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23 Girls Who Had Trouble Fitting Their Booty Into Their Snapchat

23 Girls Who Had Trouble Fitting Their Booty Into Their Snapchatv27xcJW[1] If you enjoy filling your Instagram, Snapchat & Twitter with as many hot girls as possible, you will love this.

The girl you should be currently creeping hard on is Bruna Lima a fitness model who currently lives in Miami, Florida. According to her Instagram profile, Luna is Brazilian & Italian.bruna-rangel-lima-9[1]

She has 1.3 MILLION IG FOLLOWERS… And I bet you can guess why…


we noticed that Bruna would sometimes have trouble fitting her booty into the frame of her snapchats.


Talk about a serious problem!


we wondered if she was not alone here with this problem. So of course, we did some research…

bruna-rangel-lima-14[1] Bruna-Lima-15[1]

we found it happens to a lot a of girls.


Here are some more girls who have the same problem as Bruna and can’t keep their booty’s in the frame! And more Bruna!

bruna_rangel_31[1] as[1] CD4IMd0UUAEYCvL[1] BwkFHseCAAAjQsU-577x1024[1] Bruna-Lima-81[1] 4483bf6d335472ce710f78426fb2c543-577x1024[1] sundevil_nation_snapchat-24[1] 10895357_1047495841931672_1031270317_n[1] 640full-bruna-lima[1] 11371156_1661490064097745_1527099725_n[1] CD4IMdxUsAAdSxH[1] BrG0mcdCQAAMIxx[1] Screen-Shot-2015-03-05-at-4.54.08-PM-480x478[1] BtBhjs0IYAAZMC8[1] ScreenShot2015-11-09at11.49.23AM[1] LP[1] Bruna-Lima[1] rrl9[1] BkoxQ68IAAE7wBy[1] BrmfdiRCQAA5WFs[1] big-booty-edition-returns-15[1] 12728611_931673236940133_1280202988_n[1] CU7FNsTUwAEtWtr[1] Screen-Shot-2015-03-12-at-10.41.42-AM[1] BvZQGSzCUAEL8J3[1]


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But can you imagine how fat she’s going to be? The perfect fatstorm.

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