23 Oddly Disturbing Pictures From History


A woman with a very small waist in France in 1912.

2 Men make a picture to comically show how painful extracting a tooth can be in the US in 1928.
A mummified body found in a home in England in 1931.

Bodybuilder Pillow doing a vampire style shoot in the US in 1983.

A model pretending to be a snake charmer with hot dogs for a promotion in the US in 1956.

A Catholic ceremony in Rome, Italy in 1936.

A dental device designed to help fix an overbite in Germany in 1932.

Criminals awaiting their eventual deaths after being crucified in China in 1905.

Models all wearing bags over their upper bodies to hide everything but their legs for a Most Beautiful Legs contest in Paris, France in 1936.

A man with a doll in France in 1931.

Women with elongated skulls from the Mangbetu tribe in the Congo in 1958.

Maksymilian Faktorowicz, better known as Max Factor Sr., using one of his patented beauty devices on a model in LA, US in 1936.

Young boys receiving ultraviolet radiation therapy in England in 1927.

A woman with her dog in West Virginia, US in 1930.

A young girl sitting on a giant cat statue on a beach in New Jersey, US in 1934.

A mouse messing with a young girl promoting a play in Moscow, Russia in 1910.

Joseph Beuys doing performance art in Germany in 1965.

A naked woman poses next to a skeleton in France in 1908.

Shivshankari Yamanappa Mootageri, who was born with 3 legs, 2 of which grew disproportionately to her body, and the third, which was the fused legs of a second fetus her body absorbed in the womb, posing for a picture in India in 1978.

Citizens re-enact the execution of Charles II in Woy Woy, Australia in 1908.

A man dressed as a sheep with his sheep in England in 1908.

Future leader of a cult of brutal killers Charles Manson with his first wife Rosalie Willis at their wedding in the US in 1955.

Children show off to some nuns a snake they killed in El Salvador in 1980.

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