up behind her, and I see him cock his hand back.

Then I chickened out. I realized that were the girl to find out that I wanted a guy to smack her ass, I might get in some stupid sexual harassment trouble. I grabbed his hand and stopped him and said “Jason.. it was all fake.”

“Huh?” “Yeah, it was all fake. I hacked her AIM screen name and posed as her for 2 weeks.”

And then I saw in his eyes a look of sheer horror. His world was crashing down, and it couldn’t possibly be true. I felt horrible, but I also felt like laughing. The girl eventually found out and absolutely hated me for it, and Jason hated me as well, although we still talked and ate lunch together.

Fast Forward: Jason eventually gets over her after a long period of being obsessed (he’d even whistle out loud every time she walked into the classroom). The girl stopped hating me and thought that the whole ordeal was hilarious. In high school, Jason pretty much forgives me and chuckles over the ordeal, but changes his mind after another girl shoots him down and tells him he looks like a ‘concentration camp jew’.

I still feel evil, but it was executed so perfectly that I can’t help but be amazed and chuckle occasionally.

22. Evil Incarnate

I created the font known as Comic Sans.


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