23 Celeb Moments So Embarrassing It’ll Make You Cringe


I’ll be honest, I’m definitely one of those people whose first instinct is to laugh when I see one of my friends fall down. So obviously, I love when I see anybody in an awkward situation as long as I’m not part of it too!

If you’re awkward and you can’t help it, here are some embarrassing celeb moments that will make you feel better about yourself.


1. When Emma Watson went on The Tonight Show and mixed up Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel.

She told Jimmy Fallon that she loved his “I Told My Kids I Ate Their Halloween Candy” videos and was embarrassed to find out that was from Jimmy Kimmel!

2. When Julianne Moore was caught embracing the pain on the red carpet in her fancy silver heels.

Be honest, you’d be stuffing your feet into those shoes if you were given the chance to wear them! Designer heels? Yes, please!

3. When J-Law was working up the courage to ask Seth Meyers out and then later found out he was engaged!

Don’t worry, Jen! There are plenty of guys out there for you. Seth was also a good sport listening to the story.

4. When Justin Bieber forgot the words to his own song “Despacito” and got caught literally singing gibberish.

Yikes. He better brush up on his lyrics and his Spanish if he wants to avoid that embarrassing moment! Really brings a new interpretation to his song “What Do You Mean?”

Instagram | @justinbieber

5. When Ariana Grande almost got run over by a Victoria’s Secret Angel on the runway.

Ariana was just minding her own business and then she nearly got knocked off the runway. IT’S THE MEME FACE TO END ALL MEME FACES.

Unreality Mag



6. When Zac Efron dropped a condom at The Lorax premiere.

Yup, the premiere of The Lorax. Just an adaptation of one of the most beloved children’s book of all time. WHO ELSE WOULD’VE JUST LOST IT? Zac managed to keep it together and laughed it off.

YouTube | Disney Vidder

7. When Tom Hanks knew he had made the biggest mistake of his life.

I’ll be honest, Tom read that situation perfectly. That’s EXACTLY the joke you should make. Come on, Tom Selleck! Have a sense of humor, especially in the bathroom!

8. When Christina Aguilera was belting out a tribute to Etta James and people noticed something dripping down her leg.

It was confirmed later that it was just spray tan liquid running down her leg. Nothing to see here, ladies and gentleman!


9. When Jerry Seinfeld had no hesitation rejecting Kesha’s hug on the red carpet at an event.



10. When everybody cringed and gasped over the La La Land and Moonlight mix up at the Oscars.

Ryan Gosling had the right attitude about it all! MY INSIDES CRINGED WHEN I WATCHED THIS LIVE. Even now it’s still so awkward to think about.It sucks for the Moonlight team that their win was tarnished by this moment.

YouTube | Whochit Entertainment

11. When Beyoncé got her hair caught in a fan but she kept on singing because she’s Beyoncé.

First of all, ow. That would hurt a lot. Second of all, if that were any of us, I’m pretty sure we’d freak out, just stop singing and have a panic attack.

12. When Katy Perry decided to fall on top of a cake during her performance on stage  and then she couldn’t get back up.

Me at any party.Katy has yet to do something similar since. I think it must have really scarred her.

Glam Galz

13. When Jennifer Lawrence tripped while walking up the stairs at the Oscars to receive the most important award of her career.

Is this not every single awkward person out there? Leave it to the awkward people to completely mess up a big moment in life.

14. When the term “wardrobe malfunction” was introduced into everyday use because of Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson.

The halftime moment to end all Super Bowls. It doesn’t even matter that Beyoncé slayed at her performance or that Bruno Mars became everybody’s favorite. NOTHING COMPARES TO THIS.


15. When John Travolta uttered the words “Adele Dazeem” and the world was never truly the same again.

Good thing Idina Menzel (seriously, how did he confuse that with Adele Dazeem?!) has a sense of humor and just “let it go”!

16. When Ashlee Simpson changed Saturday Night Live forever after getting caught lipsyncing for her performance.

Honestly, because of her I started to jig my way out of awkward situations. Just Irish jig out and nobody will even have anything to say.


17. When Sofia Vergara’s dress broke at the Emmys and Ellen decided to spoof this moment by going as Sofia for the Halloween episode of her talk show!

Who wore it better? I have to say Ellen is working that sparkly mermaid dress.

Star Crush

18. When Madonna was giving the performance of her life at the Brit Awards in 2015 and then she fell backwards in a painful fall.

Unfortunately, it looks like her cape didn’t detach and she got pulled off the steps! But did she stop performing? No. Because she’s Madonna and she can get through anything.

19. When Nicole Richie let her dogs do this to her because…she was on The Simple Life at the time????

I…have no words for this photo. But it just seems like something that fit right into the Simple Life brand and what they used to do for that show.


20. When Kanye West walked into a street sign and the paparazzi caught it on video.

Honestly, who hasn’t done this? I’ve walked into so many poles and street signs. It does kind of suck that it was recorded and put on the internet though.


21. When Jennifer Lawrence spilled a bunch of mints and tried to hide it from everyone but Liam Hemsworth caught her.

THIS. IS. SO. ME. I always look around to see if anyone saw what embarrassing thing I did and there’s always ONE PERSON who did. And then they can hold it over me for the rest of my life!

22. When Steve Harvey announced the wrong winner of Miss Universe 2015.

The whole world cringed when Miss Colombia went from enjoying her win to being completely devastated when Steve had to correct himself and say Miss Philippines won instead! Who else remembers how awkward this was?


23. When Melanie Griffith told the reporter that she definitely wouldn’t be watching Fifty Shades of Grey even though her daughter Dakota Johnson was the star!

Well, I mean, Melanie is probably better off not watching it… We all know what that movie is about…

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