FASCINATING FACTS: 23 Life-Changing Facts About Everyday Things

FASCINATING FACTS: 23 Life-Changing Facts About Everyday Things

Chances are we all know at least one person who serves as a bottomless pit of seemingly useless information. For some reason, certain individuals are able to remember the most random things, which can come in handy if they’re ever on Jeopardy.  But even though I’m not someone who is capable of remembering random facts, I do get a kick out of them.

If you enjoy miscellaneous trivia as much as I do, you’ll have a ball with the list below!

1. Holes in pen lids are super important. They can actually save lives!

They actually increase airflow and reduce the risk of choking if the lid is swallowed.

2. Did you know that the cardboard sleeve you put around your coffee cup has many names?

Other than coffee sleeve, other names include coffee clutch, coffee cozy, Java Jacket, and paper zarf. I have a feeling if I asked for a paper zarf people would think I’m crazy, crazy right!

Wikipedia | Nirzar

3. You know all of those annoying trailers you have to wait through before you get to see the movie?

Those used to be played after the movie. Hence the name “trailer”!

4. You’ve most likely wondered what that tiny pocket is for on your jeans. I’ve always figured it was for change.

This pocket was actually designed for cowboys in the 1800’s who commonly put a pocket watch in there.

5. Barbie has been a mainstay in children’s lives for decades, but, what’s her actual name??

Barbara Millicent Roberts is her official name. Her birthday also happens to be March 9, 1959.

6. There’s more to the signature line on a check than you realize.

Even though it may look like a standard, horizontal line, it’s actually made up of small print that reads, “AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE.” I’m never going to unsee that writing now…

7. The dab of toothpaste you put on your toothbrush has a name.

It’s known as a nurdle. Why would this have a name??

8. OK, this one surprised me more than it probably should have. Croissants aren’t actually from France.

They originate from Vienna, Austria.

9. Ever wonder what the global footprint of toilet paper is? It’s not pretty.

Everyday, 127,000 trees are chopped down in order to meet the global demand for toilet paper.

10. You know that small piece of fabric that comes with certain articles of clothing? It isn’t for patchwork.

It’s actually meant to be used in the wash to make sure the detergent or other laundry products you use won’t ruin the material.

YouTube | JERYKO

11. You may feel like a failure if you don’t know that specific way to tie a tie. Don’t worry, you might have it right.

According to Swedish scientists, there are 177,147 ways to tie a necktie.

12. The first webcam ever created wasn’t to video chat with friends. It was for a better reason.

It was actually set up by scientists at Cambridge University to check the levels of a coffee pot from their desks.

13. Liners in plastic bottle caps were there for a reason.

Without them, pop would have gone flat a lot quicker because they created a tight seal that kept both liquid and carbonation in the bottle. Pretty important, I’d say.

Instagram | @yowayowa

14. Believe it or not, in the 1700s, chocolate milk was thought to have therapeutic qualities.

It was sold as medicine by Irish botanist, Sir Hans Sloane. I would say medicine is definitely good for the soul, maybe not the body, but definitely the soul.

15. Notice anything different about one of the kings on these cards?

In a Rouennais pattern deck of cards, the king of hearts is the only one without a mustache. Again, never going to unsee that now.

16. Now here’s one you’ll be able to use! That hole in the spaghetti spoon has a real use.

It holds what is thought to be one appropriate serving of dry pasta.

17. In one day, 400 million M&Ms are produced.

In the United States, M&Ms are made in New Jersey and Tennessee. Would love to know how many have ever been produced.

18. Where does Coca-Cola get that brown coloring from?

Coca-Cola’s original formula used caramel to give it the brown coloring we know today. The ‘cola’ part of the name comes from kola nuts, also an ingredient in the original formula.

19. Everyone had a slinky when they were a kid. They happen to be exceptionally long when stretched out.

When a slinky is stretched completely flat, its length measures 87 feet.

20. You’ve used a keyboard thousands of times, but do you know what the bumps on the ‘f’ and ‘j’ keys are for?

In classic 10-finger typing, the bumps help direct your pointer fingers to the ‘home keys’. This allows you to find your hand’s positions on the keyboard without having to look.

21. Hold onto something because this next one is shocking. Think you know what a berry is?

This goes against everything you’ve ever known, but bananas, grapes, and oranges are actually berries.

Flickr | keepon i

22. Share this fun fact during your next dental checkup: cotton candy was invented by a dentist!

It was marketed as “fairy floss.” I wonder if they wanted more business or whether they regretted giving out cotton candy at the end of the day.

23. The invention of Bubble Wrap was a happy mistake.

The two men who invented it were originally trying to create textured wallpaper, but the machine they were using ended up producing the plastic sheets covered with air bubbles we all know and love today.

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