23 Movie Endings So Bad, They Almost Ruined The Entire Movie (According To Fans) –





1. In The Devil Wears Prada, when Andy decided to move to Boston with her loser boyfriend and get back together with him after he treated her like actual crap.

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2. In Crazy, Stupid, Love, when the babysitter gave nudes to an eighth grader as his graduation present.

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3. In Grease, when Sandy literally changed everything about herself to be with Danny, and then they drove away in a flying car.

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4. In Gone Girl, when Amy faked her death, framed Nick, and murdered Desi, yet she got away with everything so easily because people were happy she was back.

20th Century Fox







5. In La La Land, when the dreamy montage showed Mia and Sebastian living happily ever after, but then it cut back to reality, and Mia was with a different guy.

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6. In A League of Their Own, when Dottie purposefully dropped the ball, just so her sister’s team could win the World Series.

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7. In Rat Race, when everyone ended up at a Smash Mouth concert and agreed to give away the money they so desperately wanted to win, and then they all sang All Starand crowd-surfed.

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8. In Seven, when John Doe got what he wanted all along, and Mills played right into his hands.

New Line Cinema







9. In Boyhood, when the camera literally followed Mason’s life for 12 whole years, yet it ended with him on a rock with nothing in particular happening.

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10. In Atonement, when Briony tricked everyone into thinking Robbie and Cecilia lived happily ever after, only to reveal that her lies actually led to their deaths.

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11. In Cast Away, when Tom Hanks’s character was literally at a fork in the road, and it wasn’t clear if he followed the woman who owned the FedEx package or not.

20th Century Fox







12. In Everything, Everything, when Maddy found out that her mom had lied to her about having a deadly disease for the last, like, 18 years.

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13. In 500 Days of Summer, when Tom learned nothing after his painful, shallow fixation with Summer and was ready to repeat the same exact thing with Autumn.

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14. In The Mist, when David agreed to put everyone out of their misery and kill them, but moments later he was saved by the US Army.

Dimension Films







15. In You’ve Got Mail, when Joe basically destroyed Kathleen’s business, hopes, and dreams, yet she still fell for him anyway.

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16. In Prisoners, when Keller was trapped under the car, and it was unclear if Detective Loki saved him.

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17. In Inception, when the camera cut away too quickly, so it was unclear if Cobb was stuck in a dream or if it was reality.

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18. In Murder on the Orient Express, when everyone turned out to be the murderer, and the detective who was right next door to the crime didn’t hear a thing and decided to let everyone off the hook.

EMI Films







19. In My Sister’s Keeper, when the movie wasn’t faithful to the book and they ended up killing the wrong sister.

New Line Cinema







20. In Kingsman: The Secret Service, when the Swedish princess randomly offered Eggsy extreme sexual favors in exchange for her safety.

20th Century Fox







21. In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2, when Harry snapped the Elder Wand in two and threw it off the bridge before using it to fix his own wand.

Warner Bros.







22. In Wonder Woman, when Ares turned out to be real, which undermined everything Diana had learned about the folly of man and how war can’t be solved by killing one person.

DC Comics







23. And in Titanic, when Rose let Jack freeze to death in the water instead of taking turns on the floating door.



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