22 X-Rays That Shouldn’t Exist But Here We Are Anyway… Why Is Everything Up Everyone’s Butt?

1. 78 different pieces of cutlery in a woman’s stomach.

2. An aerosol can.

3. An orange.

4. A cell phone.

5. A zucchini.

6. An egg


8. An eggplant.

9. Gal lighter refill can.

10. The effects of Gout.

11. A man with a sexy toy stuck up his ass tried to remove it with salad tongs.

12. Mercury from a shattered thermometer.

13. An artillery shell in someone’s rectum.

14. cassette tape

15. Nails. A lot of nails.

16. A pint glass.

17. A screw in the finger.

18. Spoon.

19. A metal pole somehow up someones rectum.

20. A vibrator.

21. A wedding ring.

22. Man puts wire up his rectum to get stuck wine bottle.


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