23 Fascinating Photos From History

1. Venice Beach California 1927


2. Teenagers listening to records, 1944


3. Children receive free loaves of Thomas’ Vegetated Whole Wheat Bread, Los Angeles, 1928



4. A bar Nevada County, CA. Mid-1940s


5. Elementary school class taking an imaginary trip to the moon, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1966


6. Two boys, a man, and a dog on a fishing trip, 1900-20. Photographer Charles Elliott Gill.



7. Surfers, 1910


8. A woman at an Automat. New York City, 1953


9. Sorority sisters at the University of Iowa in the mid-1940s



10. Pneumatic tubes connecting 23 US Post Offices in NYC across 27 miles. Used until 1957


11. Woman sleeping in a train wagon, 1895


12. Boston, Massachusetts, circa 1906



13. The staff of El Progreso newspaper, Texas, in the early 1900s


14. Mary Cumming, 21, secretary in the office of designer Raymond Loewy, New York, 1956


15. Two women paying their cab fare, London, late 1920s



16. Teller in the First National Bank of Austin approximately 1910


17. Record listening booths, HMV store London 1954


18. Ladies at the Sci-Fi Convention, Cleveland, OH, 1966



19. New Years party in Nebraska. 1930’s or 40’s


20. A mother and her three children in their tenements kitchen, Lower East Side NYC, 1915


21. A sharecropper mother teaching children numbers and alphabet in home. Transylvania, Louisiana, January 1939



22. 1898 dorm room, University of Wisconsin


23. Happy family outing at Chicken Bone Beach, the segregated section of Atlantic City’s beach area, New Jersey, 1950s (photographed by John W. Mosley)

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